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Baloo's Bugle

July 2005 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 11, Issue 12
August 2005 Theme

Theme: Campfire Tales & Traditionsl
Webelos: Naturalist & Forester
  Tiger Cub




Santa Clara County Council

If it’s been a hot day and you need cooling off, try rainmaking.  One person begins and is joined by the person on his right and so on until the action travels all the way around the circle.  The noise gets louder as each person in the circle joins in.  Then the first person will do the next action and it will travel around the circle.

Round 1: Rub your hands together so they make a swishing noise.

Round 2: Snap the fingers of both hands, moving your arms up and down, while making a popping sound with your tongue on the roof of your mouth.  It sounds like water falling to the ground.

Round 3: Slap hands on your knees.  The rain is really splashing down.

Round 4: Pound the ground with fists or palms.  The storm is at its height.

Round 5: Slap hands on your knees more quietly.

Round 6: Snap fingers very quietly.

Round 7: Rub hands forward and back, pressing lightly.

Last -      Sit still and listen.  The storm has passed – do you feel cooler?

Baltimore Area Council

Paul Bunyan Applause: Make motions as if sawing down a tree, meanwhile, alternately blowing out and sucking in air with “shhhh” sounds. After all of these, and the tree is cut down, yell: “TIMBERRRR” with a hand held along side your mouth:

Picnic Applause: Rub stomach and say, “Yummy in the tummy!”

Paul Revere Applause: Pretend to be riding a horse moving up and down. Say, “The British are coming, the British are coming.”


Santa Clara County Council

Cub # 1:        What is green and pecks on trees?

Cub # 2:        Woody Wood Pickle.

Cub # 1:        Hello, operator?  I’d like to speak with the king of the jungle.

Cub # 2:        Sorry sir, but that lion is busy right now.

Announcer - We interrupt this program for a newsflash

(Cub Scout turns flashlight on, then off)

Cub #1:  I’m a great jumper.

Cub #2:  I can jump, too.  I bet I can jump higher than that tree.

Cub #1:  This I gotta see.

Cub #2:  (Makes a small hop)

Cub #1:  That’s higher than that tree?

Cub #2:  Sure.  That tree can’t jump at all.

Baltimore Area Council

A Bunch of Cows

Cub #1:      Hey, look at that bunch of cows
Cub #2:      Not a bunch, a herd
Cub #1:      Heard what?
Cub #2:      Herd of cows
Cub #1:      Sure I’ve heard of cows
Cub #2:      No, I mean a cow heard
Cub #1:      What do I care if a cow heard???

Three More Classic Run-ons

(Cub #2 enters poking the ground with a stick)

Cub # 1:        What are you doing?

Cub # 2:        Just sticking around

(Cub #2 enters throwing leaves around)

Cub # 1:        What are you doing?

Cub # 2:        Just leafing (leaving).

(Cub #2 enters with a pine branch, and pokes the emcee)

Cub # 1:        What are you doing?

Cub # 2:        I’m needling you.

Bee Sting

Greater St. Louis Area Council

CUB 1:     OUCH , OH , OOOUCH.

CUB 2:     What`s the matter with you?

CUB 1:     A bee’s stung my thumb.

CUB 2:     Try putting some cream on it then.

CUB 1:     But the bee will be miles away by this time.

The Nutty Fisherman

Greater St. Louis Area Council

Center stage is a boy fishing from a can or bucket; he keeps pulling the rod as though he has something on the line. A passer by looks at him as he walks by and then walks on, after a few steps the passer by comes back to the lad.

PASSERBY: "What are you doing there then?"

FISHER:       "I’m fishing, what does it look as though I’m doing?"

PASSERBY: "Fishing! What are you fishing for?"

FISHER:       "I’m fishing for suckers."

PASSERBY: "Have you caught any?"

FISHER:       "Yes you’re the third today"


Baltimore Area Council

What did Columbus say to his men before they sailed?
                                                      Get in the boat

What is tile best way to keep a skunk from smelling?
                                                        Hold his nose

If you were facing east, what would be on your left hand?

Which Revolutionary War hero slept with his shoes on?
                                                Paul Revere’s horse

When Betsy Ross washed the flag, why did she add starch?    She wanted a permanent wave

How did Benjamin Franklin feel when he discovered electricity?          Shocked

Why did the Pilgrims bring two drums and a saxophone on the Mayflower?      They wanted to see Plymouth rock

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