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Baloo's Bugle

December 2006 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 13, Issue 5
January 2007 Theme

Theme: Poles Apart
Webelos: Fitness & Scientist
Tiger Cub


Artic vs. Antarctica
Heart of America Council

At the start of the pack meeting show, divide the room into North and South poles.  Tell them during the meeting whenever you say Artic, North Pole, Antarctica or South Pole and the appropriate group is to respond. Throw these in at random as well as in ceremonies.  Vary the frequency of the random insertions.  Keep them guessing.

Artic, North Pole says (sings) – North, north to Alaska.

Antarctica, South Pole says – Brr, It’s mighty cold down here.


Great Salt Lake Council

Hot chocolate- “Brrrrr, thanks for warming us up.”

Frozen Cub (Scout):  Wrap your hands around yourself and say "Brrrrrrr".

Seal:     Extend arms, cross hands at the wrist and flap hands several times.

Wolf:    Say "Wolf, wolf, wolf," then give wolf howl.

Heart of America Council

Eskimo Cheer: Brrrrr-rrr, Brrrrr-rrr.

Seal of Approval: Put your thumbs in your armpits, then move arms up and down like a seal moving its flippers and say "Arf, Arf, Arf" several times. Variation: Pretend you are balancing a ball on the end of your nose.

Big Dog: Stand and give a loud “Roof!, Roof!, Roof!” three times.

Dog Sled: Move arm like cracking whip and yell, “mush, mush!”

Snowball Applause: Reach down and pick up a pretend handful of snow, pack it into a ball, pull your arm back, throw and yell: Splaaaaaaaat.”

Icicle: Have group stand, hold arms straight out and dangle wrists with fingers relaxed and say, “Drip, drip, drip.”

Whale: Shake hand like fish swimming and then bring other hand up like a spout and go, “Phssssh.”

Moose Cheer: Place open hands by ears like antlers and call, “Moo-s-s-s-se”

Ice Cub Cheer: “Coooooool!”

Eskimo Applause: Everyone stands and tape their nose hard enough to be heard without being painful.

How with a Northern Exposure Yell: How, How, Brrrrr!

How with a Southern Exposure Yell: How, How, You'all!

Great Salt Lake Council

Cub #1: What is black and white and red all over?
Cub #2: A sun-burned penguin!

Cub #1: Knock, knock.
Cub #2: Who’s there?
Cub #1: Wanda.
Cub #2: Wanda who?
Cub #1: Wanda hear another joke?
Cub #2: Knock, knock.
Cub #1: Who’s there?
Cub #2: Noah.
Cub #1: Noah who?
Cub #2: Noah don’t.

Heart of America Council

Walk in with map in hand, looking confused, and say...

Cub # 1:   Knock, Knock

Cub # 2:   Who's there?

Cub # 1:   Alaska

Cub # 2:   Alaska Who?

Cub # 1:   Alaska later, right now I'm trying to read the map!

Cub # 1:   Knock Knock

Cub # 2:   Who's there?

Cub # 1:   Alaska

Cub # 2:   Alaska who?

Cub # 1:   Alaska questions and you'll give me answers.

Cub # 1:   Did you hear about the Artic seaman who thought he saw an island.

Cub #2:    No what happened?

Cub # 1:   It was an optical Aleutian.

Cub # 1:   What kind of cheese did the moose get when he ordered a pizza?

Cub # 2:   I don’t know

Cub # 1:   They used Moose-erella cheese.

Heart of America Council

Q: What did the sea say to the iceberg?
A: Nothing, it just waved.

Q: Where do penguins go to dance?
A: At the snow ball.

Q: What do penguins eat for lunch?
A: Ice burg-ers.

Q: How do penguins drink?
A: Out of beak-ers

Q: What's a penguin's favorite salad?
A: Iceberg lettuce.

Q: Who's the penguin's favorite Aunt?
A: Aunt-arctica .

Q: How does a penguin make pancakes?
A: With its flippers.

Q: What do you call a gigantic polar bear?
A: Nothing, you just run away!

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