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Baloo's Bugle

March 2006 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 13, Issue 8
April 2007 Theme

Theme: Cub Cafe
Webelos: Family Membe & Sportsman
Tiger Cub


Bake-a-Cake Advancement Ceremony
Russ, Timucua District

Set Up:

  • Assemble ingredients to make a cake - bowl, spoon, sugar and butter, eggs, flour, baking powder, and finished cake.
  • Have large bowl, with awards in it, and a smaller bowl inside the large one, to receive ingredients.
  • Presenter dressed as cook, with apron and chef hat.


Cubmaster: This month we have been cooking up some Cub Scout Treats. Tonight we have just the right ingredients for a successful pack. Let me share them with you. (Shows bowl, spoon.)

Let’s begin with the innocence of a new Cub Scout. He’s rich with enthusiasm and makes a great beginning. (Add butter.) Could we have Bobcat candidate(s) (call off names) come up with his parents. (Present Bobcat badges.)

To make a really great cake, we also need some sweetness. (Add sugar.) . Our Tiger Cubs couldn’t be sweeter. They are learning many new things every day. Can all of our new Tiger Cubs come forward, (call names) with their parents. Present Tiger badges.

Just as we need eggs to hold a cake together (add eggs), so we need the Wolf Den to provide the stabilizing force. We have a great Wolf Den who helps us all stick together. Could Wolf Cub (names) and his parents come forward? (Present rank advancement and arrow points as applicable to all Wolf Den members.)

The body of a cake is the flour. (Add flour.) Our pack is well-supported by the strength and depth of our Bear Den. Could Bear Cub Scout (names) and parents come forward? (Give awards.)

Just as our cake will not work without baking powder (add to bowl). So the Webelos Den provides the leavening to raise our spirits and make our pack a great success. Could Webelos Scouts (names) and parents please come up? (Present badges, pins to Webelos.)

(Hide bowl under table and pull out finished cake.) Just as every ingredient is necessary in making a cake, every boy and leader is necessary to make our pack the sweet, rich success that it is. Please join me after the meeting in enjoying our success by eating some cake.

Recipe Advancement
Great Salt Lake Council

This could also be a great Cubmaster’s Minute.  CD

Prepare ahead of time two glasses, one containing baking soda and the other containing vinegar.

Compare one glass to the boys just sitting there, doing nothing. Compare the other glass to the Cub Scout program, lots of potential but nothing happens without some one acting on it.

Add the two together and liken the reaction to boys in the Cub Scout program. There is a lot of action going on.

When we mix the two together, we also have advancement in the program. Call up the boys and their parents and present the awards.

Achievement Stew Advancement
Baltimore Area Council

Set Up:  Cubmaster is dressed in an apron and chefs hat.  Ranks and awards are placed in soup cups or bowls.

Props:  A large pot, spoon, and “ingredients” (Tiger Paws, Blue, Gold, White, Red, Green, and Light Blue strips of paper, and Gold and Silver Glitter.) 

After the addition of the ingredients the Chef “serves up” the soup in the cups, which have the awards in them.

Cubmaster: Tonight we are going to make Achievement Stew!  Which is a combination of many ingredients....

First we start off with a big promise, a little motto and the Law of the Pack. (Have everyone say the Cub Scout Promise-Motto and Law of the Pack.  Chef adds blue strips of paper for the promise, white for the motto, and Gold for the Law of the Pack.  Stirring after each addition.)

(He calls the new Bobcats and their parents forward.)  Now we have Bobcat Soup.  (He Awards the Bobcat ranks.)  But it needs something. I know the spice of the Cub Scout Handshake; (He congratulates the Bobcats and shakes their hand and then shakes his hand over the pot and stirs.)

Now we must add Tiger Paws  (Adds Paper Tiger Paws to the pot and stirs.)  We need to serve this to the Tigers Cubs. (Gives out their earned awards.)

