New Unit Organizer and Lifesaver Award


This virtual award is presented by the U.S. Scouting Service Project to the following named Scouters for helping to deliver the promise of Scouting by starting a new Scouting unit or by rescuing a Scouting unit that was in danger of folding.

(S) = started. (R) = rescued.
Scouter's NameCouncilDistrictUnit Started
or Rescued
Charles Vain, Jr.
Diane Miller
Thomas Ott
John Miller
Fred and Judy Trabbold
Ed O'Neill
Chester County Council Horseshoe Trail District Troop 23 (R)
Diane Miller
Charles Vain, Jr.
Janice Kelsey
Dick Patton
Chester County Council Horseshoe Trail District Troop 56 (S)
Diane Miller
Charles Vain, Jr.
John Miller
Steve Scheidt
Liz Cetroni
Chester County Council Horseshoe Trail District Troop 241 (S)
Dan DiSarro
Vickie Santillana-DiSarro
Sue Hayashi
Tom Johns
Mary Jonas
Judie Poirier
Debbie Baker-Robinson
South Florida Council Miccosukee District Pack 442 (R)
Don and Kathy Felch Four Lakes Council Yahara District Pack 243 (S)
Jeff Boothby
Debbie Boothby
Sue Lytle
Joy North
Ginny Gates
Dan Beard Council U.S. Grant District Troop 926 (S)
Anthony Tucci
Greg McAffe
Mike Bob
Lisa McCullough
Chris McAffe
Dave Flaherty
John Selkirk
Hawk Mountain Council Frontier District Pack 555 (S)
Kevin French Monmouth Council Twin Lights District Troop 65 (S)
Sara Wilson Alamo Area Council Keystone District Pack 911 (R)
Geoffrey Scheid Longhorn Council Cross Timbers District Troop 2000 (S)
Geoffrey Scheid Longhorn Council Cross Timbers District Pack 2000 (S)
Chris Fisher
Glenn Patton
David Spain
Kathy Spain
Linda Fisher
Ken Leonard
B.J. Carew
J.W. Hill
Carl Hill
Terry Hill
Kathleen Patton
Gina Ross
Dana Mott.
Tidewater Council PAVAB District Crew 496 (S)
Ken Leonard
Linda Fisher
B.J. Carew
Kathy Spain
David Spain
Dana Mott
Chris Fisher
Lisa Leonard
Gina Ross
Tidewater Council PAVAB District Pack 496 (S)
Judy Hewitt
Thomas Kramer
Shirley Guyer
Kelly Kramer
Dennis O'Neil
Jim Spath
Baltimore Area Council Chesapeake District Troop 350 (R)
Steve Olvera,Cubmaster
Pam Hinshaw, Committee Chairperson
Dan Bohl, Cubmaster
Michael Glassman, Committee Chairperson
Shannon Peer, District Executive
Denver Area Council Centennial District Pack 914 (S)
Pam Billings Detroit Area Council Michigami District Pack 1466 (R)
Kimberly Underwood
Phillip R. Underwood
Great Rivers Council Lake District Troop 229 (S)
Sharon Stroup
Kathy Camper
Denise Kimball
Dawn Morris
Linda Harrison
Jim Harrison
Ron Stroup
Colonial Virginia Council Crew 306 (S)
Joe Wujek, SM
Jay Hall, CC
JohnTroe, Treas.
Jeff Gilbert, COR and ASM
Doug Loupee, ASM
Brian Eaton, ASM
Tom Aston, ASM
Larry Svoboda, ASM
Scott Mengel, ASM
Ryan Collins, ASM
Kevin Novotny, ASM
Denver Area Council Timberline District Troop 2001 (S)
Michael L. Opitz Chicago Area Council Arrowhead District Troop 612 (R)
Robert Carswell, SA
Bill Elliott, AA
David Caron, CC
Darlene Reynolds, CM
Central Georgia Council Big Indian Creek District Crew 566 (S)
Jared A. Olschewski Trapper Trails Council Bird Haven Districts Pack 517 (S)
Jared A. Olschewski Trapper Trails Council Bird Haven Districts Troop 517 (S)
John Hoffman Desert Pacific Council Santa Margarita District Troop 744 (S)
Jeff Peck
Amy Peck
Trans-Atlantic Council Barbarrosa District Pack 99 (R)
Jeffrey E. Himler Simon Kenton Council North Star District Pack 355 (S)
Roger Wessell Simon Kenton Council North Star District Troop 119 (S)

To add a name to this virtual plaque recognizing the efforts of dedicated Scouters to give youth the opportunity to enjoy Scouting send an e-mail to the webmaster with the following information:

  • Scouter's Name
  • Council Name
  • District Name
  • Type of Unit - Pack, Troop, Crew, etc.
  • Unit Number
  • Whether the unit was newly started or rescued

It's okay to nominate yourself too! We are always happy to add names to this online recognition award plaque.

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