Simple Menu Items

Simple, but GOOD!


French Toast

Scouts find this one so filling they say they don't need bacon or sausages to go with it. For each person, you need 4 slices bread, 2 eggs, and 1/2 cup milk. Beat eggs and milk and add cinnamon to flavour. Dunk bread in mixture, but don't soak too long. Fry in buttered pan until golden brown. Top with margarine, pineapple pieces, frozen strawberries. or commercial whipped cream. Serve with hot orange juice (made from crystals) or milk.

Eggs & English Muffins

For each person, you need: 2 eggs, 2 English muffins, 2 slices ham. Toast the muffins. Fry eggs and ham and make a sandwich. If you like, save one muffin to eat with jam. The Scouts generally eat an orange along with this. Sometimes they prefer tinned fruit (peaches and fruit cocktail are favourites).

Ultra Easy

Drain tinned fruit and use it to top dry cereal. Add milk. Accompany with orange juice.


Grilled Lasagna Sandwiches

Each Scout eats two sandwiches. For each sandwich, you need two slices bacon or ham and two slices mozzarella or swiss processed cheese. Spread sour cream and tomato paste on bread and sprinkle on a little oregano to flavour. Fry bacon or ham and put it between two slices prepared bread. Butter the outside of the bread, fry, and eat.
Grilled ham and cheese sandwiches are also popular with the Scouts, and they often accompany them with a Japanese noodle soup and a side dish of fresh carrots.


Camp Tacos

The 130th Duggan Scouts love this one, perhaps because it's easy to cook and clean up. They generally eat two or three big tacos each. Fry ground beef with some taco sauce to spice. Put into taco shells. Top with shredded lettuce, grated cheddar cheese, diced tomatoes, and more taco sauce. Some patrols also bring along sour cream to add to the dish, and most have buns or bread as well as lots of juice on the menu.

Shish Kebob

The Scouts enjoy all varieties of kebobs and generally serve the meal with instant rice or fire-baked potatoes. Among the popular items to skewer are cubes of beef, green peppers, onions, cherry tomatoes and pineapple rings.
For a bit of a change, they might try Burger Bobs, a recipe Scouter Hazel Hallgren, Red Deer, Alta., shared with the Leader. String skewers alternately with medium sized meatballs, egg tomatoes, pineapple chunks, and pork sausage pieces. Brush meatballs with oil or melted butter, and grill.

Steak & Potatoes

Grilled steak, with steak sauce rather than herbs and spices, is by far Alberta's most popular supper. To go with it, the Scouts generally bake potatoes and roast corn-on-the-cob in the fire. If it isn't cob corn season, they use boil-in-the-bag precooked veggies. A few patrols add a salad to the menu, although it's usually only lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers without dressing or spices.

Other Ideas

Other 130th Duggan favourites include fried chicken (the guys use shake and bake and usually have corn and instant rice or baked potatoes with it), hamburgers, chili on buns (Sloppy Joes), and spaghetti. For something a little different, perhaps they'll add a couple of Scouter Hallgren's hamburger variations to their repertoire. To make super juicy burgers, add 1/3 cup applesauce for each 500 g meat. Season and cook as usual. Or try Smokey Burgers. Mix grated smoke-flavoured cheese with the ground beef and other seasonings before forming patties and cooking as usual.

To top off all of these offerings and your next outdoors meal, try Scouter Hallgren's Jamaica Bananas. Put ripe, unpeeled bananas into the ashes of a good fire and roast until skin is black (about half an hour). Rake out, split peel down the centre, and sprinkle fruit with sugar and lemon juice. Eat with spoon or fingers.

The above items are from an article in The Leader, April 1990, submitted to our service by Jim Speirs. (Thanks Jim!)

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