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Baloo's Bugle

November 2006 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 13, Issue 4
December 2006 Theme

Theme: Cub Scout Stars
Webelos: Craftsman & Scientist
Tiger Cub


Sam Houston Area Council


  • 11 boys dressed as planets;
  • One narrator,
  • One Mom to be Venus

Planet costumes can be made from brown paper bags, trimmed appropriately (e.g. color Mars is red; give Saturn hula hoops for rings, Earth needs litter pasted to it,  etc.)

SETTING: As each boy says his part, he takes his place in the 'universe' forming a sort of circle on stage.

NARRATOR:    Since the beginning of time, men have studied the skies.  Many truths have been discovered and many exciting myths have survived.  First we intro­duce the most dazzling star of all - the Sun.

SUN:    The center of the universe - that's me - the Sun.  I brighten your world and warm it, and think it's lots of fun.

NARRATOR:    We find the planet Mercury nearest to the sun.  It appears to be yellowish-orange.

MERCURY:      One side night and the other day, and that's the way I seem to stay.  I'm the coldest and the hottest and named for a god, not a goddess.

NARRATOR:    Next we have the most beautiful planet of all ... Venus!

VENUS (Mom):  The fairest in the sky.  The  most beautiful of all just, call me Venus, boys.

NARRATOR:    The next planet should need no introduction - the Earth.

EARTH:           I'm the only known planet with life.  I need your help to keep clean.  (Costume covered with litter)

NARRATOR:    And now our own little Moon.

MOON:             Man at last has visited the Moon.  Maybe you boys will get there soon.  (Holds space ship)

NARRATOR:    And Mars.....

MARS:'Tis thought that lichens may grow on this place.  But no people live on this planet in space.

NARRATOR:    Next we have Jupiter, the largest planet of all.

JUPITER:         Galileo went to jail saying moons around me sailed.  My gravity is so great, gases around me can't escape.  By Jupiter!  I'm the greatest!  I have a red spot.

NARRATOR:    Except for Venus, this is the most beautiful planet.

SATURN:          (surrounded by hula hoops ) Many rings encircle me.  I am bright yellow.  Saturn is my name.  I'm a bright fellow.

NARRATOR:    Next we have two green planets.

URANUS:          Discovered in Gemini - green as could be - that's Uranus - that's me!

NEPTUNE:       When Uranus changed its orbit, surely something was to blame.  I was discovered close to it.  Neptune is my name.

NARRATOR:    And now the planet last discovered

PLUTO:            Always in the dark.  Pluto is my name.  It sounds like a dog.  What a doggoned shame!

NARRATOR:    So now you have met all the planets.

Planets begin to rotate in a circle as curtain closes

The Constellations
San Gabriel Valley, Long Beach & Verdugo Hills Councils

Since time began, it seems that people have been fascinated by and interested in studying the stars.  So much so that the groupings of stars, what we call constellations, have been given special names with special meanings.  The Cub Scouts are at a perfect age to absorb all the information they can about anything, and constellations are no different.  Here's a skit my son's Den did years ago (when he was a Wolf).  It gets the parents interested and involved and teaches the boys a little while having fun at it.  And at the Pack Meeting, it was a great success.

Activity:  Do some research into the mythology behind some of the constellations.  (We used Greek and Roman myths.)  And get some pictures of the different gods after whom the constellations are named.  Make sure the pictures show the relationship of the constellations to the gods.  Then have the boys pick out characters they want to represent in the skit.  Have them dress for the parts and attach tin foil stars at the right places on their costumes.  (One of the favorites from when our boys did it was Gemini, The Twins, where two of the boys dressed together to be that constellation.)

Pick a narrator (not necessarily one of the Cubs because they like the acting out) who can talk a little about each constellation.  Then, at the Pack Meeting, have all the boys line up in their costumes on stage. 

The Good Samaritan
San Gabriel Valley, Long Beach & Verdugo Hills Councils

A Scout walks out from backstage, stumbles, and falls on his face.  He struggles noisily to get up, but keeps his forehead on the floor.  He sometimes succeeds in getting into a position with his feet and his forehead on the floor, and his butt in the air.  He rotates in this position, keeping his forehead in one place.  He calls for help for help, repeating "My forehead is stuck!"

As he struggles, other Scouts walk casually past.  They ignore him, or look with curiosity, but they do not help.

Finally, a Scout comes running up and heaves the victim to his feet.  The victim is effusively grateful, but the rescuer just looks at his face.  He reaches out, plucks something from the victim's forehead, and pops it into his mouth.  "Thanks," he says, "I knew I'd lost my gum somewhere around here!" 

