arrowpt.gif - 0.9 K Pick a tour that relates to Wolf or Bear Achievements:

arrowpt.gif - 0.9 K Visit a zoo or nature area for Wolf Scouts
arrowpt.gif - 0.9 K Visit a library and look at books and old newspapers for Bear Scouts
arrowpt.gif - 0.9 KPick a tour that relates to a Webelos Activity Badge for Webelos Scouts;

arrowpt.gif - 0.9 K A guided tour by a park ranger at a nature center would be a good bet for helping Webelos Scouts working on Naturalist or Forester Activity Badges.
arrowpt.gif - 0.9 K Visiting a computer center, radio station, or TV studio would help Webelos Scouts working on their Showman and Communicator Activity Badges.
arrowpt.gif - 0.9 KPick a tour that relates to the monthly theme:

arrowpt.gif - 0.9 KVisit a a fire station for fire safety month.
arrowpt.gif - 0.9 KVisit a working farm (e.g., Oxen Hill, MD ) for themes related to Thanksgiving, pioneering, agriculture, etc.
arrowpt.gif - 0.9 KPerform a service project for themes related to "helping others", citizenship, community, etc.
arrowpt.gif - 0.9 KPlan some tours close to home that can be accomplished in an evening:

arrowpt.gif - 0.9 KVisit a local restaurant, police station, fire station, utility, or business.
arrowpt.gif - 0.9 KTake the Scouts to a local manufacturer to see how things are made.
arrowpt.gif - 0.9 KPlan some tours for a weekend day:

arrowpt.gif - 0.9 KLocal Museums.
arrowpt.gif - 0.9 KFederal Buildings.
arrowpt.gif - 0.9 KFederal Monuments.
arrowpt.gif - 0.9 KState and National Parks.
arrowpt.gif - 0.9 KFederal, State, Local, Community, School and College Exhibits.
arrowpt.gif - 0.9 KFestivals, Celebrations, Fairs, and Shows.
arrowpt.gif - 0.9 KSports Facilities.
arrowpt.gif - 0.9 KOther out-of-doors outside activities.


arrowpt.gif - 0.9 KBe sure to contact the place you intend to visit ahead of time so that they can prepare for you and give you necessary information before you arrive.
arrowpt.gif - 0.9 KConsider distance - how much travel time is involved?
arrowpt.gif - 0.9 KObtain a local tour permit at least 2 weeks in advance, if the trip will involve more than 50 miles.
arrowpt.gif - 0.9 KLet parents/guardians know where you are going and when you will return.
arrowpt.gif - 0.9 KObtain a signed permission slip from each boy before the trip (take the medical release on the back of each Scout's application or obtain a medical release on the permission slip).
arrowpt.gif - 0.9 KMake sure there is suffcicient adult supervision. Invite parents to come along. Don't go without enough adults.
arrowpt.gif - 0.9 KTell your Scouts the highlights of what they can expect to see.
arrowpt.gif - 0.9 KCoach your Scouts in advance so that they are attentive, courteous and follow all of the necessary rules.
arrowpt.gif - 0.9 KRemind your Scouts that they are guests and must follow the rules of thir host(s).
arrowpt.gif - 0.9 KPoint out to your Scouts that they are representatives of Scouting and that their behavior will determine whether other Cub Scouts will be welcome later.
arrowpt.gif - 0.9 KEstablish the Buddy System before starting the trip. Explain that the two Scout Buddies must remain together at all times.
arrowpt.gif - 0.9 KScouts and leaders should be in uniform on any tour or trip.
arrowpt.gif - 0.9 KDecide on a meeting place, just in case someone gets misplaced.
arrowpt.gif - 0.9 KMake sure that each Scout has money for an emergency telephone call.
arrowpt.gif - 0.9 KLocate restrooms as soon as you arrive and let your Scouts know where they are.
arrowpt.gif - 0.9 KKnow where emergency care can be obtained.
arrowpt.gif - 0.9 KAfter the trip is over, write your hosts and thank them for their courtesy, including notes from the Scouts too.

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