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August Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 10, Issue 1
September Theme

Soaring to New Heights
Webelos Citizen and Communicator
  Tiger Cub Achivement #1




Airplane Toss Game

Viking Council

Each Cub Scout folds his own paper airplane from a sheet of paper. Let the boys have a few minutes to fly their planes to get used to their own. Then have contests, such as: Greatest distance flight, most accurate flight to airport (box), flight through hoops the greatest distance, staying airborne the longest, etc.  You can use the airplanes your Cubs made during the pre-opening or design new ones!


Astronaut Training Game

Viking Council

This game builds off the Pre-Opening Activity of the same name.  This is a good physical fitness relay. Two beanbags, two jump ropes and two rubber balls are needed. Divide the players into two teams. They stand behind starting line. At a turning line 15 feet away are a jump rope, beanbag and ball. On a signal, first player runs to turning line, takes jump rope, jumps 10 times, tosses bean bag in air 10 times and bounces ball on floor 10 times. He runs back to his team, touches next player who repeats the action. First team to finish is the winner.

 Number 5 Is Alive Game

Viking Council

Line Cubs in a straight line facing the goal, which is another line 30' away. All players close their eyes, holding their hands open behind them. The leader walks behind the players and secretly places a small object (a penny, button, or maybe a bolt) in the hand of one of them. The leader says, "Number 5 is alive!”   Everyone walks toward the goal. Number 5 tries not to let others know who he is. Then the leader says "Look out for Number 5" who then tries to tag as many players as he can before they get to the goal. When everyone is back, Number 5 becomes the leader.

Flying Saucer Escape

Southern NJ Council

Divide group into two teams. Have at least four Frisbees. Hang a hula-hoop on a tree limb or any place you have lots of room. Each boy is to have three tries to make the Frisbee pass through the time tunnel (hula hoop). The team to make all of their flying saucers go through the time tunnel is the winner.

Air Route

Circle Ten Council

All players are seated in a circle except one.  Each one is given the name of a city.  The player without a chair stands in the middle and calls, “All aboard for the plane from Oklahoma to Boston.”  The two players representing these cities must change seats.  The caller tries to get a seat during the scramble.  The player left without a seat is the caller.  The caller can call a city, which is not assigned to anyone, thus causing confusion and excitement.  (Note – compare this to Air Mail in the next column – just a little twist to the game, Cub Scouts helps even leaders use their imagination.  CD)


Air Mail

Santa Clara County Council

One person is blindfolded.  The others all take the names of cities around the world, except one player who is chosen as “postmaster” and has a list of all the selected cities.  The postmaster calls out, “The mail is going from London to New York,” naming two of the cities on the list.  The players whose cities were called must then fly to each other’s airports (i.e., exchange seats), while the blindfolded player tries to tag one as they move; if he succeeds, he trades places with the pilot.  Sometimes the postmaster calls out “general post” and all must change seats, with the player left standing getting the blindfold.

Airplane Blitz

Santa Clara County Council

Bring a stack of copier paper or scratch paper and let the kids make lots and lots of paper airplanes. Then you need some way to clearly divide the room in half. (The taller the divider the better.) A couch works, but even better was a rolling chalkboard. Put half the kids on each side of the divider. Put half the paper airplanes on each side of the divider. Explain that they can only throw ONE plane at a time and they must stop when the leader says "stop". Say "Go". They throw the airplanes over the divider as fast as they can. Planes are flying in both directions. Let them go about 3 minutes. Give them a ten second warning and then say "stop". Count the airplanes on each side of the divider. The team with the least number of planes wins. Repeat it a number of times, keeping track of the wins to get the champions.


Going To The Moon

Southern NJ Council

The leader says, "I: am (name) and I am going to the soar into space and I will take a _______and a ________.  Everyone then repeats the phrase, filling in his or her own names and objects. They are then told they may or may not go to the moon. The secret is the objects you choose must have the same first letters as your initials. For example, Bill Smith might take a balloon and a sack  Fred Jones might take firecrackers and jam,  But if Mike Thomas took a ball and a bat he could not go.


Soaring Into Space Race

Southern NJ Council

This is a simplified Space Derby Relay. Divide the den into teams. For each team, stretch a 15 foot length of string between chairs. Before tying to the second chair, insert a paper cone cup with the tip cut off onto the string.  Each boy on a team blows the cup the length of the string and returns it. Continue in relay fashion until all have raced.



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