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Baloo's Bugle

October Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 8, Issue 3

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Webelos Craftsman & Scientist
 Tiger Cub Big Ideas 3 & 4







What's In A Cloud?
Greater St. Louis Area Council

Thjis activity will help you understand how clouds form and what is inside them.

Materials:  Two small clear plastic cups, flashlight (optional), magnifying lens

Fill one of your plastic cups 1/3 full of hot water.

Take the second plastic cup and place it upside down on the first cup.  Make sure the rims meet evenly and the cups are sealed.

Observe what is happening in the cups.  Turn the lights out and use a flashlight to observe your cloud.  You may also get a better view using a magnifying glass.

A cloud contains billions of tiny water or ice droplets that form around dust or salt.  Clouds form when water vapor (a gas) changes into liquid and warm or cold air meet.  In this activity, the warm moisture-saturated air in the bottom  of the cup moved upward and met the cooler air at the top of the cup.


Static Electricity
Greater St. Louis Area Council


This activity will create static charges from a variety of materials.

Materials: Rice Krispies, 2 balloons, paper plate wool cloth, pepper, salt.

Inflate one balloon, knot it, rub it on your heard or with a wool cloth, and try to stick it on a wall.  Observe what happens.

On your paper plate make a combined pile of salt and pepper.  Then, rub the already inflated balloon with the wool cloth and place it just above the salt and pepper.  Observe what happens.

Put 6-12 Rice Krispies inside the second balloon, inflate it, and knot it.  Then rub it with the wool cloth, touch one of your fingers to the balloon where the Rice Krispies are, and observe what happens.

Rubbing the balloon on your head or with a wool cloth creates a negative charge.  The wall which has a positive charge attracts the negatively charged balloon, allowing the balloon to stick to the wall.  The same thing occurs with the balloon and the pepper.  The Rice Krispies jump inside the balloon because the balloon has been given a negative charge from the wool cloth.  As your finger approaches the balloon it picks up a positive charge through magnetic induction just like the Rice Krispie and the two like charges repel each other.




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