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August Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 10, Issue 1
September Theme

Soaring to New Heights
Webelos Citizen and Communicator
  Tiger Cub Achivement #1



Starting with this issue (September’s Theme) and for the next four issues in the Tiger session Baloo will feature a different Tiger Achievement.  Here is Achievement #1.

In 2001, the Tiger Cub program had some changes.  Tiger Cubs is for those boys who have completed kindergarten (or are 7 years old)


Background - The first step in earning the Tiger Cub badge is learning the Tiger Cub motto (Search, Discover, Share), the Cub Scout sign, and the Cub Scout salute.  The Tiger will then be awarded the Tiger Cub totem to be worn on his belt.  This award is presented at a pack meeting.

The Tiger Cub must then complete one Den Activity, one Family Activity, and one Go See It Activity within each of the five achievement areas to earn the Tiger Cub rank.  He works with his adult partner to do this.  As he completes each of the 15 requirements, he receives the appropriate  orange, white, or black bead at the next den meeting to add to his totem.

Achievement #1 Making My Family Special

1F Family Activity

During the time the Tigers are learning the Tiger Cub Motto, the Cub Scout Sign and Salute you can also work on this Achievement.  The Tiger Cub, along with his adult partner can make a chart using poster board outlining family activities, job and fun activities.  Allow the Tiger Cub to assign some jobs.  This will give the adult partner and the Tiger to a chance to plan ways to keep things clean and tidy in their home.  For example, the Tiger can clean his room or take out the trash.  Let the Tiger assign a chore and a fun activity to plan with his adult partner, remember this is a growing up process for them.  Working together can reinforce in your Tiger the importance of the family and how every family member plays an important part in keeping their home in good shape.


Den Activity 1D

Make a family scrapbook


Materials:  Three-prong folder for each boy; 3-hole-punched typing paper; markers, crayons, stickers and other materials to decorate the cover.


Directions:  Have the Tiger Cubs decorate the folder and fasten the paper into it.

These scrapbooks are great if the Leader can keep them while the boys progress through the program.  They can add many projects to their scrapbook, even though it is a Family Scrapbook.  Discuss with the adult partners whether they want the Tigers to get the books upon graduation from Tigers or from Cubs or presented earlier for the families to take home and keep up.  Another thought may be to have enough material for 2 scrapbooks.  Then have the Tigers make one to be a Cub Scout Scrapbook and one to be a Family Scrapbook.  In the Family Scrapbook the Tiger can put items in there that remind him of special memories of things he has done with his family.


Go and See It-1G

Go to a library, historical society, museum, old farm, historical building or visit an older person in your community.  Discover how life was the same, and how it was different for a boy your age many years ago.

The following ideas come from the York Adams Council PowWow book.

1.     Share the family photo album. Identify special family members.

2.     Share family histories and traditions.

3.     Have a ‘families’ picnic. Get to know one another.

4.     Have a group party. Use a holiday for theme.  How about a Valentines Party in October?

5.     Design and make a family tree. Share it with others in your den.

6.     Design a family coat of arms. Have the Tiger include special areas of the family’s past.

7.     Conduct your own ‘Family’ activity.


Tiger Den Theme Activities –

Note from Commissioner Dave – Just because an item is listed here for Tigers, if you are a Wolf, Bear or Webelos Den Leader, and like it, DON’T HESITATE to use it.

Flying Saucer

Circle Ten Council

What You Need:

Two CDs for each boy (AOL Free CDs are great)


Cup Lid or Milk Cap

Construction Paper


Various Other Art Supplies

What You Do:

Glue the Two CDs together (so that only the shiny parts can be seen). Then paste the lid on so that it looks like the cabin of the flying saucer. Then let your boy's finish the design of the flying saucer anyway that they can. You can also use cardboard pieces or cardboard pizza bottoms to make the flying saucers.


The Class Solar System
Circle Ten Council

What You Need:

Styrofoam Balls


Various Other Art Supplies of Your Choice

What You Do:

Give each boy a Styrofoam Ball (10 in total, 9 planets plus the sun, if you have more boy's then that you can let some make stars, or moons). Let them design their own planet. When everyone is done you can put the solar system together.

My Airplane

Circle Ten Council

What You Need:

Paper Towel tube

Cardboard or poster board



Various Other Art Supplies of Your Choice

What You Do:

Cut a slit all the way through the paper towel roll. Cut out wings from the cardboard and stick them in the slit. Finally, let your children decorate and design their own airplane.

Coffee Can Galaxy

Circle Ten Council

Put black paper around the inside of a large coffee can, then put three marbles (or a ping-pong ball in a mixture of white paint and glue. Next using a spoon take the marbles out of the paint and glue and put them into the coffee can. Have one of your children shake and roll the can. Finally take the paper out and let your student put stars on the orbit path created by the marbles.

Time Capsule

Circle Ten Council

Cover a small shoebox with light colored paper and write your name in large letters on the top.  Now decorate the rest of it using markers, stickers, pictures, etc.  Ask your folks for pictures of yourself, artwork, canceled stamps, a grocery receipt, older coins, some "kid's meal" toys, etc. and include these in the box.  Replace the lid and seal the box with tape.  Don't open it for a long time - it's more fun when you open it years later!  Maybe you want to save it for your Cub Scout Graduation night or when you earn your Eagle in Boy Scouts!!

 Astronaut, Astronaut, Alien Game

Circle Ten Council

Play just like duck, duck, goose. When the boy says Alien the boy touched chases him around the circle. If tagged he becomes it.




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