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Baloo's Bugle


April 2004 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 10, Issue 9
May 2004 Theme

Theme: My Home State
Webelos: Handyman & Outdoorsman
  Tiger Cub:



Here are some sample gathering activities.  I am sure you can create similar ones for your states.  CD


Circle Ten Council

Match up these answers to the questions below.

Mockingbird                     Houston                        Rio Grande

Bluebonnet                    San Antonio                Horned Lizard

Dallas                                   Austin

1.       What is the capital of Texas?

2.       What river forms Texas' southern border?

3.       What is the state reptile of Texas?

4.       In what city do you find the Alamo?

5.       What is the name of the state bird of Texas?

6.       What flower represents the state of Texas?

7.       The center of the space shuttle program (NASA) is located in what city?

8.       Where would you go to attend the Texas' state fair?

ANSWERS: 1. Austin, 2. Rio Grande, 3. Horned Lizard, 4. San Antonio, 5. Mockingbird, 6. Bluebonnet, 7. Houston, 8. Dallas


Southern NJ Council

Select the correct answer from the following

A.         Violet

B.         Eastern Goldfinch

C.         Sussex County

D.         Rutgers

E.          Violet

F.          Atlantic City

G.         Hadrosaurus Foulkii

H.         Delaware

I.           Trenton

1. What is the capital of New Jersey?

2. What river forms New Jersey western border?

3. What is the state dinosaur of New Jersey?

4. In what city do they hold the Miss America contest?

5. What is the name of the state bird of New Jersey?

6. What flower represents the state of New Jersey?

7. What is the State University called?

8. Where would you go to attend the New Jersey state fair?

ANSWERS  1. Trenton, 2. Delaware, 3. Hadrosaurus Foulkii, 4. Atlantic City, 5. Eastern Goldfinch, 6. Violet, 7. Rutgers, 8. Sussex County

Note – These last two items were two column lists with draw a line to connect the right answer but in Baloo’s format my columns weren’t wide enough.  CD


(or associated with New Jersey)

Southern NJ Council

Match the people with who they were or what they did.  This may be better for parents at a Pack Show rather than boys at a Den Meeting


1.       William “Bud” Abbott

2.       Jason Alexander

3.       John Forsythe

4.       Bruce Willis

5.       Jerry Lewis

6.       Ozzie Nelson

7.       Stephen Crane

8.       Joyce Kilmer

9.       Frank Sinatra

10.    Bruce Springsteen

11.    Frankie Valli

12.    Derek Jeter

13.    Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin

14.    Wally Schirra

15.    Grover Cleveland

16.    Woodrow Wilson

17.    Norman Scwarzkopf

18.    Thomas Edison

What they did or Who they were

A.      Wrote “The Red Badge of Courage”

B.      Old Blue Eyes

C.      The Wizard of Menlo Park, invented light bulb

D.      President of Princeton before President of US

E.       The Labor Day telecast emcee

F.       NY Yankee player

G.      Son of founder of NJ State police, US Army General

H.      Half of famous comedy team

I.         One of two actors associated with Penns Grove, NJ

J.       Only US President with two non-consecutive terms

K.      The Four Seasons lead singer

L.       Wrote the poem “Trees”

M.     Member of Seinfeld cast

N.      Only Astronaut in all three programs – Mercury, Gemini, Apollo

O.      The Boss

P.       Second man on the moon

Q.      The other Penns Grove, NJ, actor

R.      Put his family on TV

Answers – 1H, 2M, 3Q, 4I, 5E, 6R, 7A, 8L, 9B, 10O, 11K, 12F, 13P, 14N, 15J, 16D, 17G, 18C


Circle Ten Council

Can you match these famous Texans to the city they are from?

Tioga                                  Houston                     San Antonio

Port Arthur                        Denison                      Weatherford

Lubbock                               Dallas                              San Saba

Abbot                                  El Paso                               Rowena

Wharton                          Monahans                        Texarkana

1.       Gene Autry, singer, actor______________________

2.       Red Adair, fireman oil well fires_________________

3.       Carol Burnett, comedienne_____________________

4.       Janis Joplin, blues singer______________________

5.       Dwight David Eisenhower, U.S. pres, general_______

6.       Mary Martin, actress_________________________

7.       Buddy Holly, musician_______________________

8.       Michael Johnson, Olympic sports_______________

9.       Tommy Lee, Jones actor______________________

10.    Willie Nelson, singer_________________________

11.    Sandra Day O'Connor, Supreme court judge________

12.    Bonnie Parker, outlaw partner was Clyde__________

13.    Dan Rather, TV newscaster___________________ _

14.    Kathy Whitworth, golfer______________________

15.    H. Ross Perot politician, philanthropist___________

ANSWERS: 1.Tioga, 2.Houston, 3.San Antonio, 4.Port Arthur, 5.Denison, 6.Weatherford, 7.Lubbock, 8.Dallas, 9.San Saba, 10.Abbot, 11.El Paso, 12.Rowena, 13.Wharton,

14.Monahans, 15.Texarkana



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