The Magic Bandana
San Gabriel Valley, Long Beach & Verdugo Hills Councils

Two guys come out, one is the magician, one his not so smart assistant. The magician introduces his act and sends his assistant to a table behind him. The magician facing the audience tells Herkimer to do exactly as he says. There is a table by Herkimer which has a bandana and a banana. The magician asks Herkimer to pick up the bandana and to perform various actions such as put the bandana in his right hand, fold it in half, fold the four corners together, stuff it in his left fist and upon one, two, three, it will disappear. However, Herkimer, picks up the banana, not the bandana and performs these actions. At the end when Herkimer is supposed to show his fist, for the disappearance of the bandana, he throws the mashed up banana at the magician instead. The magician chases him offstage.

The Magic Chef
San Gabriel Valley, Long Beach & Verdugo Hills Councils

Have boys' line up in chef hats, with illustrations of their magic recipes.  The Magic Chefs of Den ___ have come up with some new holiday recipes for preparing that holiday turkey:

  • I'm going to cross a turkey with a kangaroo, so I'll get a turkey with a convenient pocket to hold the stuffing.
  • I'm going to cross my turkey with a centipede, so there will be plenty of drumsticks for everyone.
  • I'm going to cross my turkey with an octopus--my family is smaller that his (points to previous Scout)-and then besides extra drumsticks, I'll have ink for thank-you notes.
  • I'm going to cross my turkey with an electric eel and end up with a turkey that cooks itself!
  • My recipe is the best of all--I'm going to cross my turkey with a chameleon.  Then when we're tired of leftovers, it will change into something else!

The Magic Mirror
San Gabriel Valley, Long Beach & Verdugo Hills Councils

Characters:     Gregory Q. Genius, an inventor, dressed in a smock and glasses; Man; Horse; Dog; Clown; Boys.

Setting:         Screen is set up in middle of stage

GREGORY GENIUS:    Hello, my name is Gregory Q. Genius.  I am a world famous inventor.  I have just invented a magic mirror.  This magic mirror can instantly change a person into someone else.  The magic mirror is behind this screen which I have set up on a busy sidewalk where lots of people pass by.  Let's see what happens as people are changed by my magic mirror. (he steps aside)

Man enters from side and passes in front of screen. 
He disappears behind screen. 
He is quickly replaced by the horse who comes out on the other side of the screen

HORSE:        Whinney, whinney (runs offstage)

Boy enters from side and walks behind screen.
He is replaced by dog who comes out on other side of screen

DOG:   Arf, arf (runs offstage)

Boy enters and goes behind screen,
He is replaced by the clown and comes out on other side)

CLOWN:       Ho, Ho.  Ho. (bounces around and exits)

Continue this procedure using as many characters as you wish, to accommodate the number of boys taking part

GREGORY G.: Isn't that amazing? (he goes behind screen and is replaced by the monkey)

MONKEY:     Well, all I can say is, be sure to watch out for the magic mirror. (hops offstage)

The Spirit of Scouting
San Gabriel Valley, Long Beach & Verdugo Hills Councils

This could also be a great Opening or Closing Ceremony

Narrator:      I represent the spirit of Lord Baden-Powell, the founder of Scouting.  I am also the spirit of Scouting past and present.  Here is our future (sweeping hand across audience), the Cub Scouts of America.

  • (Enters dressed in full uniform.) The two colors of the Cub Scout uniform have a special meaning.  The blue stands for truth and loyalty, and the gold stands for good cheer and happiness.
  •  (enters carrying a Wolf Book and Kipling's Jungle Book).  Many Cub Scouting words are taken from Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book - Akela, Mowgli…
  • (Enters carrying a craft project.) Cub Scouting means fun.  We have lots of fun making craft projects - things we can play with that go along with the monthly theme.
  • (Enters carrying a picnic basket). You can't take the outing out of Scouting, they say.  Cub Scouts sure like to go on picnics and visit parks with their den.  Field trips are really fun.
  • (Enters carrying the U.S. flag.) Cub Scouts are proud to be Americans.  They are proud of the flag.  They are also proud of the pack flag because it reminds them they are a part of the 89 years of Scouting history.

Narrator:      Yes, I am the spirit of the past and present.  These boys, the Cub Scouts you see…these are the men of tomorrow.  They will be the preservers of our American heritage and the leaders of Scouting in the future.


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