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September 2002 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 9, Issue 2
October Theme

It's a Jungle of Fun
Webelos Showman and Citizen
  Tiger Cub Achievement 2




The Citizen Activity Badge relates directly to developing responsible citizens, one of’ the prime purposes of Cub Scouting and the Boy Scouts of America.  This badge is one of the requirements for the Arrow of’ Light, in fact, the only required one. -

The Webelos Leader must plan carefully so that the boys get a feeling for the real meaning of citizenship without spending a lot of time in study.  One of the best ways to stress the meaning of citizenship is by practicing the good turn . Just how much importance does the Scout program attach to Citizenship?- One of the nine purposes of Cub Scouting is “developing habits and attitudes of’ good citizenship”.

-One of the three aims of Scouting is “Citizenship – used broadly this means the boys’ relationship to others”.’ - The one required Activity Badge for Arrow of Light Award is the Citizenship Badge.

- To become a Tenderfoot Scout, the boy must earn two skill awards and one merit badge.  All are optional except for the Citizenship Skill Award.

- To become a First Class Scout, the Scout must earn a total of 8 skill awards and 5 merit badges. Citizenship in the Community is one of the two required badges. - To become an Eagle Scout, the boy must earn a total of 24 merit badges.  Citizenship in the Community, in the Nation and in the World are three of the 10 required.  So for a boy on the road to Eagle Scout, the Citizen Activity badge is the most important step in his Webelos year.

One of the responsibilities of a good citizen is making the right decisions, boys of- Webelos age are beginning to make decisions which affect other people, and as they grow older, their decisions will become more important.  When they become Scouts and become-boy leaders, their decision-making will determine the success or failure of many an activity.

Some simple steps to take in making a decision are

1. See what the problem is.

2. Examine the facts.

3. Consider possible solutions.

4. Reach a conclusion.

5. Move towards action. Carry it out.

Den Activities

1. Discuss requirements of badge with Webelos. Decide on a good turn for the school, church or community and plan how to carry it out.  Perhaps the den will want to involve the whole pack in their good turn.

2. Make logbooks for Webelos to record their work.

3. Plan a special good turn for the next pack meeting, such as setting up chairs, ushering, cleanup, etc.

4. Visit a local government agency.  Find out how it works, what services it provides, how it affects you and your family.

5. A campaign against litter is a “must” for good citizenship.  Discuss how your den can carry on such a campaign - and do it.  This could include making posters for display, litter clean-up, making litter bags, collecting items for recycling.

6. Discuss the various organizations in the community which help people.  How are they financed and run? Do they use volunteer help?

7.  Attend a naturalization ceremony.

8.  Visit a city council meeting or school board meeting.

9.  Observe the voting process.

10.  Remind people to fly the flag.  Suggest the Webelos save their money to purchase a new flag for their home if needed.

11. Invite a new citizen to speak to your den on what becoming an American citizen means to him.

12.  Visit a court.  Ask the judge to speak to the Webelos about citizenship.  Acquaint them with the court procedure.

13. Visit police and/or fire department.

14. Discuss the difference between the rights and duties of a citizen.


Exerpts From The Athenian Oath

We will never bring disgrace on this, our city, by an act of dishonesty or cowardice,

We will revere and obey the City’s laws.

We will strive increasingly to quicken the public’s sense of civic duty.

Thus in all these ways we will transmit this city, better and more beautiful than it was transmitted us.

A Scout Always Leaves A Place Better Than He Found



Don’t forget that we have brought back the Internet Patch for Scouts, yes Cubs can earn this patch, as a temporary one.   http://usscouts.org/internetscoutpatch-earnit.asp








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