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July Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 9, Issue 12
August Theme

Circle the Wagons
Webelos Naturalist and Forester
  Tiger Cub Activites



This Land of Mine

No Author cited in their Pow Wow Book

Santa Clara County Council

This is my land and I love it,

A country of lakes and of streams,

Of mountains and wind-swept prairies,

A land where the sunlight gleams.

It’s a land that was settled by heroes,

The venturesome, brave pioneers.

It stands as a symbol of freedom,

That will greater grow through the years.

This is the land that I cherish…

It stands as a guiding star…

For those who, tired and discouraged,

Have come here from countries afar.

It’s a land were the lowly and humble

Can dream and their dreams can come true,

Where we are proud of our starry emblem,

Of red and of white and of blue.

This is my land and I love it,

And wherever my thoughts may roam,

Always there comes that great feeling

Of pride that this is my home.

My grandfather once told me that there were two kinds of people: those who do the work and those who take the credit.  He told me to try to be in the first group, there was much less competition.
--Indira Ghandi

Roundtable Prayer

CS Roundtable leader’s Guide

As we work with our young cowpokes known as Cub Scouts, we pray that we can help leave a gentle brand on their hearts that will lead them to grow into responsible citizens of their homes and their communities.  Amen.

Cowboy’s Prayer

CS Program Helps

We give thanks that we have the strength to ride the trail each day, keeping safe on our way until we meet again.  Happy trails to everyone.  Amen.


 “Why I Love Her”

By John Wayne

Santa Clara County Council

If possible, play an instrumental version of “America the Beautiful” in the background.

You ask me why I love her?

Well, give me time and I’ll explain.

Have you ever seen a Kansas sunset or an Arizona rain?

Have you drifted on a bayou down Louisiana way?

Have you watched the cold fog drifting over San Francisco Bay?

Have you heard a bobwhite calling in the Carolina pines

Or heard the bellow of a diesel at the Appalachian mines?

Does the call of the Niagara thrill you when you hear her waters roar?

Do you look with awe and wonder at a Massachusetts shore

Where men who braved a hard new world first stepped on Plymouth Rock?

Do you think of them when you stroll along a New York City block?

Have you seen a snowflake drifting in the Rockies way up high?

Have you seen the sun come blazing down from a bright Nevada sky?

Do you hail to the Columbia as she rushes to the sea

Or bow your head at Gettysburg in our struggle to be free?

Have you seen the mighty Tetons or watched an eagle soar?

Have you seen the Mississippi roll along Missouri’s shore?

Have you felt a chill at Michigan when on a winter’s day,

her waters rage along the shore in thunderous display?

Does the word “Aloha” make you warm?

Do you stare in disbelief when you see the surf come roaring in

at Waimea reef?

From Alaska’s cold to the Everglades…from the Rio Grande to Maine…

My heart cries out, my pulse runs fast…The might of her domain.

You ask me why I love her?

I’ve a million reasons why…

My beautiful America…beneath God’s wide, wide sky!

"The coach will teach you how to score on the court, but education is how you score in life."
Jamie Gladden, Xavier University




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