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Baloo's Bugle

May 2002 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 8, Issue 10
June Theme

Critters, Cubs and Campfires
Webelos Traveler and Artist



Den Ceremonies, Immediate Recognition
Trapper Trails Council

As a Cub Scout completes three achievements for Wolf or Bear, the Den Leader should make sure that a simple recognition ceremony is held in den meeting.  Use the Immediate Recognition Kit (No. 1804), which contains enough materials for a den of Cub Scout for two years.  This is a motivational device used to encourage each boy to complete the rank for his age.

Use a brief ceremony related to the monthly theme, or the one below.

Den Leader: We would like to tell you the story behind these wonderful beads.  The custom of awarding beads stated in the ancient tribe of the Webelos. They were given to braves who did their best to help the tribe and others.

Den Chief: Many moons ago, when wolves and bears ruled the animal world, the braves of the Webelos tribe feared these strong beasts.

Den Leader: But some braves named (names of boys being recognized), still untried, decided that the best way to live without fear was to learn to understand the creatures of the forest.

Den Chief: So they went, disguised as animals, to live with the wolves and bears. The animals accepted them and all their brothers and called them 'cubs', just as if the braves were their own.  This was according to the Law of the Pack.

Den Leader: For their bravery and friendliness to the beasts, they were given a leather thong with colored beads on it. It signified that he knew the ways of the tribe and did his best at everything without worrying if someone else did better. This is the law which the tribe borrowed from the animals and had the 'cubs' learn.

Den Chief: For doing your best in completing three achievements towards your (Wolf) (Bear) badge, I award you (names) this thong and this bead. May you always obey the Law of the Pack.


Mouse Trap Ceremony
Trapper Trails Council

Materials: Blindfold

This can be used with a few or many boys that are getting their awards. It signifies setting goals and achieving them, and it is one ceremony that the boys don't forget.

The goal can be the awards the boys are getting or anything else you wish. If a number of boys are getting awards, they should be placed in another room or out in the hallway with supervision. All the boys receiving the Wolf Badge (or Bear or Webelos) would be called into the Pack Meeting. For each boy, there should be a row of mousetraps, and at the end are his parents with his award. The Cubmaster explains that as the boys go through life working toward their goals, there are numerous obstacles in their way. Tonight they are to pick their way through the obstacles that lie between them and their award. They should have well in mind where these obstacles are so that they could find their way blind folded. Which is exactly what you do, and to make it even more exciting, you have them remove their shoes. (While this is taking place, someone replaces the mousetraps with pieces of wood of a similar size.  As the boys go through the course and touch a piece of wood, a trap is snapped at their elbow.)

This is very effective for an Arrow of Light Ceremony also. There is only one draw back- it can only every three years.

Cub Scout Shirt Ceremony
Trapper Trails Council


Make it just like their shirts, council patch, Pack numbers, etc. have their awards on the shirt.  Let the boys come up and "pick" their awards off.  This is also an easy way to show them just where badges should be.



Rank Candles (For Awards Ceremony, Outdoor Use)
Inland NW Council


Supplies needed: 4 wooden poles, 2" in diameter, cut 3—6 feet long.  1 Set of Advancement Stickers (large size), Scrap wood pieces, cut to sticker size, 2 x 2 blocks of wood, with holes for candles drilled inside, 4 Large Nails

Cubmaster: Tonight we light the candle in front of the Bobcat sign.  We have the following boys who have distinguished themselves by learning the Cub Scout Promise, Law, Motto and have earned their Bobcat Badge. Would the following Scouts and their parents please come forward? (Call names of Cub Scouts, present them with their Bobcat badges and parents' pins.)  Thank you and congratulations. 

Next, I will light the candle for the Wolf Sign. (Call names of Cub Scouts, and parents for each rank, Wolf, Bear and Webelos in turn).

As you can see, our Outdoors is brightened by the spirit of Cub Scouting. Let us all strive to bring a pleasant light to our surroundings by following the Cub Scout trail.


The Great White Hunter Ceremony
Trapper Trail Council

Personnel: Cubmaster, Wolf Den, new Bobcat and parents (Can also do this for Wolf and Bear.

Props: Extra large play gun made from cardboard.

Costumes: Hunting cap and/or hunting vest

Arrangement: Place Wolf den in front of room holding hands to make a pen to put the Bobcats and parent in. Award cards are attached to wide velvet ribbon collars.  Mother's pins are on a velvet yellow ribbon.

Cubmaster: I'm going to capture some wild critter (animals) and fill my pen up. (Picks up gun and goes into the audience runs around looking, ham it up. Goes to where the Bobcats or other Cubs are seated and takes them and their parents to the pen. Make it fun.) Repeat until you get all the Bobcats.

