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Baloo's Bugle

July 2005 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 11, Issue 12
August 2005 Theme

Theme: Campfire Tales & Traditionsl
Webelos: Naturalist & Forester
  Tiger Cub


Campfire Advancement Ceremony

Baltimore Area Council

Note: This ceremony could also be used for next month’s theme, Cub Scout Roundup.

Room Arrangement: All Cub Scouts and parents sit in a large circle around the campfire.

Personnel: Indian Chief (Cubmaster), Medicine Man, and Old Fur Trader.

Props/Equipment: Real or Artificial campfire, Old Fur Trader will need saddlebags.

Costumes: All personnel should wear costume parts, especially hats.

Medicine Man:  There are several braves here tonight who have worked hard since we last met and have earned awards for their efforts. I sent an order to the trading post last week and it should be here by now. I don’t know what happened but nothing has arrived. I fear we will have to wait until next month. Heap big sorry!

Fur Trader:       (Looking wild, wooly, and hurried, approaches campfire carrying saddlebags.) Is this the Cub Scout Pack _____ campfire?

Cubmaster:       Yes, it is. Who are you?

Fur Trader:       I’m the rider from the trading post.

Medicine Man:  I’m heap glad to see you.

Fur Trader:       Well, I hope you’re ready to trade.

Medicine Man:  Hmmm. I have 3 blue beads for __________ who has earned the Bobcat rank.

Fur Trader:       Good enough. Where is the varmint?

Cubmaster:       Will ________ and his parents please step forward? Congratulations on your hard work!

Medicine Man:  I have 3 red feathers for ________ who has earned the Wolf rank.

Fur Trader:       Good deal!

Cubmaster:       Will __________ and his parents please step forward?

(Continue presenting awards in similar manner.)

Cubmaster:       (to Fur Trader) Thanks for getting here on time with all our awards! The boys really appreciate it.

Medicine Man:  Ugh!

Fur Trader:       My pleasure, son. Now I gotta be gettin’ along. So long! (He exits.)

American Folklore Advancement Ceremony

Baltimore Area Council

Props: 4 candles in holders; each candle should be a different length (or use candles of same length and holders of different heights).

Helpful Hint: Advancement Chairman could light the candles as the Cubmaster speaks.


Our history is filled not only with the tall tales of American Folklore, but also with the true deeds of some very brave men who explored, fought, and in some cases died to extend the frontiers of our country. Men like Davy Crockett, Daniel Boone, Kit Carson, Lewis and Clark, Buffalo Bill Cody, and many more.

To make this ceremony fit the theme better – have tell a Tall Tale or have a Skit or something similar about the Folklore Heroes you name and remind the Scouts and others about what they heard  earlier in the campfire.  Maybe work in a story about a different hero for each rank or other award category you are presenting.   CD

The Scouting trail is much like the trail these famous men followed. We will recognize those young men in our Pack who have advanced along this trail. As I call your names, please come forward with your parents. (Calls names.)

As you Cub Scouts can see, the candles get taller as you advance. This represents the additional skills that you must learn as you earn each rank. (Lights shortest candle.) The Bobcat is the start of the trail and the simplest to earn. (Lights next candle.) The Wolf is a big step forward and harder as is (lights the next candle) the Bear until at last (lights tallest candle) you become a Webelos Scout and earn the highest rank, the Arrow of Light.

And so, with the spirit of the great explorers, folklore heroes, and frontiersmen to guide you, may you continue to climb the Scouting trail.

(Presents awards by Den and congratulates boys and parents with Cub Scout handshake.)

Indian Advancement

Greater St. Louis Area Council

The Cubmaster and a leader act as Akela and the Medicine Man.

AKELA: Will all Cub Scouts in good standing with this tribe come, forward with your families and be seated around the council fire? It is time for us to take council. Mighty Medicine Man, you have signaled us that some of the braves in this tribe have traveled along the Trail of the Golden Arrow far enough to reach the next hunting station.  Would you please read us the names of those who have advanced, the rank they have achieved and the name of the hunting station where they have arrived.

(Medicine Man reads the names of all who will receive awards.)

AKELA: Mighty warrior, how far along this trail did these braves travel?

MEDICINE MAN: There were X boys who passed 12 achievements in order to arrive in Wolf Valley. They did a fine job of Scouting, and have earned the Wolf badge.

Their names are …

      There are also X boys who crossed Bear Ridge, using their Scouting skills to the fullest. They are …

      Our tribe also has X boys who have worked their way up to the top of Webelos Peak.

      These boys are …

AKELA: This is indeed a fine job of Scouting. Will these braves come forward now and stand before the council fire so we can see all the good hunters?

MEDICINE MAN: Can you truthfully say that you have followed the Cub Scout promise and have tried to Do Your Best?

(Scouts answer).

AKELA: As you await your badge presentation, please tell us about one accomplishment you have made along the trail? (Boys describe one achievement or elective they really liked.) I am satisfied that you have done your best.

      It is indeed a proud moment for our tribe when we can advance our young braves. It symbolizes good cooperation in your tepees – with your family. Without their help, hunting along the Trail of the Golden Arrow would have been more difficult. Would these family members please come forward at this time?

Medicine Man and Akela present awards to the parents who in turn give them to the boys.

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