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Baloo's Bugle

March 2006 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 13, Issue 8
April 2007 Theme

Theme: Cub Cafe
Webelos: Family Membe & Sportsman
Tiger Cub


Cub Café Opening
Baltimore Area Council

Baltimore has this listed as a Closing.  Because of the last line I listed it as an Opening.  Your choice!  CD

Equipment: Signs with letters spelling CUB CAFÉ and dialogue for each letter in LARGE type taped to back of sign.

Personnel: Seven Cub Scouts to hold and read signs

  • C: is for character – one of the main ingredients of the Cub Scout recipe.
  • U: is for understanding our world and others – the leavening agent that helps boys grow.
  • B: is for best – doing your best to rise to the challenge.
  • C: is for campfires and fellowship – the frosting on our cake.
  • A: is for activity – we never slow down.
  • F: is for fun – which Cub Scouting is always a lot of.
  • É: is for everyone – Cub Scouts welcome all!

A Cub Scout Recipe
Russ, Timucua District


  • Have boys dressed in chef outfits [aprons, chef hats, etc.] working at a kitchen table with a large soup pot.
  • Inside the soup pot is the pack flag or facsimile of it.
  • Print out each ingredient on a large  sheet that can be propped up as it is read off. Then, as the directions are being said, the “chefs” add them to the soup pot.
  • At the end of the directions, when the “servings” amount is being read, have boys pull out the flag and hold it up for everyone to see.


Tonight we gather again to celebrate Cub Scouting and to enjoy the company of one another. Looking through the Baden-Powell Cookbook, we found this easy-to-follow recipe for a fun-filled, exciting program:


  • 1 super Pack with lots of Dens
  • 5 levels of Cub Scouts – Tiger, Wolf, Bear, 1st year Webelos, and 2nd year Webelos
  • Den leaders as needed
  • 1 committee of helpful adults
  • 1 fun-loving Cubmaster with assistants
  • Many, many parents to make it happen


  • Combine boys of each Cub Scout level into Dens to form strong Pack.
  • Add Den Leaders to give guidance.
  • Line with Committee Members.
  • Add in a well worn Cubmaster.
  • Fold in Assistants at all levels.
  • Top with willing, giving parents.
  • Cook in a Pack Meeting room until everyone has had a great time. This recipe serves all Cub Scouts in Pack ____ and their families.

Great Salt Lake Council

Props -  Package of carrot seeds, big carrots,

  • (Show package of carrot seeds.) Inside this package of seeds are tiny carrot seeds. They don’t look like much because they are tiny and fragile.
  • But if we plant them in good soil, and we make sure they get plenty of sunlight, air, and water, they will grow to be big healthy carrots like these. (Show some carrots with tops still on.)
  • Cub Scouts are like carrots. We also need certain things to grow.
  • Like good food, rest, and exercise.

Asst CM:But Cub Scouts need something more. They need to have healthy minds and spirits if they are going to be the kind of men we all admire. In Cub Scouting, boys can develop extra quality of mind and spirit. They do it by following the Cub Scout Promise.

CM          Please stand and join us in repeating the Cub Scout Promise and the Pledge of Allegiance.

Recipe for a Happy Den
San Gabriel Valley-Long Beach Area-Verdugo Hills Councils

Set Up: 8 Cubs each with a card for his part.  They may have posters that have appropriate pictures on the front and their parts n back in LARGE print.

DL          Our den has been studying how to use a recipe to create something you want.  Let us tell you one of our favorites.

  • 3 c eagerness
  • 2 c devilment
  • 2 c courtesy and helpfulness for each other
  • 2 den leaders
  • 1 gallon patience
  • 3 c love for each boy
  • 1 c ability to do crafts and read directions
  • Mix well together

DL          To this we add a generous amount of cooperation from each boy’s parents.

DA          This is our recipe for a Happy Den and we serve it one hour each week.

CM         Compliment them (Lead a cheer) then go into Flag Salute and the Pledge of Allegiance.

A Recipe for a Wonderful Day
Russ, Timucua District

Personnel: Cubmaster, 7 Cubs, each with a poster with the words they are saying in LARGE print on the back and an appropriate picture on the front

Cubmaster: Here is a recipe that we all try to live by.

  • 1 cup of friendly words
  • 2 heaping cups of understanding
  • 1 pint of human kindness
  • 2 heaping tablespoons of time and patience
  • 1 dash of gentle humor
  • 1 pinch of spice of life
  • 1 drop of warm personality

CC          Measure words carefully.

Asst CM   Add cups of understanding, to the pint of human kindness.

MC          Stir together with time and patience.

MC          Cook very slowly and keep the temperature low so it never boils over.

CC          Season with gentle humor, warm personality and spice of life.

Asst CM   Serve in individual molds. It works all year ‘round.

CM          We enjoy many of these days in Pack______,
Because of all of you!!

Obviously all the summary statements could be read by other Cubs or the same Cubs.  Or Leaders of any position in the pack or all by one leader.  Your choice.  CD

Picnic Opening Ceremony
Baltimore Area Council

Set Up:  Seven Cubs stand facing the audience with the first 6 Cub Scouts holding white paper plates which have the word PICNIC spelled on them with red and blue felt markers or tempera paint. Seventh Cub will lead audience in Pledge of Allegiance or patriotic song.  Words can be on back of plates in LARGE type.  Or use posters with the letters and appropriate pictures drawn by the boys.

  • P: Picnics are fun for everyone.
  • I: Including food, games and lots of fun.
  • C: Celebrating our nations’ birthday, we’re glad to be here.
  • N: Never ceasing to be thanking our country dear.
  • I: In our hearts ever loyal we’ll be.
  • C: Constantly pledging to keep our nation free.
  • “Let’s all stand together and say the Pledge of Allegiance.”

Think Opening
Baltimore Area Council

Personnel:      5 Cubs

Equipment:   5 pieces of poster board with a letter printed on front and the words on back in LARGE type.

Setting:          Cubs form a line and hold up their card when it is their turn.

  • T: Try to do your best at everything that you do.
  • H: Have a fire extinguisher handy at all times.
  • I: Ice will cool a hot beverage.
  • N: Never leave a fire unsupervised.
  • K: “Kub” Café is the theme for tonight’s pack meeting!

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