Next we add Achievements and arrow points. (Adds in red bits of paper and gold and silver glitter and stirs.)  Our Soup has now turned to Wolf Chowder.  (Calls up the New Wolves, their parents, and those who have earned arrow points.)

Our Chowder must simmer in time and it calls for more achievement and arrow points because you can never have enough.  (Adds Green bits of paper and gold and silver glitter.  The Chef then Awards the New Bears their rank and those who have earned gold and silver arrow points.)

Our Achievement Stew is really going now but it still needs something.  We need to add Activities.  (Puts in Light blue bits of paper . Stirs.) Will our First Year Webelos and their parents please come forward for their stew?  (Their Rank and activity Badges are given out.)

The Second Year Webelos have been very active as well and they need their nourishment.  Please come forward for your Achievement Stew. (He awards them their Activity Badges).

Our Achievement stew is not quite done but we must get the next ingredients from the Boy Scouts, which I hope you all do.  Till then let’s have a good time!

Making A Cub Scout
Baltimore Area Council

This ceremony is for four ranks.  I did not come up with an addition to get Tigers on the list.  You could change Bobcat to Tiger or shift everything down and have Webelos do something special or maybe you only have four groups getting awards that night.  CD

Props: 3 1-pint containers, 1 each of: water with blue food coloring, clear cooking oil, alcohol with red food coloring large, clear glass container test tube, 1 per boy 2 white lab coats ceremony table

Personnel: Cubmaster, Assistant Cubmaster

Format: Bobcat says the Promise, Wolf pours the blue water; Bear pours the cooking oil; Webelos pours the red alcohol.

Cubmaster: Tonight, I am going to give you the magic formula for building Cub Scouts. Our Bobcats have done their best by learning the Cub Scout Promise, the Law of the Pack and the Motto. Would the following boys and their parents please come forward?

Assistant CM:Reads the names of the boys while Cubmaster lines them up behind the table facing the audience.

CM: Hold up the glass container This glass represents the Bobcats. As with anything you build, you need a foundation, a starting point, you need to know the basics. This is what our Bobcats have learned boys repeat the Promise

CA:Hands out badges to parents to present to their boys, everyone shakes hands. Bobcats and parents return to their seats.

CM: The first part of the magic formula is blue. This color represents the family, its strength, unity and participation in building a Cub Scout.

CA: Reads the names of the boys receiving the Wolf award while the Cubmaster lines them – with their parents – up behind the table and gives them each a test tube full of blue water.

CM: Will each Wolf pour the blue liquid into the larger glass?

CA: Hands out Badges to parents, etc.

CM: The second part of our formula is clear white. It represents the progress the Cubs have made in character and spiritual growth.

CA:Calls boys and parents of Bear rank while Cubmaster arranges the boys and gives them a test tube with cooking oil.

CM: Bears, pour your clear liquid into the larger glass.

CA: Hands out Badges to parents, etc.

CM: The third part of our formula is red. This red color represents the Cub Scout being helpful and doing his best as he continues to grow in all areas of his life.

CA: Calls Webelos and parent, etc.

CM: Webelos, pour your red liquid into the larger glass.

CA: Hands out Badges to parents, etc.

CM: We have completed out magic formula. It is the same colors as in our flag. May Cub Scouting help to make this a better place to live.

Dinner Menu Advancement Ceremony
Russ, Timucua District

Note: This and other ceremonies should be reviewed and modified to suit the specific awards being given out at the meeting. This ceremony is written so that any particular award can be used or omitted without impacting the whole of the ceremony.

Introduction: Tonight we have a feast to beat all feasts! Come sit at the table with me while we dine at the Cub Café.


We start with the appetizer – the first course of our meal. And for tonight’s appetizer, the menu calls for Bobcat

Tidbits. “What are these?” you ask. Why, they are the small, but important, bits and pieces of the Cub Scout program that every Cub Scout must learn as part of being a Cub Scout. Tonight we are proud to serve Bobcat Tidbit Badges to the following Cub(s). (List the names of Bobcat recipients and call them with their parents to the front of the room.)

