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April Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 9, Issue 9
May Theme

Lights, Camera, Action



Even though the Tiger Cub program has seen many changes, it does not diminish the importance of crossing these fellows over from the Tiger level to Wolf Cub level.  We use a Pack Meeting Campfire to close out our “program year” (which doesn’t mean we don’t have a fun-filled summertime program).  At the campfire, we cross over all the boys to their next levels.  We use our crossover bridge (see February) and we give the boys’ their new books and neckerchiefs.  For the boys crossing into their second-year Webelos level, we have a special gift (like a multi-tool kit) and we give an appropriate explanation of how that tool ties into who they are as the senior members of the Pack.  There are many, many Tiger Graduation Ceremonies “out there,” so I have only captured a small sampling.

Family Graduation/Induction Ceremony
York Adams Area Council

Cubmaster: The family is one of the basic components of the Cub Scout program, Tonight; we are honoring a very special group of our pack family. We are graduating our Tiger Cubs into Cub Scouting. Will the Tigers and their families please come forward?

Tigers, it is your wish to become Cub Scouts? If so, answer, "I do."

Tigers: I do.

Cubmaster: Parents, do you wish your son to participate in pack activities, and do you understand that it is your responsibility, as parents, to help your son work on his rank and help make the pack grow?

Parents: We do.

Cubmaster: Now, Tigers, do you know the Cub Scout promise and sign? Please say the promise together now with me. (Boys will say promise with arms raised in the Cub Scout sign.)

Do you wish to follow Akela, grow in strength, citizenship, and develop your character in the right things? If so, say, "I do."

Tigers: I do.

Cubmaster: Will you help your pack grow  If so, answer "We will."

Tigers: We will,

Cubmaster: Since you have completed your Tiger Cub trail and shown your desire to become Cub Scouts, I now present you with your Tiger Cub patch, your Tiger Cub graduation certificate, and your Tiger Cub service star (one year star with orange backing.)

Congratulations! You are now officially a Cub Scout in Pack

Tiger Cub Graduation – The Trail To Cub Scouting
York Adams Area Council

Personnel: Cubmaster, Tiger Coordinator, Wolf Scout, Bear Scout, First Year Webelos Scout, Second Year Webelos Scout, Tigers and parents

Equipment: Each Tiger should wear his Blue Cub Scout shirt under his Tiger Cub shirt.

The parent with each Tiger Cub should have a Wolf neckerchief and slide. The Pack should have the Tiger Graduation patch and certificate for each Tiger Cub. Three candles on left –two orange, one black. Three candles on right - two blue, one gold. One white candle in the middle (This candle should be lit before the ceremony starts.) Pieces of orange, black, blue and gold construction paper cut out to be "paws". The paws should be placed in order and fairly close together and getting further apart and harder to follow as they continue. The paws should be taped to the floor so that the scouts will not slide on them. Each piece should have a word printed on it (in order) - Search, Discover, Share, Sign, Handshake, Salute, Motto,

Promise, Law, Bobcat, Wolf, Bear, Webelos, Arrow of Light.

Arrangement: In using this ceremony please use the designation that is appropriate to

All the Tiger Cubs in your pack, i.e., use of the word parent may/may not be appropriate, etc.

Cubmaster: Tonight we honor our Tiger Cubs. Will the Tiger Cubs and their Adult Partners please come forward?

Tiger Leader: For the past few months you and your family have explored all sorts of new and exciting things and places as Tiger Cubs. You have taken part in the Tiger Cub Motto and used it in your home, school and neighborhood.

This white candle (already lighted) represents the spirit of scouting, the ideals that you have begun to live this year.

(Light first Orange Candle) - You and your adult partner have searched out in your community new activities which have shown you how people work together and have fun together.

(Light Black Candle) - You and your adult partner have discovered that by doing things together with friends and family you feel a sense of being part of a great family, community and country.

(Light Second Orange Candle) - The things you have searched out and discovered have been shared with your family, friends and fellow Tiger Cubs, which let them learn about you and the things you saw and did.

