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Baloo's Bugle


April 2004 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 10, Issue 9
May 2004 Theme

Theme: My Home State
Webelos: Handyman & Outdoorsman
  Tiger Cub:






Circle Ten Council

Props: TV Screen, Texas (or your state) map, Pointer, rain coat, winter coat, 2 paper fans, paper wads (hail stones)

Set - up: Weatherman is in the middle of the stage with the state map not moving yet. The TV is propped up against the chair. The leader walks in, turns on the TV and sits down to listen. After the TV is turned on, the weatherman starts.

Weather: (Using the pointer) Well folks, it looks like we're going to have a typical day of weather in (Your State) on this warm summer like day. All across the state there are sunny and clear skies. There is no chance of rain.

Leader:      (Turns off TV) Good! The Cubs will be here soon and we can go outside.

Cub # 1          (Walks in fanning himself) Boy what a great day to be outside. The sun sure feels good.

Cub # 2         (Walks in wearing a rain coat) It sure did cloud up fast. It's starting to rain.

Cub # 3         (Walks in wearing a heavy coat) A cold front just came in. It must be freezing out there.

Cub # 4         Hey did you guys see the hail coming down out there? (Throws hailstones into the air).

Cub # 5         (Walks in wearing his uniform) The sun feels good out there.

Leader: Yes, it sure is another day of typical (Your State) weather.

You Know You’re From …

Southern NJ Council

Maybe your den can make up a skit by writing some funny lines about your state.  Possibly starting with “You Know you’re From … , If …

Here are examples from New Jersey and Utah.

You're a genuine New Jerseyan, if

You know that the only people who call it "Joisey" are from the Bronx or Texas.

You don't think of citrus when people mention "The Oranges."

You know that it's called "Great Adventure," not "Six Flags."

You know that the state isn't one big oil refinery.

You know what town Jon Bon Jovi is from.

You know what a "jug handle" is.

You know that a WaWa is a convenience store.

You know that there are no "beaches" in New Jersey - there's "The Shore," & you know that the road to the shore is "The Parkway" - not "The Garden State Highway."

You know that "Piney" isn't referring to a tree.

You know how to properly negotiate a Circle.

You knew that the last question had to do with driving.

You know that "Acme" is an actual store, not just a Warner Bros. creation.

You know that this is the only "New..." state that doesn't require "New" to identify it like, try... Mexico, ... York, ... Hampshire (doesn't work, does it?).

You only go to New York City for day trips, & you only call it "The City."

You know that a "White Castle" is the name of BOTH a fast food chain AND a sandwich.

You don't think "What exit" (do you live near?) is very funny.

The Jets-Giants game has started fights at your school or work place.

You refer to all highways & interstates by their numbers.

Every year, you had at least one kid in your class named Tony.

You start planning for Memorial Day weekend in February.

You know that "youse" is not a synonym for utilize but for y'all.

And finally... you've never pumped your own gas.


Great Salt Lake Council

1.       You live on Redwood Road, but there are no Redwood Trees.

2.       Schools stay open, even if two feet of snow falls overnight, but close for the opening of hunting season.

3.       The most popular public transportation system is a ski lift (or in St. George, a golf cart).

4.       In-state college football rivalries are bigger than the Super Bowl.

5.       There is a town spelled Tooele that is pronounced 'two-ill-a' and the Oquirrh Mountains are called 'oak- ker'.

6.       Every driveway has an 8-passenger SUV and a pickup.

7.       Ninety percent of the population was born in California.

8.       Every back yard has at least one fruit tree and everyone grows a few tomatoes

9.       More movies and TV shows are filmed in your town than in Hollywood. 10 The July 4th celebration lasts 20 days.


Circle Ten Council

Each boy comes in crying, each carrying a handkerchief progressing from small (tissue) to large (tablecloth to Super (bed sheet). Someone asks why they are crying. They just cry louder and walk off stage. Last boy is asked why they are crying? And he replies "it's because we don't have a skit!"





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