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Baloo's Bugle

July 2005 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 11, Issue 12
August 2005 Theme

Theme: Campfire Tales & Traditionsl
Webelos: Naturalist & Forester
  Tiger Cub

Cubmaster’s Minute

Campfire Closing

Greater St. Louis Area Council

Give each person a sprig of dried cedar, pine, juniper, etc. If using an artificial campfire indoors, use toothpicks.

CUBMASTER: The light from hundreds of campfires around the world has brightened the Cub Scout spirit for many years. Tonight, we have enjoyed the warmth and cheerfulness of our campfire as one Cub Scout family. As the campfire dims, its glowing embers are reminders of the fun and fellowship we have shared. I ask that you now walk slowly past our campfire in silence, throw your twig upon the embers, and think of what Cub Scouting means to you. Then please leave our council ring, remaining silent. Good Night.

As The Flames Point Upward

Greater St. Louis Area Council

SETTING - This is perhaps the most compelling of the opening phrases. It calls for dignity and it sets the pattern.

The campfire audience is brought to the alert, the Cubmaster walks in and stands a few yards behind the fire, which must be lit, and burning well, otherwise the words are a mockery.

When the Cubmaster comes to the words, "As the fire warms the circle so may the Scout ideal" his hand should go out over the fire, making the Scout sign.

As the flames point upwards, so be our aims;

As the red logs glow, so be our sympathies,

As the gray ash fades, so be our errors,

As the fire warms the circle,
            So may the Scout ideal warm the world.

It's not much use to grumble or complain

It's just as quick and easy to rejoice,

When God sorts out the weather and sends rain,

Then rain's our choice

Comes the last day of many days,

The last Camp Fire of all too few,

Last - but not lost.

In the years ahead,

These times our memories shall renew.

Spirit of Scouting

Great Salt Lake Council

The Spirit of Scouting is within each boy. The Promise and the Law are both part of it, and so is pride. Pride in one’s self, his den and pack, his family and nation; pride in his accomplishments. The awards are hollow and meaningless unless he met his trials with determination and did his best to overcome them. The pack and its leadership exist only for the boys, to challenge them to bigger challenges and honor them for their accomplishments.

Real Strength

Baltimore Area Council

America’s history is dotted with famous people – men and women and even children. We gain inspiration from their stories. America’s strength has always been in her people. It took character to survive that first winter in Plymouth, and another bad winter at Valley Forge.

It took character to put belongings into a rickety old wagon and push off into a land of vague promise. It took character to tell a nation that slavery was wrong.

Because character is needed today more than ever before, the Boy Scouts of America is concerned about building strong character in boys. This theme, American Folklore, is a good way to hear examples of great character.

The BSA wants to help guarantee that America is as strong in the space age as it was at its birth. Please join in singing, “God Bless America.

Rudyard Kipling

Cast: Akela (Cubmaster)

Akela:   Now our Cub Scout safari is ending. Let’s say good night with a verse from Rudyard Kipling, who wrote The Jungle Book and gave me my name of Akela:

“Wood and water, wind and tree,
Wisdom, strength, and courtesy,
Jungle favor - go with thee!”

Good night, Pack.

Closing Thought

Baltimore Area Council

Some real heroes’ lives have become folklore stories over the years. (Give examples if you wish – Davy Crockett, Daniel Boone, Pecos Bill) The tales of these exploits may have grown larger than life but the examples they provide give us all a dream for the future of our world.

Another Chapter

Baltimore Area Council

Leader walks over to the fire, holding a large open book.

Let us close this evening by placing a bookmarker in another chapter of our “Campfire Tales.” (Puts the bookmarker inside and closes the book)

But let us come together again next month, and re-open our book to proceed with the next chapter. Good Scouting to all of you.

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