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September 2002 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 9, Issue 2
October Theme

It's a Jungle of Fun
Webelos Showman and Citizen
  Tiger Cub Achievement 2





Heart of America Council

Short Grand Howl: Have everyone form a circle around the person to whom the Grand Howl to be given. Ask each Scout to squat, make the two fingered Cub Scout sign with each hand, and touch the fingers of both hands to the floor, between his feet.  Then lead the boys in a long howl, Ahhkayyla!  Weeell dooo ou-u-r Best!  As they yell best, have them jump to their feet, raise their hands high above their heads and give the Cub Scout sign.

Applause stunts are a great way to recognize a person or a den for some accomplishment they have performed. Be sure before you start that everyone knows and understands what the applause stunt is and how to do it.

Applause stunts serve more than one purpose.  They not only provide recognition but they liven up the meeting.  They give both the boys and the parents a chance to move around and work off some steam, Applause stunts should work like a game.  Challenge the boys and parents to see if they can start together and finish together.  Strive for quality of performance in your applause stunts.


Heart of America Council

Ghost Applause: Wail like a ghost three times, Whooooo,

whooooo, whoooo!


The Letter E
Heart of America Council

Someone has advanced the opinion that the letter E is the most unfortunate character in the English alphabet, because it is always out of cash, forever in debt, never out of danger, in hell all the time, and has never been in Indiana or Ohio.

But we call his attention to the fact that E has doubled up in Wheeling and is never in war and always in peace.  It is the beginning of existence, the commencement of ease and the end of trouble.

Without it there would be no meat, no life, no heaven.  It is in the center of honesty, makes love perfect, and without it there would be no editors and no news.


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