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April Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 7, Issue 9

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Webelos Outdoorsman & Handyman
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Webelos Water
Indian Nation Council

Props needed: Large tub, old tennis shoe, bucket with colored punch, enough cups for each Scout graduating, balloon, sack of dirt, innertube, rubber band, paper heart, shovel, and a ladle.

(Boys and parents gather on one side of stage. Cubmaster on other with a jar marked “Webelos Water”.)

Cubmaster: Bears, you are now ready to begin your final area of Cub Scouting – that of Webelos.  You will find it different, challenging and rewarding.  To help prepare you for this great effort, the Pack developed some Webelos Water, (looks at jar) Uh, well, it looks like it evaporated! Let’s see, I guess we could make more!  Now, what was that recipe?  (Cubmaster appears deep in though, then gets idea and goes to props)

Cubmaster: Let’s see.  An old tennis shoe to remind you that you still have many miles to go on the Scouting Trail, (throws shoe in tub) and coincidentally to remind you not to take your shoes off in a two-man tent. (holds his nose).  Ah, a sack of dirt to remind you that Cub Scouts is now a lot of outdoor activities.  An innertube to remind you that you may have a few flat tires, but they can be overcome.  A shovel to remind you to keep your room clean. (winks at mom & dad).  A balloon to remind you that a lot of hot air doesn’t get the job done.  A heart to remind you of your commitment to your parents and family.  A rubber band to remind you to stretch yourself to learn new ideas and skills.  OK, that’s about it!  Let’s stir it a little!  Looks good.  Now, let me get you each a cup of our new Webelos Water.  (Reach inside tub with ladle and scoop punch to pour in cups for everyone to see.  Give cup and Webelos Colors to each Scout.)  Congratulations new Webelos and parents.


Walking the Cub Scout Trail
Heart of America Council

Personnel: Cubmaster

Setting: If possible, this should be an outdoors ceremony.  Beforehand, prepare the Cub Scouts receiving awards by explaining to them that they will be going away from the meeting area when the awards ceremony starts and then they will come forward as they are called.  Also, give each the appropriate object for his award, as follows.

Bobcats get a small sheath of field grass.

Wolves get a small branch with broadleaves on it.

Bears get a twig from a pine.

Webelos get a clump of moss.

Cubmaster: Tonight we will take a hike, a hike along the Cub Scout Trail.  We sent our Cub Scouts who will be receiving awards to travel up the Mountain of Cub Scouting and to bring back to us an object that reminds them of what they saw. (Calls up Bobcats who show Akela the grass.)  You have traveled a short distance up the Cub Scout Mountain as I can tell by the field grass you have brought back.  You have made it to the base of the mountain.  That is good.  It shows that you have mastered the basics of Cub Scouting. In the future, as you work hard and grow, you will go farther.  (Hands awards to parents to give to the boys. Asks them take their seats. 

(Calls up Wolves who show Akela the broadleaf.)  You have traveled enough to begin to climb the mountain.  The trees lower on the mountain are the aspens and the maples.  And while you did not reach the top, you have done well.  You have been able to go beyond the base of the mountain.  Earning the Wolf badge is another sign that you have gone farther than before.  Keep up the hard work so that you will climb farther up the mountain.  (Hands awards to parents to give to the boys.  Asks them take their seats. 

(Calls up Bears who show Akela the pine branches.)  Very good.  You have reached the steeper levels of the mountain and have climbed high.  There is still more mountain to climb but you have done well.  The broadleaf cannot reach as high into the hills as the pine, so you have gone farther than the Wolf.  The Bear badge symbolizes this.  In earning the Bear badge you have completed requirements that you could not have done when you were a Wolf.  It was harder, but you were able to make it.  This shows us that you have grown stronger and wiser.  In the future, as you work hard and grow, you will go even beyond where you have already reached.  (Hands awards to parents to give to the boys.  Asks them take their seats.

(Calls up Webelos who show Akela the moss.)  You reached the heights of the mountain that can no longer support the trees.  This is well done.  But still there is growth on the hills and so you have a little more to climb before you reach the top.  The Webelos badge is almost at the top of the Cub Scouting mountain, but there is still that last step to take, the Arrow of Light.  This is your challenge.  Work hard, study, and learn the steps to becoming a Boy Scout and you will surely reach the top.  (Hands awards to parents to give to the boys.  Asks them take their seats.)

Akela then asks everyone to offer congratulations to the Cub Scouts who received their awards.



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