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October 2002 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 9, Issue 3
November Theme

Kids Against Crime
Webelos Craftsman & Scientist
  Tiger Cub Achievement 3



Key to Cub Scouting (Bobcat Induction)
National Capital Area Council

Equipment – Oversized gold key cutout with "Scout Spirit" written on it, and an old key on a


Cubmaster:  We have with us tonight someone who has just joined the Cub Scout program.  Will _____ and his parents please come forward? The Cub Scout program will face you with many challenges. You will be required to attend weekly Den meetings and monthly Pack meetings. You will need to work with leaders and also at home with your parents. In order to achieve the highest rank in Cub Scouting, you must now set your sights on the Arrow of Light. Many times you may get discouraged because the trail seems steep and hard to climb. There is

a key to achieving each of the goals. The key to Cub Scouting. Do you know what the key is?

(Wait for answer of no and then produce the oversized key.)

Cubmaster:  The key to Scouting is "Scout Spirit". Scout Spirit includes teamwork. It includes fair play and good sportsmanship. It includes that "something special" that makes scouts want to be the best they can be at everything they do. This key will unlock the door of achievement. Remember, with this key to Scouting ‑ "Scout Spirit"‑ you can now step on the scouting trail. This small key is a reminder of the Key to Cub Scouting.

(Hang key around his neck.)

Cubmaster:  And that first step is awarded with the Bobcat rank.  I will present this award to your parents in token of the help they have given you. They may pin it on your uniform. (Do so.)


Worth of the Badge
National Capital Area Council

Equipment: Assayer's scales cut from scrap wood, "nuggets" made from gold-painted pebbles, badges to be awarded.

Personnel: Cubmaster, advancing Cub Scouts and their parents.

The Cubmaster calls forward all boys who have earned badges and arrow points, and their parents.

Cubmaster:  Let's see what these badges you Cub Scouts have earned are worth in gold.

Put all badges to be awarded in one pan on the scales, then balance it with "nuggets" in the other pan.

Cubmaster:  It didn't take much gold to balance the badges, did it? Does that mean that the badges aren't worth much? Yes and no.  Yes, because it's true that these badges are just small pieces of embroidered cloth. They don't cost much in money.  But that does not mean that they don't have great value. The badges represent the work you have all done to advance on the Cub Scouting trail and the help your parents have given you. That work, and the love and concern your parents have shown, are beyond price.  So it is a pleasure to present your awards tonight.

Present badges to parents to pin on son's uniform shirt.


Case Of The Advancement Clues
York Adams Area Council

Players:  Cubmaster or Awards Chairman is dressed as Surely Hummms.  Assistant is dressed as his/her faithful side-kick, Dr. What’s-it?.

Setting:  Hummms and Dr. What’s-it are in the study of Surely’s home.  Surely is playing the violin (or trying to) and Dr. What’s-it is looking over some clues (awards on old table) with a magnifying glass.

Announcer:  We join our ever-ready sleuth, Surely Hummms and his assistant, Dr. What’s-it in the study, where Hummms is trying to think through the case as Dr. What’s-it studies the clues.

Whats-It:  Surely, I really don’t think we’ll break this case, Hummms.  These clues are too hard.  There are signs of Tigers, Wolfs, Bears, and other, strange things—but they don’t seem to tie together.  What do you think, Hummms?

Hummms:  Hmmm… One clue at a time, my dear What’s-it.  The first clue: Tiger Beads (and/or Badges if they’ve earned any).  This means more than it seems, I can assure you.  It means that the Tiger Cubs have been busy—very busy.  Hmmm.  As I read it, the Tiger Cubs have been doing [list off Big Ideas] and are up for these beads.  

[Call up the Tigers and their partners to receive the Tiger Beads.  Award beads and let them return to their seats.]

Whats-It:  Well, that might explain the Tiger Beads, Hummms, but what about this clue?  “The Cubmaster, upon entering the [Pack Meeting Place] discovered XXX Bobcat badges.”  Figure that one out, my friend.

Hummms:  Hmmm… Again, my dear What’s-it, a clue left behind by some hardworking Cubs.  These Cubs have most undoubtedly learned their Cub Scout Promise, the Law of the Pack, and the Cub Scout Motto.  If you look closer, you will notice that they’ve also learned the Cub Scout handshake, salute, and sign.  I would even venture to say they’ve learned the meaning of Webelos (We’ll Be Loyal Scouts!).  And they are certainly finished working the activities with their parents from the Parent’s Guide.  So you see, What’s-it—there’s more than just the Tiger’s at work here—this is the work of the Bobcat.

