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August Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 10, Issue 1
September Theme

Soaring to New Heights
Webelos Citizen and Communicator
  Tiger Cub Achivement #1




Flying Lesson

Santa Clara County Council


Scene:        Student pilot and instructor are on a dual night cross-country flight.  Instructor wants to test student on his night flying.

Instructor:            (Turns down the panel lights) OK, youíve just lost your lights, what are you going to do?

Student:     (Pulls out a flashlight) Iíd get out my flashlight.

Instructor:            The batteries are dead, now what are you going to do?

Student:     (Pulls out another flashlight) Iíd get out my other flashlight.

Instructor:            (Grabs the flashlight) The bulb is burned out on this one, now what?

Student:     (Pulls out a third flashlight) I use this flashlight.

Instructor:            (Instructor grabs this light too) ALL your flashlights are dead, now what?

Student:     I use this glow stick.

Instructor:            Sighhhhhhh, just fly the plane without any lights, OK?


Hiking On Venus

Circle Ten Council

Props:  A bundle rolled up to look like a tent.  Den Leader and 4 Cub Scouts.

Set Up: Den Leader leads the Cub Scouts onto the stage, turns around and stops.  Boys carrying the bundle place it near the front of the stage.  Other boys sit on the stage.

Leader:  Wow, hiking on Venus sure is hard work.  Letís camp here.  (Points to front of stage)  Boys, you need to stay away from the edge of that cliff.  Thereís a 10,000 foot drop and if you fall off the edge there is not a hospital for 50 million miles!  (Looks around puzzled)  Who has the pack with the food?  Bring it over here.

Cub 1:    It was too heavy for me to carry.  I left it on Earth.

Leader:  Earth??????  So now we have no food.  Who has the water?

Cub 2:    I DID have it.

Leader:  Where is it now?

Cub 2:    Itís back on Earth too.

Leader:  No food or water!  Well, at least we can have a campfire.  Who brought the matches?

Cub 3:    I forgot them back on the spaceship.

Leader:  (Getting mad)  No food, no water and no matches.  Iím almost afraid to ask, but who was supposed to bring the tent?

Cubs 4 & 5:  We brought it!  Itís right here.

Leader:  Well, at least someone brought something.  Okay pitch the tent.

Cubs 4 & 5:  But, but, butÖ


Scouts 4 & 5 look at each other, shrug their shoulders, pick up the tent and pitch it off the cliff (the front of the stage), then look over the edge.


No Rocket Scientist

Heart of America Council

Setting: Rocket pilot in cockpit on one side, Ground control with computer on other side.

Rocket Pilot:        Mayday! Mayday! Engine on fire. Mayday!

Ground Control: We read you. Hang in there. We're going to try and lock in on you with our computer.

Rocket Pilot: Well, hurry up! I can't hold on much longer. I'm surrounded by flames.

Ground Control: O.K. this is critical. Before you eject - - state your height and position.

Rocket Pilot: Oh, I'm about 5 foot 6 and I'm sitting down. Bye! (Pretends to push eject, jumps out of cockpit.)


Voyage Into Space

Southern NJ Council

Characters:          Navigator, four space travelers,  Stranger, Announcer.

Props: use space helmets and spaceship control panel. Set up the panel, along with other paraphernalia to represent the inside of a spaceship. The travelers wear sweatshirts and pants tucked inside boots of dark stockings. Space helmets are arranged on the floor and there are jackets or coats in readiness.

Announcer:          Tonight, through the use of a special crystal ball, we bring you a report of a great future moment in history - the first manned voyage to Mars. Inside the historic ship, departure time has come.  (Curtain opens on interior of space ship. Off stage, countdown is heard . . then a mighty swoosh. Travelers fall down . . gradually revive and get up.)

#1:      Well, at last we're off!

#2:      Think of it! The first manned voyage to Mars!

Navigator:             (goes to control panel) It's all up to me, now.

Announcer:          (after long pause) Time passes ... the ship prepares to land.

#4:      Millions of miles from home! (#2 looks out of window)

#1:      (speaking to #2) What do you see out there?

#2:      Looks like barren country, all right. Where's the map of Mars? There's something over there that looks like canals.

.#3:     Come on. Let's get our helmets and spacesuits. It's day now and the temperature is probably 200 degrees. (They don space helmets and jackets and start out door. #4 calls back to others)

#4:      Look at that creature out there!  It's jumping way into the air!

Navigator:             That's because there is no gravity here. We've always been told that creatures like that couldn't exist on Mars.

Announcer:          (after they exit and long pause) Time passes ... the men return.

#1:      (entering spaceship) Whew! Itís sure hot out there!

#2:      Those weighted boots worked well. It was easy to walk on the ground.

#3:      If you ask me, those designers overdid it.  I could hardly lift my feet.

#4:      Me too. They weighed a ton. Let's rest awhile before we go out again.

ALL    (there is a knock.  All look puzzled.) What ... was ... that?

Navigator:             Well, it can't be the wind. There's no atmosphere here. (He cautiously opens the door.- Stranger enters, dressed in rough clothing, cap and jacket. . speaks with heavy cockney accent.)

Stranger:              I say there ... you blokes in trouble?

#1:      How can you stand it out there without a space suit of helmet?

#2:      He must be a superior being from another planet.

#4:      Heavens, man. What are you doing on Mars?

Stranger:              I say, the eat must uv made ye balmy, guv'nor. This 'ere ain't Mars. Hit's the central plains of Australia.           Didn't ye see that bloomin' kangaroo jumpin' 'round out there? (Travelers faint)



Short Runway

Circle Ten Council

Cast: At least 3 Cubs (1 pilot, 1 co-pilot, narrator) and as many passengers as you want

Props:  Seats for pilot, co-pilot, passengers, and a compass

Setting:  Cubs sitting in an "airplane", passengers make sound effects

Narrator: We are on board a very low budget airline.

Pilot: Are we anywhere near the airport, co-pilot?

Co-pilot: (Peering out the window) I don't know...I see lights over there to the port.  That's likely it. Bring 'er around and have a look.

Pilot: (Lurching the plane hard to the left) Boy, I can't tell. I wish the company would buy us some instruments.

Co-pilot: (Pulling compass from pocket) Oh, I've got my trusty compass and the sun went down about 20 minutes ago, so we've got to be on course. (Excited!) Look, see that spot down there, that must be it!

Pilot: Okay, here we go. Give me 20 degrees flaps, I'm going in (Puts plane into a nose dive, sound effects)

Co-pilot: (Appropriate actions and sounds, acting panicky)

Pilot: QUICK, cut the engines, give me brakes. MORE BRAKES!

Both: (Sighs of relief) We're down, we made it!

Pilot: Boy, was that a short runway!

Co-pilot: (Looking right, then left) Yep, and wide too!! 




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