New Unit Organizer and Lifesaver Award


This virtual award is presented by the U.S. Scouting Service Project to the following named Scouters for helping to deliver the promise of Scouting by starting a new Scouting unit or by rescuing a Scouting unit that was in danger of folding.

(S) = started. (R) = rescued.
Scouter's NameCouncilDistrictUnit Started
or Rescued
Mike Horn Old North State Council Alamance District Troop 167 (R)
Mike Horn Old North State Council Alamance District Pack 167 (S)
SM David McMasters
SA David Stagon
Greater Pittsburgh Council Tecumsa District Troop 143 (S)
Tom Reitz Atlanta Area Council North Fulton District Ship 2000 (S)
Erik C. Maynard (CA)
Roy Kamisugi (DE)
Mt. Baker Council Tillikum District Crew 338 (S)
Steve Johnson
Roy Kamisugi (DE)
Mt. Baker Council Tillikum District Troop 606 (S)
Peter Errico Orange County Council Rancho Del Mar District Pack 302 (R)
Dave Leahy
Karen Leahy
Michelle Klabunde
Lori Winkler
Mid-America Council Fontenelle (now Soaring Eagle) District Pack 3 (R)
Bob Simerly (CM)
Ken House (CC)
Ore-Ida Council Meridian District Pack 167 (S)
John Snowberger
Ronnie Snowberger
Katie Snowberger
Central Florida Council Lake District Pack 19 (S)
John Snowberger
Ronnie Snowberger
Katie Snowberger
Central Florida Council Lake District Troop 19 (R)
Vicki Knight Greater St. Louis Area Council Egyptian District Pack 181 (S)
Ron Waskiewicz CM
April Harrington CC
Anne Torak UC
Jim Resila WDL
Ken Cross ACM
Dave Reger MC
John Papp MC
Twin Rivers Council Schenectady District Pack 10 (R)
John Papp SM
Ansell Alberga ASM
Mark Nadeau CC
Tom Machia MC
Twin Rivers Council Schenectady District Troop 357 (R)
Mike O'Day Keystone Area Council Union Canal District Pack 47 (R)
Larry Savoy
Matthew Savoy
Longhorn Council Cross Timbers District Troop 2001 (S)
Bruce Dull
Don Lotz
Tom Bracken
Baltimore Area Council Dulaney District Pack 701 (S)
David Allen Lowe A
Anthony Wilson CC
Detroit Area Council Huron District Crew 825 (S)
Tommy McRee
Brad Case
Chickasaw Council Malmaison District Troop 4018 (R)
Victor L'Heureux
Richard May
Northwest Suburban Council Signal Hill District Troop 93 (S)
MAJ Scott Burgess
Bill McMillin
Judy Bowers
Debra Sweepe
Lauri Nicholson
Jod Nicholson
Jeanette Thompson
Eddy Castro
Monique Young
Paula Hall
Janet McConnell
Pat Fitzgerald
Grand Canyon Council Old Capitol District Pack 10 (S)
Robert F. Hickey Baltimore Area Council Harford District Troop 1234 (S)
Joseph "Pepper" Smyth Piedmont Council Table Rock District Pack 220 (R)
James "Jack" W. Sandoz, Jr. SM
Lisa Sandoz ASM
Kyle DeGough ASM
Patrick Brown MC
West Los Angeles County Council Balboa Oaks District Troop 007 (S)
Cap Cornwell
Bill Haight
Debbie Weld
Jim Chamberlin
Amanda Pantone
Terri Zamora
Winston Davis
Fred Drexler
Steve Gurney
Gulfstream Council Tradewinds District Troop 120 (S)
Patrick Scott Milwaukee County Council Heart of Milwaukee District Pack 452 (R)
Ted Beblowski A
Laurel Riker AA
Diane Beblowski CC
Twin Rivers Council Mahikan District Crew 477 (R)
Cindy Sanders Gamehaven Council Wakpaota District Crew 69 (S)
Kent Davis SM
Dave Perez ASM
Pat Fitzgerald ASM
Sue Davis CC
Calumet Council Ashkum District Troop 111 (S)
John Johnson
Doris Johnson
Randal Caruthers
Jim Lockwood
Grand Canyon Council San Tan District Pack 584 (S)
Randal Caruthers
Jerry Scott
Beth Scott
Michael McCrite
Grand Canyon Council San Tan District Troop 58 (S)
Jerry Galloway IH
Jim Clark COR
Mario Garza CC
Brad Andrews SM
Dan Richardson MC
Sharyl Richardson MC
Roland Nunez MC
Sarah Nunez MC
Longhorn Council Trailblazer District Troop 205 (S)
Zacharias G. Petrou Greater New York Councils - Bronx Eastern District Crew 1 (S)
Zacharias G. Petrou Greater New York Councils - Bronx Eastern District Troop 211 (R)
Zacharias G. Petrou Greater New York Councils - Bronx Eastern District Troop 550 (R)
Lawrence Weimer SM
John Alonzo ASM
Larry Slimick ASM
Rob Wolford ASM
Jimmy Roach ASM
Dave Geoffrion ASM
Marypat Geoffrion CC
Eva Alonzo MC
Penny Fullmer MC.
