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Baloo's Bugle

May 2002 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 8, Issue 10
June Theme

Critters, Cubs and Campfires
Webelos Traveler and Artist



Campfire Opening
York Adams Area Council

Cub Scouts of Pack ___. We are gathered here for our graduation campfire. This is a special occasion, a special tradition which has special memories! At the first Boy Scout camp, on Brownsea Island, Baden-Powell and the boys were winding down at the last campfire. Baden-Powell during the campfire told the boys that a campfire was a special time of fellowship, spirituality, and good fun. He told the boys that he wouldn't be around forever, and that to keep the spirit of this time alive, he invited them to take some of the campfire ashes, when they cooled, and to spread them on all the future campfires they would be at. This way the spirit of the first scout camp would live on forever.

To help start our campfire this evening I've brought with me ashes from last years campfire! These ashes contain the memories of that campfire and the fun we had. By adding them to our campfire this year we will build new memories of our campfire this year! I ask that all scouts take a few moments to think of the good times you've had in Cub Scouting!

(Have a moment of silence to let the boys reflect) I need your help in starting the campfire! Yell after me everything I say! (Hold the bag of ashes up and face each of the directions (N, E, S, W) and yell out the following to add mystery to the fire lighting.)

Leader faces to the north and says in a loud voice:
To the North we call... (All repeat each line)
Spirit Red

Thy Hunger must be fed
(Face to the East)
To the East we call…
Spirit Hot
Forget us not
(Face to the South)
To the South we call…
Spirit Gold
As the year grows old
Keep us from the cold
(Face to the West)
To the West we call…
Spirit White
In the darkness of the night
Be our shining light.

(Pour the ashes over the campfire. Use one of the many 'magic campfire' starts to ignite the campfire. If it takes a few seconds for the fire to ignite, have the boys chant 'Cub Scouts' loudly saying it is the Spirit of Scouting that lights our fire.) I now declare the campfire open!


Smokey The Bear Ceremony
Trapper Trail Council

Materials: Smokey the Bear posters, story on Smokey the Bear. These can be obtained at your nearest Forest Service Center.  Using parts of the

story, write parts for each boy on the back of some of the posters and have the boys give a shortened version of "Smokey the Bear".  Then say, "This could only happen in America, Let's pledge our Allegiance to Her."


Balloon Critter Ceremony
Trapper Trails Council

Personnel: 7 Cub Scouts Equipment: 7 balloon critters to be popped

Cub 1 Pop balloon critter and read: I (name) Pomise

Cub 2: Pop balloon critter and read: To do my Best

Cub 3: Pop balloon critter and read: To do my Duty to God

Cub 4: Pop balloon critter and read: And My Country

Cub 5: Pop balloon critter and read: To help other People and

Cub 6: Pop balloon critter and read: To Obey the Law of the Pack

Cub 7: "The Cub Scout Promise reminds us to be "The Best that we can be, to be Proud to be an American."


The Outdoor Code
Inland NW Council


As an American, I will do my best to:

Leader: One of my favorite hobbies is camping. As our opening today, I would like to read the Outdoor Code.


Cub #l: (carries a large trash bag and trash) Be Clean In My Outdoor Manners. I will treat the outdoors as a heritage to be improved for our greater enjoyment.  I will keep my trash and garbage out of, America s waters, fields, woods, and roadways.

Cub #2: (carries a Fire bucket and shovel) Be Careful With Fire. I will prevent wildfire.  I will build my fire in a safe place and be sure it is out before I leave.

Cub #3: (carries camera to "shoot" wildlife) Be Considerate In The Outdoors.  I will treat public and private property with respect.  I will remember that use of the outdoors is a privilege I can lose by abuse.

Cub #4: (carries a small tree) Be Conservation Minded. I will learn how to practice good conservation of soil, waters, forest, minerals, grasslands, and wildlife; and I will urge others to do the same.  I will use sportsmanlike methods in all my outdoor activities.

Leader: Let us keep this pledge in mind as we enjoy our day in the out of doors.  Please stand for the presentation of the colors.

A Fire Lighting Invocation
National Capital Area Council


This parody on “Hiawatha” may be changed to fit the name and location of the camp.  If your master of campfire can memorize this, it will be quite an impressive ceremony especially if it is accompanied by a trick method of lighting the fire.

On the shore of Old Lake…
By the bright shining water.
Stand the wigwams of our campers.


Dark behind it stands the forest,
Stand the chestnut, oak, and hemlock,
Stand the firs with cones upon them.


Many things they learn and do here:
How Wakonda, the Great Spirit,
Cares for all his faithful children,
Learn they of the stars in heaven.


Cares for all the forest people:
Of the birds that fly and nest here,
Learn the language of all creatures,
Call them friends whene’er we meet them.
Oh Great Spirit, there in heaven.


Send us flame to light our campfire
That we may for this be thankful:
Oh Great Spirit, this we ask thee,
Send us fire and we shall praise thee!


Following this invocation, possibly a staff member in Indian costume lights the fire.

Campfire Lighting Ceremony
National Capital Area Council

The pack is seated around an un-lit campfire.  A Webelos

leader enters with a lit torch or candle.

Cubmaster:  Who are you?

Webelos Leader: I am the Spirit of Scouting

Cubmaster: Why do you come?

Webelos Leader: To give light to those who need it.

Cubmaster: Will you give light to us?

Webelos Leader: If you are prepared to serve God and country, to help people, and to live by the  Cub Scout Promise and Law.

Cubmaster: We will do our best.

Webelos Leader: Then take your light from my light. (Kneels to light fire.)


Crossroads of America


Equipment: Four large candles and four muffin cups and a flashlight for the narrator.

Personnel: Four adults and a narrator.

Arrangement: All lights are out. All leaders stand in a line by the narrator.

Narrator: To a Cub Scout it can look so very black when there is no leader. Wait here is a leader (First leader lights their candle) to guide the way.


But there is so much to do other dens to lead and a committee too. (Second leader lights their candle.) Now there are two!

Here’s a committee member (third leader lights their candle) and a Cub Master too (fourth leader lights their candle.)

We started in the dark and now see the light. Just imagine the glare if all our leaders were here!

Please rise and join us in the pledge of Allegiance.

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