Now I've got all the Bobcats captured.  I think I'll put these Den Tracking collars on them, so we can keep track of their travels.  Places the collars on each Bobcat as he names each one.  This device is to remind you that on the Wolf trail the Pack will keep track of you and your advancements.  You may remove them when you have done a good deed.  Congratulations on your hard work.  Let Cubs out of pen.  Give them the Mother's Pin to present to their Moms.


Wally The Worm
Inland NW Council

Props:  Have an apple made of cardboard with several holes in it.  Have the awards in a box in the back.  Create a worm puppet for the central character living in the apple

Format:   Have Wally the Worm hiding in his apple and coax him out to tell everybody what kind of special things he has hiding in his apple.   Proceed through an advancement ceremony starting with Bobcat ranks as Wally shares his special treats (awards) with the recipients.


Butterfly Catching
Inland NW Council

Props: A large butterfly net, large enough to catch a Cub Scout size butterfly.  Have badges attached to colored, construction paper bugs that have been "mounted" on a collection board.

Format:  Cubmaster enters ready for a butterfly collecting expedition.  (Wear pith helmet, binoculars and the like). Spot and catch such rare breeds of butterflies such as the Tiger, Bobcat, Wolf, Bear, Webelos as well as the Gold Arrow and Silver Arrow tipped Monarchs.


Dimming Campfire
National Capital Area Council

Equipment:  Electric Campfire with dimmer switch, which Akela may operate unseen.  Start with it dim.

Akela.  Tonight we have gathered at the ceremonial campfire to hear an ancient tale.  It was once believed that a campfire had great magic.  Of course it cooks our food, lights our way and wards off wild animals, but the magic of this Pack Council Fire is that it can light up our future!  But only when we approach it after making a great accomplishment.

Will (Read Names) and their parent please stand by their chairs?  See how the fire burns only dimly when there are no advancing Scouts nearby?  Now please come forward and join me at the fire’s side.  See how it has begun to burn brighter now!

The fire tells us that you have completed all the requirements for your _____ rank.  You have worked hard to be worthy of this great honor, so the fire has given us a sign that you will continue to find great joy and success in Cub Scouting.  You will soon be on your way to earning the next rank in Scouting.  The fire tells us you will do so!

Please stand. I present this award to your parent to present to you.  Congratulation!  (Akela sits again so he can work the controls to dim the fire as Scouts leave.)  I now dismiss you to your seats, and watch the fire as you leave its side! (Repeat as many times as needed for awards.)


Painted Wolf Ceremony
Crossroads of America

Equipment: Black face paint, Wolf Badges, safety pins and parent’s pin, drum, and an Indian blanket with headdress if available for Akela.

Personnel: Cubmaster (Akela), Assistant Cubmaster and a Den leader to beat the drum.

Scene: Have the drummer begin a slow rhythmic beat. 

Akela: When a boy joins our Pack, he earns the Bobcat badge and moves up the trail to the Wolf badge. Tonight we honor the boys who have made this significant step towards the Arrow of Light. Would the following boys ____________ and their parents please step forward.

Baloo: Reads the names and has the people form a straight line.

Akela: Do each of you seek to wear the sign of the Wolf? If you do, please say yes.

Cubs: Yes.

Akela: Please recite after me, the Cub Scout Promise.

Cubs and Akela: I promise to do my best, to do my duty to God and my country, to help other people and to obey the law of the Pack.

Akela: I can see by your knowledge of the Cub Scout promise and the achievements you have done that you and your parents have worked hard. These achievements are very important, as they have given you a deeper appreciation of many things. Now you are ready to wear the sign of the Wolf.

The first toe of the Wolf paw is for your growth through feats of skill and having fun with your family. (Have Baloo paint a toe on the forehead of each boy.)

The second toe represents what you have learned about your home, community and country. (Have Baloo paint another toe on the forehead of each boy.)

The third toe represents the skills you have gained handling tools. (Have Baloo paint a third toe on the forehead of each boy.)

The fourth toe represents your new appreciation of conservation. (Have Baloo paint a fourth toe on the forehead of each boy.)

The pad represents your growth as a Scout and shows you are ready  for the  advancement trail. (Have Baloo paint a pad on the forehead of each boy.)

Baloo: Presents the advancement badge to the parent(s) to be given to the boy and the parent pins to the boy to be given to the parent(s).

Akela: Congratulations! To everyone for making this step a reality. Shake everyone’s hand and have them take their seats.

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