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September 2002 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 9, Issue 2
October Theme

It's a Jungle of Fun
Webelos Showman and Citizen
  Tiger Cub Achievement 2



Heart of America


HURRY, HURRY, HURRY, STEP RIGHT THIS WAY FOLKS ITS SHOWTIME'. Does that bring a flood of old memories back to you?  Most all boys have a generous chunk of ham in them and want nothing better than a chance to let it out.  The Showman activity badge gives them a chance to let out the hidden parts of their style.  It also allows them to express themselves musically by providing the entertainment for the pack meeting.

In most units the boy will also get to demonstrate two of these skills around the campfire.  The ham will have a chance to surface as his Patrol is called upon to give a skit and his singing talent, or lack of it, will take a back seat to his volume as the campfire fun continues.

This badge covers most of the field of entertainment and acquaints the boys with ways of putting on various shows or skits.  Making the props also can be used as part of the Craftsman badge.  Skits and some Costumes are covered elsewhere in this book so look them up and use the ideas presented which are usually proven and tested ideas.

There are three areas a Webelos can choose from to work on his Showman badge: puppetry, music, and drama.  There is an excellent section on puppetry in the Cub Scout Leader How-To Book.  Also check the Webelos Den Activities book and the Webelos Scout Book.

Drama: Putting on a play will let the boy's talents shine like stars.  The boys can write, direct, produce and even act in their own play.  The play can be a short skit or an elaborate one with props and scenery.  See the Webelos Scout Book for examples.

Music: How can a Scout have fun with music?  Well, if he plays an instrument at school, let him bring that instrument to a den or pack meeting to play for the group.  If you have several Webelos that play instruments let them form a band.  What is you don't have the luxury of store bought instruments?  Improvise!  Make you instruments form cardboard boxes, oatmeal boxes, rubber bands, tissue paper rollers, aluminum foil, rolled up pieces of tin, or just about anything; then let your boys have some fun.

While making instruments, your Scout can learn about music.  The Scouts can pretend that they are rock-and-roll singers.  Let them think up their own name and perform at the den meeting, or the pack meeting.  They can perform to recorded music and that way they don't have to really sing.

Puppets: Puppetry can offer a lot of fun for your boys.  Puppets can be made from just about anything.  Stage settings can be simple or elaborate.  For the shy boy, puppetry can be a means of expressing his talents while drawing attention to the puppet and away from himself.  This not only comforts the shy boys but affords them a chance to grow.


Attend a play.

Play Charades.

Take your entertainment to a home or hospital as a good turn.

Write a puppet play and wake the puppets act it out.

Assist with an advancement ceremony at your pack meeting.

Talk about sound effects and let the boys try some of them

Write a one-act play for pack meeting.

Make a puppet stage and use it for your puppet show.

Plan a family entertainment night - let the boys show off their talent to their parents.

Exhibit props used or built such as puppets, costumes, etc.

Demonstrate talent - musical, puppet show or skits.

Skits: writing a skit is not as hard as it may seem, though it does basically take some imagination.  A basic subject or plot, such as the some of the month, will get you started in the right direction.  Make tow skit fun for the Cub.  To avoid problems:

1.             Keep the Skit Simple - Don't expect boys at this age to understand complicated plots. 

2.             Keep It Short - (3-5 minutes).  A long, drawn-out skit will make the audience restless.

3.             Avoid memorization - Keep the dialogue to a minimum.  Have the boys speak slowly and loud.

4.             Use Simple Props - Props can be made from cardboard and signs can be put up to indicate scenery.  Costumes can be made by adding appropriate accessories to everyday clothes. 

5.   Let Every Boy Participate.

Here are some ideas for skits:

Act out a favorite story, song or poem

Jokes (from Boy's Life even?)

Fairy tales

Nursery rhymes

Indian legends

Trip to the moon by astronauts

Satirize commercials



Scrambled Words

These are all music terms or names of musical instruments.


1.             COFISUMLK--FOLK MUSIC

2.             RUDM--DRUM

3.             LECOL--CELLO

4.             NILOIV--VIOLIN

5.             LETUF--FLUTE

6.             CEVOI--VOICE

7.             TARUIG--GUITAR

8.             MICERULD--DULCIMER

9.             HATUPORA--AUTOHARP



More Games:

1. NEWSPAPER MAGIC...Announce that you can perform a strange feat.  You take an ordinary sheet of newspaper, lay it on the floor and have two people stand on it, facing each other.  Say they will be unable to see or touch each other.  Make you claim come true by laying the paper in the doorway, with the door closed.  One person stands on each side of the door.

2.  NAME THAT TUNE...Record the first line of about 15 different songs on a tape player.  The Webelos who can correctly name the most songs wins.

3. MUSICAL CHAIRS...Cub Scouts move around chairs as music is playing.  When the music stops, all must sit in a chair.  However, there is always one less chair than there are boys.  The boy not seated is out of the game.  This game can be done with partners holding hands and remove two chairs each turn.  This game can also be played without chairs by having the Cub Scouts sit on the ground when the music stops and having the last one down drop out.  To make it more interesting have them balance books on their heads and kneel when the music stops.  The last one down and anyone dropping his book is out.

MUSICAL NUMBERS...Cub Scouts form a ring, join hands and march around the room until the leader calls out a number.  The Cub Scouts must form smaller rings containing the same number as the one the leader called.  The leader (knowing the number of players) should call a number that will force some to be left out of the game.  The remaining players reform one circle again and continue until only two groups remain.


(Tune: "Polly Wolly Doodle")
Middle Tennessee Council

Oh, I worked real hard to be a We-be-lo;
Growing stronger; getting smarter everyday.
Gonna earn near every pin there is;
Growing stronger; getting smarter everyday!

Joining in; having fun;
I will always do my best!
'Cos I'm proud to be a We-be-lo;
We're a cut above the rest!

Oh, the Arrow of Light is my next goal;
Growing stronger; getting smarter everyday.
Then I'll move on to my Boy Scout troop;
Growing stronger; getting smarter everyday.



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