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Baloo's Bugle

October Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 8, Issue 3

Hometown Heroes
Webelos Craftsman & Scientist
 Tiger Cub Big Ideas 3 & 4




Smokey Bear (A true story)
Simon Kenton Council


Big Tree - I am so big!
Middle-Sized Tree - See my pretty leaves
Baby Tree - I'm just a bush
Camper - I love this beautiful forest
Fire - Crackle, crackle
Smokey - Only you can prevent forest fires
Babbling Brook - Assign one person, they get up and run through the group, babbling


One upon a time in a beautiful lush green forest, there stood three trees, the Big Tree, the Middle-Sized Tree and the Baby Tree.  A Babbling Brook coursed its way through the forest.  A Camper made a Fire for his breakfast without clearing the area for 10 feet and then went for a hike without making sure the Fire was dead out.  The Fire threw some sparks into some dried grass.  It started smoldering.  The Babbling Brook was not close enough to put out the sparks.  In a short time, the dry forest was ablaze.  The animals heard the sounds of the Fire. smelled the smoke, and tried to flee.  A bear cub couldn't see where his mother had gone so he did what she had taught him when there was danger.  He climbed the Big Tree.  The Fire roared by.  It burned up the Baby Tree and Middle-Sized Tree.  It singed the Big Tree with the bear cub clinging to the top.  After the Fire, a ranger found the bear cub still in the top of the Big Tree and got him down.  He was singed and scared.  The ranger healed his burns and raised him.  He called him Smokey.  He became the symbol to remind CAMPERS and hikers to be careful with FIRE and protect the Big Trees, the Middle-Sized Trees and the Baby Trees so we can enjoy the forest with the Babbling Brooks running through them.  Remember, "Only you can prevent forest fires!" the one who says that is Smokey Bear.


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