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Baloo's Bugle

December 2006 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 13, Issue 5
January 2007 Theme

Theme: Poles Apart
Webelos: Fitness & Scientist
Tiger Cub


Poles Apart
Heart of America Council

I checked, this one is different from the one HOAC listed for Opening.  Actually you could use either for Opening or Closing.  (Just switch the saying for T)  But please don’t open and close with the same style ceremony.  CD

People – 10 Cub Scouts

Set Up – Each boy has piece of construction paper with a letter and an appropriate picture on the front.  (Best if boys make letters and pictures).  Their part should be on the back in  LARGE print.

Cub # 1.  P – is for parents who are our biggest supporters.

Cub # 2.  O – is for opportunity to learn and grow.

Cub # 3.  L – is for leaders – it takes you to give us the program.

Cub # 4.  E – is for explore – to be able to learn about new things.

Cub # 5.  S – is for Scouting, a means by which all of us can do and be anything we want.

Cub # 6.  A – is for all working together for a common goal.

Cub # 7.  P – means to perform – being able to carry through to completion.

Cub # 8.  A – is for attitude – with proper attitude everything/anything can be accomplished.

Cub # 9.  R – is for remember – others who help to keep our country free.

Cub # 10. T – Thank you for coming tonight.

Set Your Course
Heart of America Council
This could be delivered as a Cubmaster’s Minute.  CD

People – 8 Cub Scouts

Set Up – Each boy has piece of construction paper with an appropriate picture on the front.  (Best if the boys make the pictures).  Their part should be on the back in LARGE print.

Cub # 1.  There is another direction that is even more important that we explore.

Cub # 2.  That is the direction of our CHARACTER.

Cub # 3.  Your character is being formed right now.

Cub # 4.  By what you do and what you don’t do.

Cub # 5.  Many of your actions will be influenced by others.

Cub # 6.  Try to set your own direction.

Cub # 7.  Make up your mind that you will live always by the Cub Scout Law.

Cub # 8.  Then follow through with it.

Alaska Is Different
San Gabriel Valley, Verdugo Hills, Long Beach Area

Cub #1: Alaska is different in climate that (your state name), different in the food produced, and offers different ways of life.

Cub #2: The beauty of Alaska is captured in silent snow and the glorious Northern Lights.

Cub #3: One thing (Your state name) and Alaska have in common it being part of the fifty United States of America, pledging their allegiance to our flag.

Cub #4: There are differences in a Cub Scout den. Each boy had different abilities, different interests and different needs.

Cub #5: We are united in Cub Scouting to develop ourselves mentally, physically and morally.

Cub #6: Cub Scouting keeps us together in one unit, regardless of whether we are in (your state name) or Alaska. Our packs & dens are part of the whole Scouting program.

Cub #7: We become better citizens as we learn and achieve together.

Cub #8:   Let us close by singing "America the Beautiful". 

I Will Use
Heart of America Council

People – 5 Cub Scouts

Set Up – Each boy has piece of construction paper with an appropriate picture on the front.  (Best if the boys make the pictures).  Their part should be on the back in LARGE print.

Cub # 1.  This is my country, I will use my eyes to see the beauty of this land.

Cub # 2.  I will use my ears to hear it’s sounds.

Cub # 3.  I will use my mind to think what I can do to make it more beautiful.

Cub # 4.  I will use my hands to serve it and care for it.

Cub # 5.  And with y heart, I will honor it.

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