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Baloo's Bugle

September 2005 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 12, Issue 2
October 2005 Theme

Theme: To The Rescue
Webelos: Citizen & Showman
  Tiger Cub



Greater St. Louis Area Council

The first Scout comes out walking around, he suddenly grabs his chest and falls to the ground.

Two other Scouts come in talking about just completing their first aid merit badge and find the scout on the ground.

They rush to his aid and begin C.P.R. Adjust the head, listen, feel for pulse then begin fake compressions.  The other Scout counts. 

After about 3 sets, the other Scout yells “SWITCH”.

Suddenly, the scout on the ground gets up, one of the other two scouts lies down, and they begin again to administer C.P.R.

Fire Safety Skit

Baltimore Area Council

Set Up:

This skit needs at least five boys.

Mr. James and Narrator wear suits or shirt and ties.

Hose Man carries a garden hose,

Ladder Man carries a chair,

Chief wears a fireman’s hat and raincoat.

Other props are a candle and matches, and an offstage siren. (One of the boys can make the siren noise, as boys seem to do this so well.)

Narrator:   Now, this evening, folks, we have Mr. James to talk to us on fire safety. Let’s welcome Mr. James. (Narrator begins applause, audience follows.)

Mr. James:Hello, ladies and gentlemen. This evening I would like to discuss the hazards of an unwatched open flame. I shall light this candle now as the first part of my demonstration.

(Mr. James lights candle. Just as he is about to open his mouth to begin his talk a siren goes off.)

Hose man:(enters shouting) Fire! Fire! Fire!

(Ladder man enters and sets up chair next to Mr. James. Others may also enter, adding to the excitement,

All Firemen(Shout) Chief! Chief! Chief! Fire! Fire! Fire!

Chief enters and climbs chair, he ceremoniously blows out the candle. All firemen run off stage

Narrator:   That concludes our fire safety demonstration. Thank you, Mr. James. (Shakes Mr. James’ hand.) I’m sure we’ll all remember that an unwatched open flame can cause a lot of trouble!

Narrator exits, Mr. James picks up candle and exits singing “Happy Birthday”.

The Firing Squad (“Fire!”)-

Greater St. Louis Area Council

A firing squad lines up with a prisoner.

The leader of the firing squad calls out “Ready…Aim…”
The prisoner shouts, “Tornado!”
The soldiers all run for cover and the prisoner escapes.

A second prisoner is brought out,
the leader calls out “Ready… Aim…” and
The prisoner shouts, “Landslide”,
The firing squad runs for cover and the prisoner escapes again.

Repeat this for other natural disasters (Hurricane!, Earthquake!, etc.)
Each time the prisoner escapes.

The last prisoner is brought out and having seen the other prisoners escape, decides to do the same thing except yells “FIRE” and the firing squad does.

Ghosts from Fireland

Greater St. Louis Area Council

You will need 7 Scouts dressed as ghosts in the graveyard.

GHOST 1: I smoked and smoked in my bed, and now you see that I am dead.

GHOST 2: My pop said frayed wires were Okay.  I became a spook without delay.

GHOST 3: I saved oily rags to use again.  No telling what I might have been.

GHOST 4: We thought the campfire was under control; I just climbed out of my six foot hole.

GHOST 5: While in a hurry the hot grease splattered; I didn’t know it really mattered.

GHOST 6: I played with matches, it was such fun, until I caught fire and began to run

GHOST 7: I filled with gas the lawn mower hot, so like the other, now I am not.

NARRATOR: As you ghosts can see, you had should have learned to practice better fire safety.

Why Are Fire Engines Red?

Greater St. Louis Area Council

You will need 7 Cub Scouts each with a picture of a fire engine to hold.

  • Why are fire engines red? Well. Roses are red too.
  • And two and two are four. Four and eight are twelve.
  • There are twelve inches in a ruler. Now Queen Mary was a ruler.
  • Queen Mary was also a ship. Ships sail on the sea.
  • Fish swim in the sea. Fish have fins.
  • The Finns fought the Russians. The Russians were red.
  • Fire engines are always rushin’.  And that’s why fire engines are red.

Doctor! Doctor!

San Gabriel, Long Beach Area, Verdugo Hills Councils

The secret to success with this series of quickies is to keep them moving along. You can have one doctor and different patients, but it may add greater rush and flurry if a different doctor and patient fly in and out for each quickie.

Cub #1:  Doctor! Doctor! I feel like a set of drapes.
Doc:       Pull yourself together!

Cub #2:  Doctor! Doctor! Am I going to die?
Doc:        That's the last thing you'll do.

Cub #3:  Doctor! Doctor! Everyone keeps ignoring me.
Doc:        Next!

Cub #4:  Doctor! Doctor! My back feels like a deck of cards!

Doc:        I'll deal with you later.

Cub #4:  Doctor! Doctor! What's wrong with me?
Doc:        Have you had this before?
Cub #4:  Yes.
Doc:        Well, you've got it again!

Doc:        You'll live to be 80.
Cub #5:  I am 80.
Doc:        See!

Cub #6:  Doctor! Doctor! I've got insomnia.
Doc:        Don't lose any sleep over it!

Cub #7:  Doctor! Doctor! My boy swallowed a pen!

Doc:        Well, bring him to my office as soon as you can.

Cub #7:  What should I do in the meantime?
Doc:        Use a pencil.

Doctor's Office

San Gabriel, Long Beach Area, Verdugo Hills Councils

First patient comes in hiccupping and asks to see the doctor. The second patient comes in cross-eyed, with a silly look on his face.

The third person can't control his muscles and is all jittery. They are all asked to sit down.

The first person is asked to go in. There is a real commotion and the patient comes out fine. The same thing happens to the second and third patients. The nurse tells the doctor it is time to go home. The doctor emerges with the symptoms of all his patients and goes offstage.

Trick Or Treat

Baltimore Area Council

Cub Scouts and leaders take turns and draw parts of the picture and say their lines.

Materials: large poster, crayon, or marking pen.

Helpful Hint: Draw the finished picture lightly in pencil. The participants can see where to draw their lines, but the audience won’t be able to.

  • (Draws first line) Two little ghosts passed down the street.
  • (Adds upper tooth) Stopped at this house for trick or treat,
  • (Adds a line)Then walked on to another door.
  • (Adds a tooth and a line) Got candy, and went for more.
  • (starts line back, no picture) They turned around and started back.
  • (adds first bottom tooth) And stopped again to fill their sack.
  • (adds second bottom tooth) They went to one last house right here.
  • (connects bottom line to top) Then hurried on, for home was near.
  • (Adds three triangles)They hadn’t noticed in the sky, 
    that witches’ hats were blowing by.
  • (Draws circle around everything) Or seen the moon so round and bright,
    that shone above to light the night.
  • (Put stem on pumpkin) But most of all they hadn’t seen,
    this pumpkin face for Halloween.
    A stem right here, and then he’s done!
    (A Jack-o-lantern’s lots of fun.)

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