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Baloo's Bugle


June 2004 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 10, Issue 11
July 2004 Theme

Theme: Fin Fun
Webelos: Aquanaut & Geologist
  Tiger Cub:



Mountains & Molehills

Baltimore Area Council

Divide audience up into six parts.  Assign each a word and the associated saying.  Tell them they are to say the phrase whenever their word occurs in the story.  Practice as you assign parts.

MOLEHILL                                         I'm so tiny

CANYON                          It's deep down here!

MOUNTAIN                                  I'm sooo BIG

GORGE                            I'm a gorgeous gorge!

HILL                                                 I'm just right

DALE                                           Where's Chip?

There was once a very small MOLEHILL. He always wanted to be a MOUNTAIN but he did not quite know how. He went to talk to the HILL next door. The HILL told the MOLEHILL. that being a MOUNTAIN was big stuff. Just then, the GORGE spoke up. "MOLEHILL." she said, "I once was a DALE. But I wanted to be a CANYON. I talked to the MOUNTAIN and he just laughed. But l, when I was a DALE, begged and begged. So when it rained, the MOUNTAIN drained the water over the HILL and made me a CANYON. Lots of my pretty plants were washed away."

The MOLEHILL was getting bored by how the DALE became a GORGE by becoming a CANYON. MOLEHILL just yawned. A HILL I will be, he thought, maybe later a MOUNTAIN. Just then, there was a big explosion. The MOLEHILL puffed up and became a HILL. "What was that?" shouted the CANYON. A small DALE next door said, "Don't you remember, they are digging a mine?"

The CANYON said, "Yes, I feel it." But the MOLEHILL didn't care, because he was growing. Just then the miners came out of the side of the GORGE and fell to the bottom. They had tunneled from the DALE, through the HILL, under the CANYON, around the MOUNTAIN and fell out the side of the GORGE, who said, "What a shallow tunnel!" With all of the excitement, the MOLEHILL that was now a HILL, forgot about becoming a MOUNTAIN. And the DALE, valley and GORGE were just as happy not to hear about it again.

The moral of this story is that if you ever think you are making a MOUNTAIN out of a MOLEHILL, running from HILL to DALE, remember what the GORGE said to the CANYON: "I'm a deep subject for such a shallow mine."

On The Beach

(a MadLibs)

Baltimore Area Council

Create a list ahead of time of the types of words needed for the story, and ask the audience to provide the words to fill in the blanks in the story. The narrator reads the story. Filling in the blanks with the words provided by the audience.

Plural Noun___________________________

Body Part____________________________

Verb ________________________________

Body Part____________________________



Plural Noun___________________________



Plural Noun___________________________


Person in Room________________________



If you want to enjoy yourself at the beach, you should bring your _plural noun_. Before exposing your skin to the sun, you should put suntan oil on your _body part_ . Rub it on your face; then smear it all over. Be sure that it's rubbed in thoroughly. Then go into the salt water and _verb _. When you come out of the water, don't dry your _body part_.   Lie down on a(an) _noun_ and soak up the rays. It's fun if you bring a(an) _noun_ to play with at the beach, l like to build _plural noun_ with sand. You see all sorts of bodies at the beach. Some are _adjective_ like your own. You can _verb_ on the beach. Some beaches allow you to sunbathe without your _plural noun_, _exclamation_ ! My friend, _person in room_ went to a beach without his/her _noun_ and got so sunburned that he/she had to walk home.

A Pirate Story

Baltimore Area Council

Divide audience into seven parts and assigns word and motions. Practice as you assign the parts.

Old Sea Pirate              Ho! Ho! Ho! and a bottle of Rum

Long John Silver                                    Aharrr me maties

Bosun                                                              snore, snore

Polly Parrot                                      Polly wants a cracker

Black Cloud                                              Blow wind Blow

Croaky Crocodile            Tic Toc, Tic Toe (shake head)

Sea Gulls                                    caw, caw (flapping arms)

Once upon a time there was an Old Sea Pirate and his Bosun who sailed out on the ocean blue in their sturdy ship the Black Cloud.

Far off in the distance he could hear the Sea Gulls cry.

The Old Sea Pirate and his Bosun dropped anchor and went fast asleep, first making sure all the hatches were secured on the Black Cloud.

Now creeping up the side of the ship came Long John Silver and his parrot Polly looking for the treasure of the Old Sea Pirate and his Bosun.

Looking for Long John Silver was Croaky Crocodile who had swallowed a clock.

Just as Long John Silver and Polly Parrot discovered the treasure chest, Croaky Crocodile's clock woke up the Old Sea Pirate and his Bosun who thought it was the Sea Gulls landing on the deck of the Black Cloud.

Well Long John Silver grabbed hold of Polly Parrot and turned w run, and only in his haste he tripped overboard, much to the glee of Croaky Crocodile. The Old Sea Pirate and his Bosun chased after them, but the Black Cloud rolled in the waves. clearing the deck of Sea Gulls. the Old Sea Pirate and his Bosun.

Now. from a very good source. I am told that the last anyone heard of all these characters was strange sounds in the night as the Sea Gulls flew overhead followed by Long John Silver and Polly Parrot, chased by the Old Sea Pirate and his Bosun. all frantically swimming away from Croaky Crocodile with his ticking clock, while to this day, the Black Cloud is anchored far out at sea with its treasure chest still aboard.



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