New Unit Organizer and Lifesaver Award


This virtual award is presented by the U.S. Scouting Service Project to the following named Scouters for helping to deliver the promise of Scouting by starting a new Scouting unit or by rescuing a Scouting unit that was in danger of folding.

(S) = started. (R) = rescued.
Scouter's NameCouncilDistrictUnit Started
or Rescued
Marvin TaylorBuckskin Council Pioneer DistrictPack 84 (S)
Lloyd SolisNew Orleans Area CouncilPontchartrain DistrictPack 48 (S)
Richard ThompsonNew Orleans Area CouncilPontchartrain District Crew 48 (S)
Jo ErnstIndian Waters CouncilEtowah Creek District Troop 813 (S)
George Cole
Alison Forbes
Thomas Forbes
Debbie Stine
Jeff Stine
Shenandoah Area CouncilPotomac District Troop 29 (S)
Mark KuhlViking CouncilMustang District Troop 254 (S)
Rick CovingtonCircle Ten CouncilNorth District Troop 874 (S)
Jon DixonGreater Lowell Council Troop 212 (S)
Alice RaeNapa, CA Troop 26 (S)
Mike Smith
Northeast Georgia Council Chattahoochee DistrictPack 36 (S)
Troop 36 (S)
Post 3033 (S)
Dave Navarre
Greg Butera
Dave Tacker
George Tahu
National Capital Area CouncilChain Bridge District Troop 149 (R)
Chuck KaucicWestern Alaska Council Bear Paw District Troop 325 (S)
Diego Gonzales
Doug Maden
Great Southwest CouncilEl Valle Manzano District Pack 671 (S)
Pack 771 (S)
Diego Gonzales
Doug Maden
Great Southwest CouncilEl Valle Manzano District Troop 116 (R)
Therese Mondragon
Rusty & Theresa Spillers
Chuck & Brenda Townsend
Diego Gonzales
Great Southwest CouncilEl Valle Manzano District Pack 88 (R)
Walter DykeGreat Southwest CouncilEl Valle Manzano District Troop 111 (R)
Joe & Katherine Hower
Mark & Chrissie Leyba
Bruce Prater
Bill Sturgill, & Doug Maden
Great Southwest CouncilEl Valle Manzano District Pack 864 (S)
Art & Jeanne Kimball
BIll Sturgill
Doug Maden
Great Southwest CouncilEl Valle Manzano District Pack 110 (S)
Roger Apple
David Haney
Rick Martinez
Russ Nejdl
Circle Ten CouncilGreat Plains District Troop 404 (S)
Joseph JeffriesGreater Alabama CouncilArrowhead District Troop 211 (R)
Thomas O. Mackell SrGulf Stream CouncilOsceola District Troop 318 (S)
Gary J. JohnsonWestern Los Angeles County CouncilAntelope Valley District Troop 146 (S)
Jim HallCircle Ten CouncilWhite Rock District Troop 707 (S)
Rosann BrooksBuckskin CouncilPioneer District Pack 283 (R)
Jim HallCircle Ten CouncilWhite Rock District Troop 744 (S)
John GautneyCrater Lake CouncilFremont District Troop 53 (S)
Joseph JeffriesGreater Alabama CouncilArrowhead District Troop 211 (R)
Monte & Kelly DeWeeseOverland Trails CouncilCovered Wagon District Troop 134 (S)
John KempfNorthwest Suburban CouncilPathfinder DistrictTroop 491 (S)
Marc FertikCentral Jersey CouncilSemeos DistrictTroop 252 (S)
John ConradColumbia-Montour CouncilSusquehannocks DistrictTroop 47 (S)
Timothy BishopMoby Dick CouncilCachalot DistrictPack 93 (S)
Troop 93(S)
David HearnQuivira CouncilLakota DistrictCrew 250(S)
Alex Hinkle
Mark Hatcher
Dan Duddy
Norm Bowers
Mitch Pence
Marvin Atkins
Karen Hatcher
Debi Pence
Clare Bowers
Heart of America CouncilNorth Star DistrictTroop 444 (S)
Alan C. Beuscher, Jr.East Texas Area CouncilOkee Tuklo DistrictTroop 248(S)
