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Baloo's Bugle


September 2002 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 9, Issue 2
October Theme

It's a Jungle of Fun
Webelos Showman and Citizen
  Tiger Cub Achievement 2



Jungle Mix-Up
York Adams Area Council

Happens in the best of worlds so what do you expect in the jungle?  A bunch of the beasts have gotten mixed up and only the boys can get things back together again.  Make up signs using jungle animal names, but cut each name “in half.”  As people get to the meeting room, give each one a “half name” and the instructions to find their other (better?) half.  When the pair finally get together, they need to practice the animal sound associated with their species.  Later, during the meeting, set aside a jungle noise time to see just how jungle-like the group can make the place sound. 

What Am I
York Adams Area Council

This is a jungle animal matching game.  Download or otherwise come up with some pictures of different safari animals and mount them to hang around the meeting room—make sure to mark them for identification (e.g., 1, 2, 3, etc.).  Give people sheets of paper to try listing all of the animals they see.  Check on how many people were able to identify how many animals.  I bet the kids did better than the adults!

Safari Tactile Test
York Adams Area Council

The materials for this one may be tough to come by, but I think if you look around enough, you’ll find them.  Get miniatures of as many safari animals as you can (like those plastic “farm animal” sets, only safari animals).  Put each one into its own “blind box” with holes cut in to feel the animal.  Set these around the meeting room for people to try to feel out what the different animals are.

How Many Can You List
York Adams Area Council

Give out blank sheets of paper and ask each person to list as many jungle animals as they can.  Who can come up with the biggest list? 

Registration Activity
Crossroads of America

Welcome people and if it is a rainy day, a walk inside is a great way to have an icebreaker. Have people walk around the meeting room. Have them touch anything that is wood. You can also have them touch everything that is glass.

Before the meeting starts ask someone what was the most important thing they touched and why.


Name Tag
Crossroads of America

Have people put their name on a nametag in the shape of a banana


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