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Baloo's Bugle

May 2006 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 12, Issue 10
June 2006 Theme

Theme: Invent a Reason to Celebrate
Webelos: Traveler and Artist
Tiger Cub


Note on Word Searches, Word Games, Mazes and such – In order to make these items fit in the two column format of Baloo’s Bugle they are shrunk to a width of about 3 inches.  Your Cubs probably need bigger pictures.  You can get these by copying and pasting the picture from the Word version or clipping the picture in the Adobe (.pdf) version and then enlarging to page width.  CD

Baltimore Area Council

How many words of three or more letters can be made from “Baden-Powell”? Set a time limit of 3 to 5 minutes.

Celebrate your Heritage
Baltimore Area Council

English             Irish           Gaelic                 Welsh

Spanish           French         German                Italian

Portuguese        Arabic        Amharic                Dutch

Danish            Swedish       Finnish          Norwegian

Icelandic        Eskimoan     Hawaiian             Chinese

Bantu               Zulu          Tagalog               Korean

Japanese        Vietnamese        Thai                 Laotian

Cambodian      Russian      Ukrainian             Swahili

Magyar           Turkish        Persian                   Haas

Latin               Hebrew        Yiddish             Sanskrit

Hindu             Punjabi       Burmese                Fulah

Ashanti         Mandingo       Polish            Bulgarian

Romanian         Czech          Slovak     Serbo-Croatian

How many of the fallowing holidays are real holidays?
Great Salt Lake Area Council

Penguin Awareness Day                  Save The Rhino Day
Wear Red Day             Make Up Your Own Holiday Day
Pig Day          National Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day
Lighten Up Day              Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day
Hug Your Cat Day              Take Your Dog to Work Day
Air Conditioning Appreciation Day               Hobbit Day
Take Your Houseplant For a Walk Day      Girlfriend Day
Embrace Your Geekiness Day    Haunted Refrigerator Day
World Kindness Day                    Talk Like a Pirate Day
National Whiners Day                 Evaluate Your Life Day

Answer: All       

Kamehameha Crossword
Alapaha Area Council
King Kamehameha Day is June 11

Use these words to complete the crossword

ALI’I                          DAVIS                GRANDSON

HAWAIIAN               ISLANDS          KA’AHUMANU

KAMEHAMEHA        KOHALA                   KOKOIKI

NU’UANU                 PADDLE                       PAI’EA


1. His name means "The Lonely One."

4. Kamehameha the Great unified the ___________ Islands.

5. Kamehameha I's childhood name. It means "hard-shelled crab."

8. Englishman Isaac _________ later became a trusted advisor to Kamehameha I.

9. Kamehameha V, who was the ____________ of Kamehameha I, established King Kamehameha Day in 1871.

11. At the Battle of _________, O'ahu warriors were driven over the pali (cliff).

12. A Hawaiian priest.


1. Kamehameha I was born in ____________, on the island of Hawaii.

2. Kamehameha I's favorite wife.

3. On the Hawaiian flag, the stripes represent the 8 main __________.

6. The Law of the Splintered __________ protected the weak from the strong.

7. The name of the star, meaning "little blood," that appeared in the sky when Kamehameha was born.

10. A Hawaiian chief.


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