Dana YoungCatalina Council, Tucson, AZSpanish Trails DistrictTroop 101(S)
Greg Swinehart
Don Withers
Mike Donaldson
Rex Krigbaum
Bill Withers
C Dale Lamm
CouncilDistrictTroop 127(S)
James S. MyersGulf Coast Council, FLLake Sands DistrictTroop 321(R)
Pack 321(S)
Bruce DullBaltimore Area Council, MDHopkins DistrictPack 2161 (S)
Rick PutnumSouth Florida Council, FLMiccosukee District Crew 128 (S)
Joseph Greaser
Jeffery Broome
Ken McCain
Ron Taylor
East Carolina Council #426, New Bern, NCNeuse Basin District Pack 624 (S)
Sharon Ainsworth
John Ainsworth
Eric Lighthart
John Thornton
Charles James
Desert Pacific CouncilBlack Mountain District Troop 663 (S)
Timm Martin
Crystal Martin
Nelson Durrett
Chris Abel
Boulder Dam Area CouncilTomohawk District Troop 561 (S)
Gene CrockerIndian Waters Council Wateree DistrictTroop 311 (R)
Donald TurosikGreater Pittsburgh CouncilMon Valley DistrictTroop 1404 (S)
Tom DavisCircle Ten CouncilNorth DistrictTroop 753 (S)
Neal LoskovitzChickasaw CouncilEastern DistrictTroop 360 (R)
Julian PhillipsCentral Florida CouncilSemoran Springs DistrictTroop 491 (S)
Mike Donahoe
Eleanor Johnson
Bert Johnson
Walt Bagley
Central Florida CouncilSemoran Springs DistrictPack 827 (S)
Kim Alexander
Eleanor Johnson
Chris Elsea
Central Florida CouncilSemoran Springs DistrictPack 930 (S)
Don Greene
Eleanor Johnson
Central Florida CouncilSemoran Springs DistrictTroop 930 (S)
Michael L. OpitzChicago Area CouncilForest DistrictPost 2607 (S)
Troop 1605 (R)
Bruce Dull
Tom Cimino
Baltimore Area CouncilHopkins DistrictTroop 2161 (S)
Charles Ashley Heart of Texas CouncilLeon Valley DistrictPack 210 (R)
Robert O'Brien Central New Jersey CouncilMercer Area DistrictPack 6284 (S)
Crystal & Tim Williams
Gary & Charlene Moulliet
Pee Dee Area CouncilHenry Shelor DistrictPack 337 (R)
Don Nugent
Bill Triest
Duane Rhodes
Keith Stone
Bruce Uppinghouse
Cascade Pacific CouncilSunset Trail DistrictTroop 207 (R)
R. Frank Pucci(SM)
Joe Prassinos(ASM)
Mark Jiles(CC)
Mary Prassinos
Mt. Diablo-Silverado CouncilMeridian DistrictTroop 1811 (S)
Robert J. StrevelConnecticut Rivers CouncilHighland DistrictPack 2000 (S)
David Tschanz Direct Service CouncilArab DistrictPack 255 (S) Pack 253 (R)
Craig MurrayOld Baldy CouncilPathfinder DistrictTroop 777 (R)
Dennis Stavrou-VlahakisSam Houston Area CouncilNW Territory Exploring DistrictSea Scout Ship 99 (S)
Dennis Oakley Central Florida Council West Orange District Pack 681 (R)
Don Fischbeck Orange County Council El Camino Reale District Troop 872 (S)
Michael O'Neil
Mark Ryan
John Korpal
Mike Croy
Mike Weis
Denver Area Council Arapaho District Troop 870 (S)
COR D.Burton
SM F.Bechtoldt
ASM A. Novello
ASM M.Lewis
ASM A.Gregory
CC J. Williams
MC P.Doyle
MC E.Bechtoldt
MC J.Noviello
MC P.Leone
MC D.Leone
Minsi Trails Council Forks of the Delaware District Troop 38 (S)

To add a name to this virtual plaque recognizing the efforts of dedicated Scouters to give youth the opportunity to enjoy Scouting send an e-mail to the webmaster with the following information:

  • Scouter's Name
  • Council Name
  • District Name
  • Type of Unit - Pack, Troop, Crew, etc.
  • Unit Number
  • Whether the unit was newly started or rescued

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