Nancy Weimer MC
James Johnson MC
Central Florida Council West Orange District Troop 120 (S)
Walter Cook SM Twin Rivers Council Mahikan District Troop 13 (S)
Eric Heidel SM
Howard Russell CC
Allen Craig ASM
Brent Lane MC
Great Smoky Mountain Council Chehote(now Echota) District 23 (R)
Hank Heine SM
Suzanne Lisiewski CC
Rod Bidinger ASM
David McNabb ASM
Ed Bishop CM
Lou DiStefano CM
Mark Ehrenreich CM
Leslie Martineau CM
Doug Tolley CM
Baltimore Area Council National Pike District Troop 851 (S)
Bobbi Jean Davis A
Ruthie Fontenot-Prince AA
Bonnie Duncan AA
Karen Round CC
Chuck Reuwsaat COR
Black Hills Area Council Penjahame District Crew 131 (S)
Al Metz Great Sauk Trail Council Washtenong District Troop 50 (S)
David Tschanz Direct Service Council Arab District Crew 253 (S)
Bob Simerly CM
Dorothy Johnson MC
Cascade-Pacific Council Santiam District Pack 3 (R)
Paul Holmes SM
Tim Robinson CC
Cliff Cray UC
Daniel Webster Council Historic District Troop 268 (S)
Cliff Cray UC
Stacey Bellen A
Daniel Webster Council Historic District Crew 136 (S)
Gloria Lariviere UC Daniel Webster Council Historic District Pack 377 (R)
Gary Dolan A
Dennis Driscoll CC
Kathleen Dolan
Paula Marden
Lee Riblett
Barry Bisnett
Leslie Bisnett.
Daniel Webster Council Historic District Crew 2000 (S)
Bill Maloney
Kris Bridges
Frank Ray
Bill Scott
Bob Lyons
Old Colony Council. Squanto District Pack 29 (R)
Terry Amidon Gerald R. Ford Council Apollo District Pack 3180 (S)
Barry Goldman
Mike Sweeney
Northern New Jersey Council Tantaqua District Troop 1181 (R)
Mark Gillis SM Pee Dee Area Council Chicora District Troop 857 (R)
H. L. Leverett
Cyndy Leverett
Amy Morris
Holly Pennington
Danny Babin
Rev. Johnson
Three Rivers Council Buffalo District Pack 287 (S)
Doug Barnett Oregon Trail Council Applegate District Pack 52 (R)
Mike Porter
Chris McCullough
Jim Stenger
Oregon Trail Council Applegate District Troop 52 (R)
Lorraine Eschert COR
Albert Hite CC
Patricia Lee MC
John Lee MC
Kymberly Dibernardo MC
Peggy Geist MC
Fr. Paul Castellani MC
Albert H. Eschert Sr. SM
John Dibernardo ASM
Thomas Geist ASM
Cradle Of Liberty Council Delaware District Troop 484 (S)
Kip Davidson CM
Merrin Davidson CC
Santa Clara County Council Gavilan District Pack 789 (S)
Mike McNiff
Sean Burke
Peter Riggs
East Carolina Council Croatan Trails District Troop 572 (S)
Joe Palermo Suffolk County Council Sagtikos District Crew 598 (S)
Jeffery R. Miller London Bridge District Troop 771 (S)
Richard Mathews Detroit Area Council Metro West District Pack 112 (R)
Geary Woods Sequoia Council Kings River District Pack 478 (S)
Troop 478 (S)
Joe Schapker
Jim Voelker
Bill Brenner
Dave Brenner
Rev. Ray Brenner
Denise Dejean
Dave Anson
Emily Stewart
Buffalo Trace Council Native Trails District Pack 389 (S)
Kathy Willemyns
David S. Polugar
Pikes Peak Council Frontier District Troop 2000 (S)
Captian William Heuck Pikes Peak Council Jamboree District Crew 10 (S)
Kenneth Wolfslau Sr.
Nick (Top) Yost
Los Padres Council Del Norte District Name - Crew 123 (S)
David Brantley
Taymour El-Hosseiny
Amgad Saled
Simon Kenton Council Buckeye District Pack 420 (S)
Tom Cintron -SM
Vince Lipinski -ASM
Mike Seuferer -ASM
John McDougall -ASM
Mt.Diablo Silverado Council Herms District Troop 19 (R)
James "Jay" H. Cash SM Circle Ten Council Arrowhead District Troop 406 (S)
James "Jay" H. Cash MC
Julie Frizzell CC
Omar Salinas CM
Chris Givens MC
Circle Ten Council Arrowhead District Pack 406 (S)
James Walden Bluegrass Council Mountain Laurel District Pack 581 (S)
Phillip Brown Southeast Louisiana Council Cypress District Troop 562 (S)

To add a name to this virtual plaque recognizing the efforts of dedicated Scouters to give youth the opportunity to enjoy Scouting send an e-mail to the webmaster with the following information:

  • Scouter's Name
  • Council Name
  • District Name
  • Type of Unit - Pack, Troop, Crew, etc.
  • Unit Number
  • Whether the unit was newly started or rescued

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