Now it is time to move along the scouting trail. You will notice that you have already started on the trail. This part of the trail will be easy for you to pass. But there is much in front of you.

It is a trail that you will follow as you learn along with Akela. You will learn the Cub Scout Sign, Handshake, Salute, Motto, Promise, and Law. You will master the skills of a Bobcat, Wolf, Bear, and Webelos. And you will see the meaning of Cub Scouting with the Arrow of Light.

The trail is not an easy one. It will be easy to stumble. It will get more difficult as you go further on the trail. Do not expect to be able to be perfect on the trail tonight - it will take four years for you to gain the ability to follow the trail easily.

As you follow this trail in Cub Scouting you will experience new things much as you did as a Tiger Cub.

(Light first Blue Candle) - You will learn that about purity in living by following the Cub Scout Promise and the Law of the Pack (Light Gold Candle) - You will learn about the unknown, the fear and the doubts, and how the Cub Scout Motto will take these away.

(Light second Blue Candle) - You will learn knowledge, joy and confidence and how being a Cub Scout helps you to grow as a person.

You are now ready to continue on the trail of Cub Scouting. It is not a trail that you can or will follow alone. Your family will be at your side at all times throughout your scouting experience. Support will also come from all members of this Pack. You will notice that there are members of the Pack along the trail you will follow tonight. There are Wolf Cubs, Bear Cubs, Webelos Scouts, the Cubmaster and other adult leaders. These people are there to help you at every step of the way on the trail. They are there to welcome you to the Pack.

As you progress on the trail your family will help you grow into the uniform of Cub Scouting, which you will wear along the rest of the trail. Continue on along the trail, and ask those other Cub Scouts along the trail for help as you may need it - they will help you.

I ask that as your name is called that you and your family start on the trail. Please stop when the trail gets difficult. (This should be about the paw of salute or motto - Let the adult partners who will walk with the scouts know this ahead of time so they can stop their scout at this point and take their Tiger shirt off so they can continue on the trail in their blue Cub Scout shirt...)

You will be given help to prepare you to continue along the trail.

(As each Scout completes the trail....)

Cubmaster: (Scouts First Name), I would like to welcome you to the Pack. I am proud that you have completed your Tiger Cub experience and present you with this certificate and this patch that you can wear on your Cub Scout uniform to show this accomplishment. I welcome you to the Pack with the neckerchief of the Wolf Cub. Wear it as you continue on your Scouting trail.

(Adult partner will help the Cubmaster place the neckerchief around the Scout’s neck.)


Tiger Cub Many Moons Ago
York Adams Area Council

Many moons ago in a jungle far across the ocean, a small Man-Cub, lost and alone, crawled into the cave of a Wolf family. The wolves wanted to keep this small Man-Cub and rear him as one of their own, but they knew they must first have approval of the entire pack.

When the pack held their meeting at the council rock and the father Wolf asked permission to keep the Man-Cub, it was the Tiger, Shere Khan, who roared his disapproval. He didn't want to share with a Man-Cub. But the Bear, the panther, and all the wolves of the pack spoke in favor of this small Man-Cub, Mowgli; and he was allowed to enter the pack and learn the Law of the Pack.

Tonight, many moons later, the descendants of Shere Khan have learned the fun of sharing. Tonight we have a group of Tiger Cubs who have been working hard since last winter, earning the right to move up in the pack. They have been busy searching, discovering, and sharing new skills and experiences.

Who are these Tigers? Who will speak for these Tigers? Who will pronounce them worthy?

(One by one - parents introduce their sons and pronounce them worthy).

Cubmaster asks the pack: How says the pack? (Pack should roar approval.)

Cubmaster administer Cub Scout Promise to the boys, and Parents Promise to adults.

This lends itself to an outdoors ceremony, with a campfire; but it can be equally effective indoors in a darkened room with an artificial council fire, flashlights, etc. Leaders should be wearing Indian regalia.


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