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Baloo's Bugle


June 2004 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 10, Issue 11
July 2004 Theme

Theme: Fin Fun
Webelos: Aquanaut & Geologist
  Tiger Cub:



I should have run this one lat month – but it’s not too late to plan and earn this award.  CD

The National Summertime Award

Kommissioner Karl

Buckeye Council, BSA

Incentive for summer planning is the National Summertime Pack Award, an attractive, full-color certificate, and the National Summertime Pack Award streamer for the pack flag.   These can be earned by packs that conduct three summer pack activities - one each month during June, July and August.

Dens with at least 50 percent of their members at the three summertime activities receive a den participation ribbon.  Individual Cub Scouts who attend all three activities can be recognized by their pack with the National Summertime Award pin.

The Cubmaster or pack committee secretary should keep a record of all summer pack activities on the chart in the National Summertime Pack Award Planning Guide.  Submit the application section of the record sheet for approval by the camping and activities or Cub Scout committee of the local council.  Make arrangements for the den, pack and individual Cub Scout awards to be presented at an early fall pack meeting.

If your pack has not already planned some activities this summer, DO IT NOW!  Go fishing or hiking in June, day camps and WRC are in July, and have an ice cream social, family picnic or family camping overnight in August.  Remember, you will need to promote and remind parents of your events to make sure they remember to attend!

Community Organization Award

Kommissioner Karl

Buckeye Council, BSA

This is a follow up to last month’s Department of Defense Outstanding Volunteer Service Award.  Many other national organizations have created their own award to recognize service to Scouting by its members.  BSA has recognized this category of awards with a gold on purple square knot badge with a gold border.  See the following page on BSA's web site for additional information:  http://www.scouting.org/factsheets/02-582.html

The USSCouts web site at http://www.usscouts.org/awards/community_org.html has links to help you learn more about each of the awards.

The following have developed service awards:

Alpha Phi Omega: Herbert G. Horton Alpha Phi Omega Youth Service Award

American Legion: American Legion and Scouting Square Knot Award

BPOE (Elks): Marvin M. Lewis Award

Department of Defense: United States Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal

Freemasons:  Daniel Carter Beard Masonic Scouter Award

Veterans of Foreign Wars: Scouter's Achievement Award

AFL-CIO:  The George Meany Award is part of this category, but retains the unique square knot design of that award.

Kommisoner Karl is a regular contributor to Baloo. 

Thank You  CD


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