As is the tradition in our Pack, it is not the Awards Chairperson or the Cubmaster who gives the boys their badges, but the parents who have been working hand-in-hand with the boys to complete their requirements. (Hand parents the awards to present to the boys, and congratulate

them with the Cub Scout handshake. Offer an applause and ask them to take their seats.)


Next on the menu is our salad. And tonight, as a special treat, we are dishing out Tiger Cub Salad. Greens, as you know, contain vitamins that help our bodies grow. And what better salad is there than Tiger Cub Salad – full of the vitamins that build our second graders into bigger, better Cub Scouts. ). (List the names and invite them with their parents forward. Hand parents the awards to present to the boys, and congratulate them. Offer a special cheer or applause and ask them to take their seat.)


Now it is time to break some bread together to be ready to sop up the soup.  Our wolfs know that breads and grain form the base of the food pyramid.  And that they must eat several helping a day of breads and grains.  (List the names and invite them with their parents forward. Hand parents the awards to present to the boys, and congratulate them. Offer an applause and ask them to take their seat.)


Our next course, of course, is a finely prepared Bear Borscht. This is a finely prepared soup that is the perfect blend of God, Country, Family, and Self. And tonight we congratulate the following Cub(s) for having completed their requirements in these four areas. (List the names and invite them with their parents forward. Hand parents the awards to present to the boys, and congratulate them. Offer an applause and ask them to take their seat.)


What about the main entree? Well, the menu for tonight’s feast is a hardy helping of Webelos Wellington. The recipe for this wonderful dish includes three heaping measures of Activity Badges (one of which is Physical Fitness), practicing the Boy Scout Law and Oath, and knowing other parts of become a Boy Scout. This morsel is only served as “well done.” And tonight we recognize the following Webelos whose jobs have been completed and well done. (List the names and invite them with their parents forward. Hand parents the awards to present to the boys, and congratulate them. Offer an applause and ask them to take their seat.)

Arrow of Light

Dessert for a feast such as this can only be one thing – not just the cake, but the icing on the cake.  And tonight we recognize those Webelos Scouts who are just that – the crème de la crème. These Scouts have persevered. They have worked very hard, and have earned the highest award offered to a Cub Scout – the Arrow of Light. This is the dessert of Cub Scouting. . (List the names and invite them with their parents to come forward. Hand boys the parent’s Arrow of Light pins to present to their parents. Then give parents the awards to present to the boys, and congratulate them. Offer an applause and ask them to take their seat.)

Cub Scout Chef Advancement
Baltimore Area Council

Equipment: Large pot, two smaller pots or bowls that will fit inside the large pot, wooden spoon, 2 cups sugar, one egg, 1 teaspoon baking soda, dash salt, 1 cup flour, 1 cup chocolate chips, awards

Personnel: Cubmaster or Advancement Chairman dressed as a chef with white apron and chef’s hat

Preparation: Place smaller pots inside the large pot. Put awards into one pot and cover them with foil. Add the ingredients, which are measured in containers all ready to add at the appropriate time.

Cub Scout Chef: I am the Cub Scout chef. It is my job to cook up some awards for our pack. I have developed a special recipe for this event.  Let’s try it! I have all my utensils and ingredients before me.  The large pot represents the Cub Scout program, the container that holds it all together.  This stirring spoon is the district and council. They help us mix our pack in with the whole BSA program.

First, I add 2 cups of sugar, which represents the achievements that the boys have been working on.  Next, I add an egg, which stands for the parents who help hold the program together.  (Crack egg and let it plop into the ingredient bowl.)  Now; I add 1 teaspoon of baking soda and a dash of salt.  Like Cub Scout leaders, they are the key ingredients that bring the others together and cause them to change.  Next comes a cup of flour.  This represents the boys-the staple of Cub Scouting.  Last, I add a handful of chocolate chips, which represent the awards the boys have earned.

