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July Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 9, Issue 12
August Theme

Circle the Wagons
Webelos Naturalist and Forester
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Cheers and Applauses

Heart of America Council

Horse applause: Gallop in place saying clippety clop.

Cowboy applause:  Raise hand in air as if waving hat, saying Whoopee!!

Santa Clara County Council

Cowboy Cheer: Put index finger in the air and make a circular motion as you say, "Yeehaw!"

Circle Ten Council

Pioneer Cheer:  Wagons ho!

Pony Express Cheer: Gallop in place and shout YIPEEE!

Covered Wagon Cheer: Divide the group into two. 

            One group shouts WESTWARD! And

            The other group shouts HO!

Jokes, Riddles and Run-ons

Viking Council

Boy 1:    When you are on a wagon train trip, how will you know when you are getting into wild country?

Boy 2:    When you see a sign: "Bear to the Right."

Heart of America Council

Smoke Signals

1st Cub -    Hey George, look over there, Smoke Signals.

2nd Cub -   Oh yes Mike, what do they say?

1st Cub -    Pretending to look through binoculars, says very slowly "Help..my...blankets ...on..fire"

2nd Cub -   (Look at 2nd Cub)"Help my blankets on fire?"

Heart of America Council

Tex:        My uncle can shoot a gun faster than any other man in the West.

                He can even shoot without removing the gun from his holster.

Rex;        What do they cal! your uncle?

Tex:        Toeless Joe.

Cowboy:             I broke three wild horses this morning.

Tenderfoot:           How careless of you!

Little Louie:     What do you use that rope for?

Cowboy:             I use it to catch cattle.

Little Louie:     What do you use for bait?

Cowboy AI:        Why are you wearing only one spur?

Cowboy Hal:      I figure that when one side of the horse starts running, the other side will follow.

Cowboy 1:          When I left the ranch I was a three-letter man

Cowboy 2:          You mean there were on three athletic: teams there?

Cowboy 1:          No, I sat on a hot branding iron.

Dude:         The flies sure are thick out here in the West.

Rancher:   You prefer your flies to be thin?

Cowhand:      Aren't you putting that saddle on backwards, sir?

Dude:             How can you say that! You don't even know which way I'm going,

Southern NJ Council

# 1:         Hey look at that bunch of cows

# 2:         Not a bunch, a herd

# 1:         Heard what?

# 2:         Herd of cows

# 1:         Sure I've heard of cows

# 2:         No, I mean a cow herd

# 1:         What do I can what a Cow heard!

Dave           Do you know how long Wild Appalachian Cows are milked?

Charlie      No

Dave           Same as short ones


Santa Clara County Council

Cub #1:      What is a twip?

Cub #2:      A twip is what a wabbit takes when he wides a twain.

Cub #1:      Why did the horse sneeze?

Cub #2:      Because it had a little colt.

Cub #1:      In what kind of home do the buffalo roam?

Cub #2:      A very dirty one.

Cub #1:      What is the saddest piece of clothing?

Cub #2:      Blue jeans.


Cowboy Phrases

Santa Clara County Council

Try adding these zippy cowboy phrases to your next conversation:

  • Above my huckleberry - Too hard for me to do
  • All horns and rattles - Someone who is very angry
  • Barkin' at the knot - Wasting your time, trying to do something useless
  • Doesn't use up all his kindlin' to make a fire - Someone who doesn't waste words on small talk
  • Don't go wakin' snakes - Don't make trouble
  • He's a featherheaded loco! - He's a crazy fool!
  • I'm busted! -I've spent all my money
  • I'm sick of prairie strawberries every day! - Not baked beans again!
  • Let's hit the trail - Time to get going!
  • Looks like a goose-drowner - It's going to rain cats and dogs
  • Mad as a peeled rattler - Very angry




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