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Baloo's Bugle


November 2004 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 11, Issue 4
December 2004 Theme

Theme: Holiday Food Fare
Webelos: Craftsman & Scientist
  Tiger Cub:
Achievement 2 & Activities




Customs Of Countries

Connecticut Rivers Council

EQUIPMENT:  A small Christmas tree with lights and a candelabra with electric candles.  Use a different color bulb for each rank.

NARRATOR: The Christmas season is celebrated in different ways throughout the world. It is celebrated in Germany, Austria, Australia, Brazil, Chili, Argentina and in many other countries including the United States. In the United States we celebrate this season in many different ways. A very popular way is with lights.

(Turn tree lights on).

Tonight we have some Scouts who have demonstrated the custom of advancing in rank. -

(Call the Bobcat candidate(s) and parent(s) forward.)

The custom of the Bobcat is to follow the 7 steps in the Bobcat trail. Cub Scout(s) _____________ has completed the 7 steps and for this accomplishment (he) (they) will add another light to celebrate the Christmas season. Have Scout(s) screw the "Bobcat" bulb into the candle.

Congratulate Scout(s)for accomplishment. Present badge(s) to the parent(s) to present to the Scout(s).

The custom of the Wolf is to complete 12 achievements in the Wolf book.

(Repeat for Wolf rank)

The custom of the Bear is to complete requirements in 12 of the 24 achievements.

(Repeat for Bear rank)

The Webelos custom requires that Scouts complete activity badges. Webelos Scout(s) (has) (have) completed the required activities to earn the Webelos badge.

These boys have helped us tight our tree but it is still not as bright as it can be.  We must make the last climb to the upper branches of our tree for the Webelos rank.  These boys have earned activity badges that will taught them skills, citizenship, and physical fitness (Have boys come forward to light their bulbs and receive badges.)

Because of a11 the good work of these boys, our tree is lit.  But we recognize that you do not reach these ranks alone. Your parents and leaders in Cub Scouting have helped you to get to these ranks. (Give appropriate applause for parents and leaders )

If there is an Arrow of Light award, a star could be on top of the tree.  After presenting the award talk about how it tops off the boy's Cub Scout career and can be a shining part of his life.

To complete the custom of advancing in rank, we have a Scout who deserves the greatest celebration because he has attained the highest honor a Cub Scout can get - The Arrow of Light.

Call Scout(s) and parent(s) forward. For the accomplishment have Scout(s) screw in a colored bulb that blinks. Congratulate the Scout(s) and Parent(s) for the hard work they have done to attain this honor. Present badge and award to parent(s) to present to the Scout(s).


York Adams Area Council

'Twas the night of the Pack meeting and all through the place. Not a boy was stirring, anticipation on each face.

It was time for Advancements and they all turned an ear, so when their name was called, they would hear it loud and clear. The Cubmaster was checking his list, not once but twice to see which boys had worked hard and earned awards this night.

First come the Bobcats, all new to the Pack Akela is ready with the guidance and experience they lack. Come up our new Cubs, you’re our Bobcats tonight Your final step as a Bobcat is to do a good deed, and you must do it right. (Present the Bobcat badges)

Second are the Wolves, experienced that’s true But there is still much to learn, Akela’s not through. Come up all our Wolf Cubs, you are wolves to be praised Achievements and electives you’ve done, so with Wolf badge and arrow points, in rank you are raised (Present the Wolf badges and arrow points.)

Third are the Bears, most experienced so far, Akela’s teachings they have heeded, they’re way above par. Come up our Bear Cubs, your work and learning is applauded For completing achievements and electives, tonight you’re awarded (Present Bear badges and arrow points.)

Last are the Webelos, but not least to be sure Akela’s lessons they’ve learned, now Boy Scouts is their lure. Come up all our Webelos, your activities are harder, your accomplishments you wear proudly on your shoulder (Present Webelos activity pins)

Cub Scout Chef

Baltimore Area Council

Equipment: Large pot, two smaller pots or bowls that will fit inside the large pot, wooden spoon, 2 cups sugar, one egg, I teaspoon baking soda, dash salt, I cup flour, 1/4 cup chocolate chips, awards

Personnel: Cubmaster or advancement chair dressed as a chef with white apron and chef’s hat


Place smaller pots inside the large pot.

Put awards into one pot and cover them with foil.

Add the ingredients, which are measured in containers all ready to add at the appropriate time.

Cub Scout Chef: I am the Cub Scout chef. It is my job to cook up some awards for our Pack. I have developed a special recipe for this event. Let’s try it!

I have all my utensils and ingredients before me. The large pot represents the Cub Scout program, the container that holds it all together. This stirring spoon is the district and council. They help us mix our Pack in with the whole BSA program.

First, I add 2 cups of sugar, which represents the achievements that the boys have been working on.

Next, I add an egg, which stands for the parents who help hold the program together. (Crack egg and let it ‘plop’ into the ingredient bowl.) Now, I add I teaspoon of baking soda and a dash of salt. Like Cub Scout leaders, they are the key ingredients that bring the others together and cause them to change. Next comes a cup of flour. This represents the boys -- the staple of Cub Scouting. Last, I add a handful of chocolate chips, which represent the awards the boys have earned.

Now I’ll stir this pot of Cub Scouting and see what happens. Yes, my delicious recipe worked! (Uncover the pot with the awards and pull out the badges.) It appears I have stirred up some awards! (Proceed with usual Pack rituals for Award presentation - Have the boys and their parents come forward. Hand each badge to parents to award to their boy. Have the boys and parents remain in front of the group until all awards have been presented.) Lead a cheer to congratulate all the Cub Scouts!




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