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Baloo's Bugle

October Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 8, Issue 3

Hometown Heroes
Webelos Craftsman & Scientist
 Tiger Cub Big Ideas 3 & 4




Where is Mr. Turkey?

One player is the hunter and the others are helpers.  The hunter leaves the room.  The helpers hide a small toy turkey.  The hunter returns and starts to search for Mr. Turkey in the room.  The helpers gobble to give the hunter clues to Mr. Turkey’s hiding place.  If the hunter is not close, the helpers gobble more and more loudly until Mr. Turkey is found!


Pumpkin Roll

We did this game during Easter time using Styrofoam shaped Easter eggs.  This is a simple race but since pumpkins are not nice smooth balls and refuse to rull in a nice straight lines, you will need plenty of wandering room.  If you need to play inside, use small pumpkins.

You will need two large pumpkins and two sturdy sticks.  The racers line up on the starting line with the pumpkins turned on their sides.  On signal, the racers use the stick to roll the pumpkins to the finish line.  Younger players may want to use their hands instead of the stick..  Can also be played as a relay race.


Help Lead me Home
Simon Kenton Council


Supplies: Pencil and paper

Ask each of the boys to think about the walk from the den meeting place to their home.  Have them count the number of streetlights, bridges, trees, cross walks, fire hydrant, police stations, fire stations and neighbors houses them pass.  Have them write down as many as they can remember.


Know Your Neighborhood
Simon Kenton Council

Copy of quiz for each boy, pencils

My neighborhood has a_______________________ in case of fire (hydrant)

My neighborhood has a ______________________ house for safety (block)

There are _____________________ sidewalks in my neighborhood.

There are at least ________________ fences in my neighborhood.

There are _________________________ houses in my neighborhood.


Treasure Hunt Game
Simon Kenton Council

Supplies: pencil and paper

Have the boys make a list of things which can be seen in their town.  You might help by making suggestions like, large oak trees on main street, bridge, library. County office building, historical marker and city park.  After the boys have made their list take them on a 30 minute walk around town.


Our Town Heritage
Simon Kenton Council

Supplies: posters of well-known buildings and/or symbols in your town, pencil and paper

Number each poster.  Give each boy a pencil and paper, have the paper numbered (same numbers as there are posters).  Ask them to identify the posters and write the proper name by its corresponding number on the sheet of paper.


Discovery Game
Simon Kenton Council

Supplies: compass (have each boy bring his own), piece of paper for each boy (or den) with the name of their discovery.

The object of this game is for each boy (or den, if used as a Pack Meeting game) to "discover" a part of his town.  The discovery is simply a hidden piece of paper with the name of a building or landmark on it.  Directions are given by compass bearings and steps to find their building or landmark.  The den leader or Cubmaster begins by pointing North.  Each boy (or den) is given an envelope with instructions.  Example: "You are looking for the old rock house.  Go southeast until you come to the corner of the room.  Go north 7 steps. Look around the furniture you find there.  The boy (or den) might find a piece of paper there with "old rock house" on it or thev might find a piece of paper with new directions.  The boy (or den) which finds their building or landmark first wins.


Capture the Flag
Simon Kenton Council

Needed: 2 large (at least l foot square) cloth "flags" in different colors, one for

each team; a smaller flag for each team's player.  Pick 2 teams.  Designate outer boundaries of playing area.  Include a line to divide field in half, as well as small areas in each territory for "jail".  Each player receives a small flag in the teams color, which is tucked not tied) into the players belt.  Each team's large flag is hidden somewhere in the opponent's area.  The object of the game is be the first team to bring its flag "home".  Players must enter the other team's territory to look for their flag.  While they're looking their opponents can steal their small flags.  When a players flag is stolen, he goes to "jail" where his small flag is returned.  A player can free jailed teammates by sneaking into the jail area (without losing his small flag) and calling "jailbreak".  The game ends when a player finds the large flag and gets it back to his side without losing his small flag.


Crossing the Delaware
Simon Kenton Council


Needed: balloons

Give each player a balloon and have them blow it up and tie it.  When the contestants are ready, have them stand against the wall.  At the given signal, they are to cross the room, keeping the balloons in the air by hitting them only with their heads.  No hands are allowed.  The one who succeeds in crossing the room first with his balloon untouched except by his head, wins the game.


Hiking Game
Simon Kenton Council


While hiking, the leader stops and says, "I spot a ______________ to naming a familiar object.  Everyone who sees the object raises his hand, until everyone sees it.


Hello Neighbor
Simon Kenton Council


Have boys form a circle, pick some one to be '"it".   "It" walks counterclockwise around the circle.  "It" tags someone on the back and starts running.  The tagged person also starts running but clockwise. When the two of them meet while running around the circle, they must stop, shake hands and say "hello neighbor".  Then they must race to the open spot in the circle that was left open by the player that was tagged.  The first one to get in the open spot stays in the circle, and the one left out starts to walk counter clockwise and continues the game by tagging another player.




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