Now I’ll stir this pot of Cub Scouting and see what happens.  Yes, my delicious recipe worked!  (Uncover the pot with the awards and pull out the badges.)  It appears I have stirred up some awards!  (Have the boys and their parents come forward.  Hand each badge to parents to award to their boy.  Have the boys and parents remain in front of the group until all awards have been presented.)  Congratulations Cub Scouts!

Hamburger Advancement
Russ, Timucua District

Personnel:  Cubmaster, Webelos Leader, advancing Cub Scouts and parents

Costume: Paper hat and barbeque apron


  • Hamburger and all the makings. (Use cardboard shapes covered with crepe paper and stuffed with newspaper.)
  • Awards attached to the hamburger makings as follows:
  • Bobcat badges to bun.
  • Tiger badge to pickle.
  • Wolf badge to lettuce.
  • Bear badge to tomato.
  • Webelos badge to a slice of cheese.
  • Gold arrow points to mustard.
  • Silver arrow points to ketchup.
  • Webelos activity badges to onion.
  • Crepe paper table cover, covers up the hamburger.


Cubmaster: (Walks across the front of the room, looks puzzled at table, scratches head and looks again. Goes to the table and uncovers the hamburger.) My goodness, just look at this hamburger! (Really hams it up!) It’s big enough to feed the whole pack. (He takes the top bun off.) . (Yells out.) There’s lot of stuff in this bun.

He picks up the bun and badges attached to the bun, calls the new Bobcat Cub Scouts forward with their parents . He presents the awards to parents, who give them to their Scouts.

He then picks up a pickle, and calls the Tiger Cub Scouts and parents forward to help “eat” the pickle. He presents the award by handing the pickle to a parent, who gives the Cub Scout the award card etc. from the pickle.

Do the same for lettuce, tomato, mustard, and ketchup.  Really ham it up.

Where’s the Beef? (He starts a rhythm so the pack joins in and says it too. He holds his hand on the side of his mouth and yells in several different directions.)

Webelos Leader: (Finally walks on stage, grinning, and yells back.) The Webelos have the beef.  With the best parts still on it – the cheese and the onions!  (Reads names off the card, and have Cub with parents come up to help “eat” the onions. Parents hand Cub Scouts their awards.  Congratulations to all)

Repeat for Webelos Badges and the cheese

Mention that the Arrow of Light is the beef of the Cub Scout program and the Webelos are still working on earning that highest award.

Cubmaster: Well that was quite a hamburger!!  Lets have one more cheer.

Wolf & Bear Ceremonies
San Gabriel Valley-Long Beach Area-Verdugo Hills Councils

All boys are brought into darkened room and positioned around campfire as in Bobcat ceremony, but no rope is used. The dialogue is read from cards containing the following:

  • Wolf candidates, look upon your brother the wolf.
    (Leader holds torch up to statue or picture of wolf.)
    He is courageous, cunning and loyal to his pack. You have earned the right to wear his likeness. You have fulfilled the requirements given to you that have been judged appropriate for young men of your age. In addition, some of you will receive arrow awards for achieving still more. When four seasons have passed, you will be candidates for the Bear award if you do not falter.
  • Bear candidates, look upon your brother the Bear.
    (Leader holds torch up to statue or picture of a Bear)
    He fears no other animal in the forest. He is without equal. You have earned the right to wear his likeness. The requirements you have fulfilled are more difficult than those you met as Wolf candidates. When four seasons have passed, you will again present yourselves for the Webelos award, if you have the will.

You may to present something extra to the boys during the ceremony.  Leather or similar material totems with Indian signs on them work well.

Introduce / present the gift by saying something like -

You who are now Wolves and Bears, so that all of you may remain true to your efforts as Cub Scouts, you will receive a token of the Great Spirit, each having a sign symbolizing the wish Akela has for you.  Keep them to remind you of your loyalty to the Pack.

Following the brief reading, use your pack’s usual protocols to present awards to parents to present to their sons.  Be sure to lead a cheer for each group.  This outline provides a lot of room for you to use your imagination and enhance the presentation.  CD


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