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October 2002 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 9, Issue 3
November Theme

Kids Against Crime
Webelos Craftsman & Scientist
  Tiger Cub Achievement 3



I Promise
National Capital Area Council

(One boy steps forward and recites each line of the Cub Scout Promise. Another boy recites the accompanying verse)

I promise:

An assurance I make, a pledge to do right. I keep it before me, a bright shining light.

To do my best:

I promise to try, then folks will believe in me.

To do my duty to God:

To God, the Creator, I'm sure you will agree. So let's keep it always, the Land of the Free.

To help other people:

If I am helpful, faithful, and just; then I'm deserving of everyone's trust.

And to obey the Law of the Pack:

A guide for each day, as we go on our way. And a good one to know, as we follow and grow.


National Capital Area Council

(Cubs hold up cards with slogans)

Cub #1: Do Your Best in everything you do on life's way.

Cub #2: Always Be Friendly to brighten other people's day.

Cub #3: Give Away Your Smiles for 'tis rewarding indeed.

Cub #4: Be Prepared to help others in their daily need.

Cub #5: Be Honest And Sincere towards others you meet.

Cub #6: Be Loyal And True a most commendable feat.

Cub #7: Count Your Blessings, being thankful each day for life's opportunities that come your way.

Cub #8: Good night to each and every one of you. May these thoughts stay with you your whole life through.


Three Important Things
National Capital Area Council

Personnel: 4 Cubs or all may be read by a Leader or Cubmaster

Equipment: Cub Scout badge, handbook and a candle.

Cub 1: To the sailor, three things were essential - a compass, a sextant, and a flag to tell which way the wind blew.

Cub 2: To Cub Scouts, these three things are important - (show items) a badge, a handbook, and a candle.

Cub 3: The badge tells who you are and where you are going, the handbook tells how to get where you are going, and the candle is a symbol of the light of Scouting.

Cub 4: It is a light that must be kept burning in the heart of every Scout.


Closing Ceremony
Crossroads of America Council

Crimes can be big or small, but we should all work to set the example so our youth decide to follow the laws of this great land. No matter weather we agree with the law or even when we see others doing everything they can to circumvent them, we are here in Scouting to learn to respect them. On your way home tonight, discuss the things you see that are there because of laws. Have a safe trip home and we will see you next month. Goodnight Scouts.


Do Your Part
York Adams Area Council

Cubmaster:  We’ve taken the time tonight to think about how each of us can do his or her part in helping to prevent crime.  We aren’t all police officers or other law enforcement agents, but we all have a responsibility to do what we can to help prevent crimes.  It all starts with each of us.  So as we say goodnight, let’s remember to “do your part.”

Crime Prevention
York Adams Area Council

Cubmaster/Leader: As we close down for the evening, let’s look back on some of the things we’ve learned as we’ve studied crime prevention:

Cub #1:  Crime prevention begins with you.

Cub #2:  In the small things you say and do.

Cub #3:  Don’t start a fight or bicker with others

Cub #4:  Tell what seems wrong to your fathers and mothers.

Cuv #5:  And if someone bothers you on any day

Cub #6:  It’s okay to scream out, “Hey you!  Stay away!




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