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Baloo's Bugle


August Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 10, Issue 1
September Theme

Soaring to New Heights
Webelos Citizen and Communicator
  Tiger Cub Achivement #1



A Space Adventure

Heart of America Council

Only two parts in this one.  A good one to start he year! 

Divide the audience in half and instruct each half -

       SPACE say  "Way out there" (point ahead, moving finger from left to right)

       ASTRONAUTS  say "Onward and upward" (stand up and thrust arm toward sky

In the whole universe, there's an enormous place, which we all call as SPACE.  ASTRONAUTS spend many untold hours, Searching SPACE where mysteries unfold, They bring back dust and rocks galore. Each ASTRONAUT striving to always learn more. They circle around for days in SPACE, Keeping up a strenuous pace.  Our country explored SPACE and then soon, Our ASTRONAUTS landed on the moon. Oh what a thrill as we witnessed the sight, ASTRONAUTS raised our flag on that first moon flight. Right out there in outer SPACE, upon the moon stands our flag. It stands just where the ASTRONAUTS left it.  As a part in history they did play. One fact they discovered which wont please storywriters, is the moon is not made of green cheese. So remember when you see the Man-in-the-Moon in SPACE, ASTRONAUTS proved we can't eat him at noon. But now all of this is old, often ASTRONAUTS go and stay in SPACESPACE travel, here and there, is easily done almost without a care.


The Adventures Of Packman And The Cub

Circle Ten Council

Divide the room into four groups.  Assign each a sound.

ROCKETS Blast Off!


PACKMAN Battle Stations!


PACKMAN and his CUB SCOUT friends were working on a fishing elective.  They decided to go to Pluto and try their luck at ice fishing.  After filing their Interplanetary Tour Permit, they climbed in the ROCKET and set course through the ASTEROIDS and the dark reaches of space.  As they passed the moon, one of the CUB SCOUTS cut his finger.  PACKMAN and the CUB SCOUTS used their first-aid training to fix him up.

As the ROCKET drew near the ASTEROIDS, PACKMAN pointed Mars out to the CUB SCOUTS.  Suddenly, there was a loud crash!  An ASTEROID had hit a booster ROCKET.  PACKMAN bravely steered the ROCKET out of the ASTEROID belt and prepared the CUB SCOUTS for an emergency landing on Mars to fix the ROCKET.  PACKMAN could tell they could not go on to Pluto, so PACKMAN and the CUB SCOUTS went fishing in the canals of Mars and repaired the ROCKET.  So it was that PACKMAN and his CUB SCOUTS returned home with enough space carp for all of their families to eat.






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