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Baloo's Bugle

September 2005 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 12, Issue 2
October 2005 Theme

Theme: To The Rescue
Webelos: Citizen & Showman
  Tiger Cub



Timucua District, North Florida Council

Fire Bucket Brigade Cheer:

Pretend to pass buckets of water, throw water on fire saying “SWWWOOOSSSHH.”

 Fire Engine Cheer:

Divide into four groups.

  1. Bell…   “ding, ding, ding.”
  2. Horn… “honk, honk, honk.”
  3. Siren… “rrr, rrr, rrr.”
  4. Clanger… “clang, clang, clang.”

Have everyone yell at once.

Fireman’s Applause:

Make sounds, “Crackle, crackle, pop” as you move your fingers over your head.

Then make a sound like a fire engine.

Grab your hose and spray on the fire and “hiss-s-s”

Say “The fire is out.”

San Gabriel, Long Beach Area, Verdugo Hills Councils

Firefighter Cheer: “WATER! WATER! WATER!”

Grand Howl Applause:

Cub Scouts form a circle around the person being honored.

Each Cub Scout in the circle squats, makes the two-fingered Cub Scout sign and touches the fingers of both hands to the ground, between his feet.

Then, like young wolves, the Cub Scouts raise their heads and give a long howl:

“Ah-h-kay-y-la! Wee-e’ll do-o-o ou-u-u-ur best!”

As the word “best’ is yelled,  very sharply, everyone jumps to his feet, raises his hands high above his head, and gives the Cub Scout sign.


San Gabriel, Long Beach Area, Verdugo Hills Councils

1st Cub:  "Hey look over there, smoke signals."

2nd Cub:         "Oh yes, what do they say?"

1st Cub:  (pretending to look away through binoculars says very slowly) "Help... My... Blanket’s... On... Fire.

1st Cub:  (looking back at 2nd Cub) "Help, my blanket’s on fire?"

1st Cub:   Who can hold up traffic with one hand?

2nd Cub:A policeman.

Greater St. Louis Area Council

Knock, Knock

Who’s There?

Ella Mann

Ella Mann, who?

Ella Mann-terry my dear Watson

  • Just by looking at them I can tell where you got your shoes
  • Where?

Cub #1    On your feet

  • Why is it that when you are looking for something it is always in the last place you look for it/
  • Because you stop looking when you find it!

Baltimore Area Council

Cub #1:  Did you hear about the kid that always wore two different colors of socks?

Cub #2:  Yeah, his mother told him to never touch matches!


Timucua District, North Florida Council

All the toilets at police HQ have been stolen.
                    Detectives say they have nothing to go on!

Did you hear about the girl who ran away with the circus?
                                 The police made her take it back!

 What wears a coat all winter and pants in summer?
                                                           A police dog!

 What does a desert doctor always carry?
                                                         A thirst aid kit.

Cub #1:Knock, Knock. 

Cub #2:Who's there? 

Cub #1:Police. 

Cub #2:Police who? 

Cub #1:Police let me in; I'm freezing out here!

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