[Call up the Bobcat recipients and their parents to receive the badges.  Have parents award the badges and let them return to their seats.]

Whats-It:  Okay, Hummms, you’ve out-thought me again.  But there are still so many clues and I still can’t make out the whole picture.  Tell me what you make of these Wolf badges.

Hummms:  Hmmm… That, too, What’s-it, is the work of some clever, hardworking Cubs.  Surely.  [Hummms stops and looks around as if someone were calling his name.J]  Yes?  Oh, where were we?  Hardworking Cubs.  According to the research I’ve been doing, What’s-it, the Wolf badge is the award given to those second grader Cubs who have completed 12 special achievements.  Ah-ha!  That’s it What’s-it!  Some Cubs have reached the rank of Wolf!

[Call up the Wolf recipients and their parents to receive the badges.  Have parents award the badges and let them return to their seats.]

Whats-It:  Okay, Hummms.  We’re about half through with the clues, but I still don’t see the end in sight.  The Cubmaster also found XXX Bear badges—bear faces on green backgrounds.  I dare say, what do you think of that one, Hummms?

Hummms:  Hmmm… Bear badges, you say.  Well, What’s-it, clearly another valuable clue to the efforts of our Cub Scouts.  If memory serves me right, the formula for the Bear rank is: 1 achievement from the religious theme + 3 achievements from the area of Country + 4 achievements from the Family section + 4 achievements from the category of Self.  It all adds up, What’s-it.  Some Cubs have earned the rank of Bear.

[Call up the Bear recipients and their parents to receive the badges.  Have parents award the badges and let them return to their seats.]

Whats-It:  We’re not home yet, Hummms.  You haven’t explained all of these smaller, shiny clues—they look like… like Activity Badges, they do!  What do you say to that Hummms?

Hummms:  Hmmm… What’s-it, you have to look at the obvious.  Obviously the Webelos Scouts have been busy as well.  If you look closely, you will probably find that there are several of the same kind in the bunch.  This means the Webelos Den has been working together to complete different projects.  What do we have?

[Call off Webelos Scouts and earned Activity Badges.  Hand out awards and have boys return to their seats.]

Whats-It:  By Jove, Hummms, we’ve almost solved the case!  But there is still another clue—and it’s more difficult than any of the others.  What can you tell me about this Webelos badge?  There were XXX found at the scene.

Hummms:  Hmmm… Break it down, What’s-it, break it down.  The whole picture is found in the pieces.  Webelos means “We’ll be loyal Scouts.”  Clearly the Webelos have been working on learning what it really means to be a Loyal Scout—a Loyal Boy Scout, no doubt!  They have completed the requirements to earn the rank of Webelos.

[Call up the Webelos recipients and their parents to receive the badges.  Have parents award the badges and let them return to their seats.]

Whats-It:  Well, Hummms.  You’ve analyzed each and every clue, but I still don’t know the answer.  What is the answer, Hummms?

Hummms:  Hmmm… Answer, What’s-it, answer?  What, my dear What’s-it, is the question?

Whats-It:  The question, Hummms, is this:  With all of the work they have done, the things they have learned, and the ranks they have earned, to what kind of school do they go, Hummms?

Hummms:  Elementary, my dear What’s-it, Elementary!

Training Recognition Ceremony
York Adams Area Council

This ceremony recognizes the Pack members who have taken the time to attend the Cub Scout Leader training and have earned the TRAINED patch. 

Pack Trainer (The new position): Tonight we need to take some time to recognize and thanks some very special people in our Pack family who, themselves, have taken the time to help make the Cub Scouting experience its best.  Every year, in the fall and spring, the Scout Council and Districts offer special training for new (and used) members of the Scouting community, with the goal of giving these leaders the tools they need to help Packs fulfill the objectives and purposes of Cub Scouting.  Over the past month(s), a number of our Pack members have given up their beautiful fall (or spring) Saturday mornings to attend the Basic Leader Training and through successful completion of the training are now recognized as officially “trained” members of the Boy Scouts of America.

Would the following people please come forward to be recognized?  (List of names of those who attended training since last recognizing training attendees.)

As newly trained members of Pack XX, you have the most recent and freshest information and ideas that will help guide and advance our Pack.  As the Pack Trainer, I would like to thank you on behalf of the entire Pack for taking the time to attend this training and for making yourselves available to the Pack and its Dens. 

[If the newly trained have not already been given their TRAINED patch, use the following.]  In recognition of your efforts, the Pack presents you with the TRAINED Scouter strip.  {Pack Trainer, Committee Chair, and Cubmaster thank them.]

Pack XX, I am honored to present to you the newly TRAINED leaders of our Pack.  [Lead round of applause.]


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