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Baloo's Bugle


April 2004 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 10, Issue 9
May 2004 Theme

Theme: My Home State
Webelos: Handyman & Outdoorsman
  Tiger Cub:



Circle Ten Council

Personnel: 8 Cub Scouts
Equipment: Picture of or a small flag. The following pictures: Statue of Liberty, steel mills or factory, scene of New Jersey, picture of the Alamo, picture of Alaska, Hawaiian scene, map or picture of the U.S.A. Recorded background music.

The Cub Scouts form a semi-circle around the flag and hold up their picture and say the short verse.

Cub # 1    (Statue of Liberty) New York is a lovely state where we see this lady stand.

Cub # 2   (factory or industry) Michigan is a very great state, they make many cars for our land.

Cub # 3    (New Jersey scene) New Jersey is our own home state, we’re proud in many ways.

Cub # 4    (Alamo scene) Texas is the Lone Star state, home to the Alamo.

Cub # 5    (Alaskan scene) Alaska has some very cold nights, with some short, short days.

Cub # 6    (Hawaiian picture) Hawaii is our newest state, and we’re proud to say she’s ours.

Cub # 7    (map or picture U.S.) But all of the states together, make a nation of beautiful stars.

Cub # 8    (Flag) Please join me in the Pledge of Allegiance

Cub # 9   Please join me in singing "God Bless America."


Great Salt Lake Council

Set Up – Four Cub Scouts with card spelling out UTAH and their words in large print in the back.

All: In my state we have:

1.             U -The Uintas, Utes, uranium, and we are an upbeat utopian.

2.             T - Timpanogos, trappers, temples, turkeys, table salt, train meeting from east to west, tyrannosaurus bones, we have technical geniuses and the television inventor. We are temperate and theological.

3.             A -  Apples, apricots, antelopes, many academic colleges, athletes, artists, April conference, and Apostles. Appetites for casseroles, green Jell-O salads, ice cream and church dinners.

4.             H - Honeybees, handcarts, a huge salty lake, a harmonizing choir, hieroglyphics, and many hobbies and handicraft. We harvest hay, pie cherries, peaches, and hams. We are known for being happy, helpful, and holding the best Winter Olympics ever.

All: This is truly the greatest place on earth!

Maybe you could write a ceremony like this for your state – Idaho, Iowa, Ohio, Maine would not be too bad.  Indiana and Illinois, yes, but I can see problems with long names like West Virginia or South Carolina but am sure you can do it!!  CD


Southern NJ Council

The US Flag and a pack flag are carried to the front by the color guards. They face the audience. The lights are turned down and a Cub Scout stands in between the flags. A spotlight is turned on the setting. An adult leader or a good reader reads the verse below.

He's just eight years old

He's made of the following ingredients: Noise, energy, imagination, curiosity and hunger.

He's the "cute little boy down the street", that "spoiled imp next door", or "My Son,"...

depending on who you are.

He's something to be kept fed, clothed, healthy, happy and out of trouble.


He's something else, too..........

He's tomorrow. He's the future we've been fighting for.

He's part of the world's most important generation.

The generation who must carry on after us and win the peace.



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