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Baloo's Bugle

November 2005 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 12, Issue 4
December 2005 Theme

Theme: Faith, Hope and Charity
Webelos: Craftsman & Scientist
  Tiger Cub


G-I-V-E-S- Goodwill

This skit can be incorporated into many ceremonies. It is especially suitable for use during the time that your community is participating in a United Way campaign or an independent finance drive for Friends of Scouting (FOS) or Sustaining Membership Enrollment (SME).

PERSONNEL: Five Cub Scouts.


Five large cards, each printed with a letter of the word G-I-V-E-S on front and the part on back in BIG print


Each of the five Cub Scouts holds his card with the blank side to the audience.

One at a time the boys step forward, turn their card so the audience may see the letter, and recite the phrases given below. When all have recited, they will be lined up left to right, their letters spelling out the word GIVES.

  • G-Stands for Giving. It's always good to give.
  • I-Stands for Intentions. May mine be always right.
  • V-Stands for Valiant. A trait of great might.
  • E-Stands for Eager. From beginning to end.
  • S-Stands for Sharing. This makes me a friend

A Gift of Goodwill

Piedmont Area Council

Personnel: Den Chief & 8 Cubs


A group of 8 Cub Scouts are gathered around.

Each boy is wrapping a gift. Den Chief enters.

Den Chief: Hey, guys let me see what each of you is wrapping.

  • Gloves for my dad.
  • An owl plaque for my mom.
  • Oreo cookies for my little brother…so maybe he’ll quit eating mine!
  • A doll for my sister.
  • Wind chimes for my mom.
  • Ink pens for my brother; he really likes to write.
  • A lamp for my mom.
  • A lacy handkerchief for my grandmother. She likes to wave goodbye.

Den Chief:Hey, you guys are really giving goodwill. (He laughs.)

Cub # 4:    We hope so.

Cub # 6:    Aren’t we supposed to do that all year?

Den Chief:Yes, but let me show you something unusual.

He takes a large piece of posterboard and a marking pen. He calls on each boy in order to name again the gift he is wrapping, and writes the first letter of each on the board (such as ‘G’ for gloves). The result spells out ‘Goodwill,” which he olds up for the audience to see.

Cub # 1:    Hey, that’s right! We’re giving goodwill separately and together!

(Looks at Den Chief)

                  Figure that one out!
A Bad Turn

Piedmont Area Council

Akela:     "Now, (Cubs name), you know you should always do Good Turns."

Cub # 1:  I tried, honest!

Akela:     OK

Each Cub enters and says similar things to Akela

Last Cub: (carrying a small frying pan with a "pancake" in it) I did a good turn!

He flips pancake over and catches it in pan

               But you should see the mess in the kitchen! (Other Cubs look ashamed)

The Key

Baltimore Area Council

This could, also, work as a closing.  CD


  • A large door marked “Happiness” with easily read letters
  • Seven cut outs resembling keys with words written on them in large letters. One key labeled on front for each item listed below

Personnel: 7 Cub Scouts.

Each Cub takes his key and tries to open the door. As he crosses in front of audience, make sure the key is in front of him with the word facing the audience.  If you want, have Cubs announce what their key is (read the one word)

  •  (key called Effort) - He tries to open the door but cannot unlock it. (He steps aside.)
  •  (key called Knowledge) - He tries to open door, but cannot (He steps aside).
  •  (key called Wealth) - Does same as other boys.
  •  (key called Honesty) - Does as others.
  •  (key called Truth) - Does as others.
  •  (key called Cooperation) - Does as others.
  •  (key called Love) - He opens the door to find a big gift.

Narrator:  Love opens the door to happiness because with love comes the gift of sharing your, knowledge, wealth, effort, and honesty, and truthfully in a cooperative spirit. Love is the spirit of caring and sharing. Let us keep the caring, sharing, feeling all year round for that is the Spirit of Scouts.

Ice Fisherman

Baltimore Area Council

Two men are fishing through a hole in the ice, but are having no luck. A boy fishing through a nearby hole keeps pulling one fish after another. The men ask if they might trade places with the boy. He mumbles agreement, they trade places, but the men still have no luck, while the boy continues to catch fish. One man asks the boy what his secret is. The boy mumbles an incoherent answer. The man can’t understand him and asks him to repeat his answer. Finally the boy spits something into one hand and says loudly: “You’ve got to keep your worms warm!”

Santa’s Big Secret

Baltimore Area Council


  • Santa Claus (Scout uniform under Santa suit),
  • Reporter,
  • Numerous elves (Scout uniforms under jackets).

Scene: Elves are in background working making toys or putting toys in sacks. Santa is directing them when reporter comes out with microphone.

Reporter:  This is Scoop Smith the roving reporter for radio station WCUB, on the scene here at Santa’s workshop. Santa, may we have a word with you please?

Santa:      Oh sure, we’re real busy getting ready for our deliveries. What can .I do for you?

Reporter:  All of our listeners want to know how you got into the gift giving business. Did your father give gifts or what?

Santa:      Well, it all began when I was eight years old... I just started doing good deeds, you know, helping people and such... and it just became a habit.

Reporter:  Good deeds, huh, that sounds familiar. Say, what is that under your jacket?

Santa:      That’s my best kept secret... (Opens jacket)

Reporter:  A Cub Scout Uniform!!!!!! You’re a Cub Scout?

Santa:      Yes, well, no. I WAS a Cub Scout, then a Boy Scout, and then an Explorer. I wear this uniform to remind me of where it all started... way back years and years ago. I just loved helping other people and doing good things.

Reporter:  Well, that explains your involvement, but how do you get all of these elves to help you?

Santa:      Show the man... (Elves open jackets to show Cub Scout Uniforms.)


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