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Baloo's Bugle


June 2004 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 10, Issue 11
July 2004 Theme

Theme: Fin Fun
Webelos: Aquanaut & Geologist
  Tiger Cub:



Octopus Cubs Opening

Baltimore Area Council

This works as an opening or a closing or even a simple skit.  Take your choice.  CD

As he speaks, each Cub Scout stands and wiggles his octopus puppet. (Make the puppet out of gray or black poster board with eyes and mouth cut out of white construction paper and glued to face. Place tentacles made of braided yarn on the bottom of the octopus and glue or tape a strip of poster board on back with enough room for the Cub Scout to place his hand and hold up the octopus.)

Cub # 1:                         In tying knots, I am a champ, With the bowline or clove hitch. But when my eight arms get in the way, I can't tell which is which.

Cub # 2:                         Being an octopus, I like to hike over underwater hills. But, when I "left" and "right" with two lefts; Six others give me spills.

Cub # 3:                                         I'm patriotic and salute the flag of America, that I'll fight for.  But since we must salute with our right hand, I can't tell which are my "right" four.

Cub # 4:                         Now, in rowing a boat, I'm a speedy one, With eight arms to move me fast.  For, no matter how hard the others use their oars, They'll row into shore - tired, and last.

Cub # 5:                         I have two arms to gather firewood, two arms to start the fire's flame. Have two arms to cook my tasty meal, With two arms left to shoot fresh game.

Cub # 6:                        
I can pass all swimming tests, The dog-paddle, breast stroke, or crawl. 'Cause when we octopuses get in the water. We really have ourselves a ball!

All              We may be Cub Octopuses now, But soon, it will surely be neat. 'Cause we'll be special Tenderfoot Boy Scouts, As we octopuses have eight tender feet.

If using this for an opening, add in flag salute and prayer and Cub Scout Promise or Law of the Pack or an appropriate song.  CD


Santa Clara County Council

Arrangement:  Make card for each letter.  Write the line for each boy on the back.  The boys can carry water activity toys such as inner tubes, balls or snorkeling equipment.

Cub # 1:       S          S is for Scouts, we have fun.

Cub # 2:       A         A is for Activities, out in the sun.

Cub # 3:       F          F is for Friends, your buddies in the pool.

Cub # 4:       E          E is for Excitement, but keep your cool.

Cub # 5:       S          S is for Safety, that must come first.

Cub # 6:       W        W is for Water, not only for thirst.

Cub # 7:       I           I is for Instructions we follow with care.

Cub # 8:       M        M is for Merriment we all love to share.

ALL        Putting them all together and we have SAFE SWIM. Let’s be safe and we will all win.


Santa Clara County Council

Arrangement:  8 Cub Scouts holding cardboard pieces, which make a fish when put together.  Each part is lettered, so that all together they spell CUB SCOUT, C being the head of the fish and T the tail.  Each boy’s lines are written on the back of his card.

(Boys enter one at a time and repeat their lines in order.)

Cub # 1:       C is the part we build on.  It stands for COURTESY in Cub Scouting and all through life.

Cub # 2:       U is next.  This part stands for UNITY, because united we are strong.

Cub # 3:       B is the next added.  That stands for BRAVERY in all our thoughts and all our deeds.

Cub # 4:       S is next and that stands for SAFETY.  We learn it and use it.

Cub # 5:       C adds some more and it stands for CHURCH--the one of your choice.

Cub # 6:       O is building it stronger, and it stands for OUTDOOR life, which is full of fun and adventure.

Cub # 7:       U is near the finish and it stands for UNDERSTANDING, something that all our families have.

Cub # 8:       T is the tail that guides us.  It stands for TRUTH in all things.

All:             Will everyone rise and please join us in the Pledge of Allegiance?


Santa Clara County Council

Arrangement:  Cubmaster is dressed in a long laboratory coat and slacks that are easy to remove, holding a clipboard, and carrying a briefcase.  (He is wearing beach clothes underneath the slacks)

Cubmaster:  (Very seriously): Welcome to our Water 101 college pack meeting.  I am Professor Cubmaster and I hope that you are all prepared to listen closely and take notes.  We are here today to learn about a very important substance--H2O, otherwise known as water.  Now the first thing we will study is the molecular structure...

Pack Committee Chair:  (Runs in to interrupt Cubmaster) Excuse me, Professor, but today’s pack meeting is Fin Fun.  We are supposed to have fun with water, not lecture in Water 101.

Cubmaster: Oh, but I’m sure my secretary told me about a Water 101 lecture I was to give today.  (Consults pocket calendar.)  How embarrassing.  That’s next week.  Luckily, every good Scouter comes prepared for nearly everything.  Excuse me a moment.  (Cubmaster goes away and comes back in beach-going clothes.  He opens his briefcase, pulls out sandals, a beach towel, snorkel and fins.  He also takes out a small water squirter and squirts the committee chair.)  Today we are going to have water activities.  It’s going to be fun!  Who’s ready to join me??


Santa Clara County Council

A den of Cub Scouts, dressed in pirate costumes come to the front.  There is a container in front with a sign that says “sea water waves” to indicate they are out at sea.  One Cub is carrying a spyglass and one Cub is carrying a pirate flag.  The pirate flag is held high to show that they are proud of it.  The Cub with the spyglass points it toward the audience and looks around.  At the rear of the room, a color guard is waiting to present the American and pack flags.  The Cub gets a look of surprise on his face as he looks through the spyglass and sees the color guard.  He excitedly shows some of the other pirates and they take turns passing around the spyglass.

In unison they say:  Did you see that?  They have TWO flags, and they’re REALLY beautiful flags, too!

The Cubs all look down at the little pirate flag in disgust.  The Cub Scout holding the pirate flag tosses it into the “sea.”  All the pirates run off as the Cubmaster comes walking out.

Cubmaster:  Please stand for the presentation of the colors and join in the Pledge of Allegiance while Den ___ presents the great flag of our country and the pack flag.


Circle Ten Council

Have large cards with the letters O C E A N on them for the Cubs to hold and read from.

Cub # 1:       O – O is for Old Glory that we wave with pride.

Cub # 2:       C – C is for colors we see each night with joy.

Cub # 3:       E – E is for evenings that give us pleasant thoughts.

Cub # 4:       A – A is for awareness of the beauties of the sea.

Cub # 5:       N – N is for Neptune, the mythical God of the sea, who rules his kingdom with love.

Leader:      Put it all together, it is OCEAN; it borders our land and gives us much to be thankful for.


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