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October 2002 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 9, Issue 3
November Theme

Kids Against Crime
Webelos Craftsman & Scientist
  Tiger Cub Achievement 3




Guess Who I Am
National Capital Area Council

The leader starts by saying, "I will answer 'yes' or 'no' to twenty questions while you try to find out who I am." This is a good den game that will also keep boys busy and quiet at the pack meeting. With the help of one leader for each den, leaders can decided who they will be, and the game can be conducted as a contest to see which den can guess who they are. Rotate leaders each time.


Clue-What's In The Bag
National Capital Area Council

On nine paper sacks, print one letter of the word "Cub Scouts". Place an object that begins with that letter in the appropriate sack. String up the sacks so they spell out the words "Cub Scouts".  The Scouts write down what they think is in each bag after they feel the objects (without looking at them). Give prizes to those who get the most correct answers.


Gathering Activity
Crossroads of America Council

Have a local police department bring in a display of DARE drug prevention materials. You can also bring in brochures on safety or rules/laws that are published for people to see or even take home if there are enough copies for everyone.

Name Tag
Crossroads of America Council

Cut out pieces of paper in the shape of an old western sheriff’s badge.


Child Identification Program
York Adams Area Council

Talk to the local police department to arrange a “child identification program” for a pre-opening.  This will probably take more time than the normal setup/pre-meeting time so you will have to plan ahead and schedule a longer “pre-opening period.”  Kits cost between $1.00 and $6.00, depending on where you get them.  The McGruff kits and Fingerprint America kits are about the least expensive I was able to find.  See the websites http://www.mcgruff-safe-kids.com and www.fingerprintamerica.com for more information on these kits.

Fingerprint Matching
York Adams Area Council

Have a number of the Pack and Den Leaders pre-make their fingerprints on separate sheets of paper that you can enlarge on a photocopier.  Have these “pictures” labeled with numbers and have them hanging around the meeting room.  Also have all of the leaders’ fingerprints with the leaders’ names on a single sheet that you copy and hand out to everyone.  Have people go to the different fingerprint pictures and try to identify which fingerprint belongs to which leader.



I Promise
National Capital Area Council

I promise to do my best at work or at play. I will follow the rules and never cheat, and will help other members of my team. I will always try to make my family, neighborhood, school, Pack, and friends proud of the things I do.


Spotlight the Boy
National Capital Area Council

The US Flag and a pack flag are carried to the front by the color guards. They face the audience. The lights are turned down and a Cub Scout stands in between the flags. A spotlight is turned on the setting. A good reader, reads the verse below.

He's just eight years old He's made of the following ingredients: Noise, energy, imagination, curiosity and hunger. He's the "cute little boy down the street", That "spoiled imp next door", or "My Son,"...depending on who you are. He's something to be kept fed, clothed, healthy, happy and out of trouble. But,He's something else, too.  He's tomorrow. He's the future we've been fighting for. He's part of the world's most important generation. Our generation must also win the peace.


Do Your Best
National Capital Area Council

D-Doing for others in need
O-One country, allegiance, and creed

Y-Yes, a response that we give
O-Oath, that we pledge to live
U-Under, one flag we all stand
R-Ready, to defend our great land

B-Beauty, we see it each day
E-Eagerness, we all should display
S-Service, and love toward others
T-Thankfulness for making us brothers


Standing Up To Crimes Opening:
Crossroads of America Council

Equipment: Wolf Book

Personnel: Six Cub Scouts

(The first boy holds the Wolf book and then passes it on to the next in line as the lines are read.)

1st Cub:                     As boys and their families joined Cub Scouts they learned the Cub Scout promise.

2nd Cub: When we say we'll do something, that is a promise ‑ we promise to do obey the law of the Pack.

3rd Cub: Then we promise to do our duty to God.

4th Cub: Then we promise to do our duty to our Country. This means we should do what we can for our country, be proud that we are Americans and obey the laws of the land.

5th Cub: Next we promise to help other people which means you should do things for others that would please them.

6th Cub: Lastly, we promise to obey our leaders and parents. All of this, we promise to do.

All: Please rise and join us in the Pledge of Allegiance.


Cub Crime Prevention Tips
York Adams Area Council

Cub #1: To help make things safer, we offer these tips,

On everything from school to going on trips.

Cub #2: Make sure that you know your full name and phone number,

So if you should need them you don’t stop and wonder.

Cub #3: Learn from your parents where you’re safe to go

That way if you’re walking, which way they will know.

Cub #4: Be alert in your neighborhood and note what you see

Tell an adult if you think “It didn’t look good to me.”

Cub #5: Don’t let your feelings get you in a fight,

Make friends or walk away whether you’re wrong or right.

Cub  #6: And finally, remember, put safety number one

So no one gets hurt and all will have fun.





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