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Baloo's Bugle

November 2005 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 12, Issue 4
December 2005 Theme

Theme: Faith, Hope and Charity
Webelos: Craftsman & Scientist
  Tiger Cub


Be careful at this time of year when presenting awards.  The boys have EARNED the awards.  If you incorporate too much Santa Claus and Christmas into your ceremony, the awards will come out as gifts.  Gifts although given out of love, are not earned, or deserved.  Please be careful to maintain this distinction in your award presentations CD

The Night of the Pack Meeting

San Gabriel, Long Beach Area, Verdugo Hills Councils

And Baltimore Area Council

 ‘Twas the night of the Pack meeting and all through the place,
Not a boy was stirring, anticipation on each face.

It was time for advancements and they all turned an ear,
So when their name was called, they would hear it loud and clear.

The Cubmaster was checking his list, not only once but twice,
To see which boys had worked hard and earned awards this night.

When all of a sudden, the Cubmaster was ready with helpers nigh,
To pass out awards as the boys called were filing by.

First came the Bobcats all new to the Pack,
Akela is ready with the guidance and experience they lack.

Come up all you new Cubs, You’re our Bobcats tonight,
Your final step as a Bobcat is to do a good deed and you must do it right.

(Call boys and their parents forward and present awards).

Second are the Wolves, experienced that is true,
But there is still much to learn, Akela’s not through.

Come up all our Wolf Cubs, you are Wolves to be praised,
So with Wolf Badge and arrow points, in rank you are raised.

(Call boys and their parents forward and present awards).

Third are the Bears most experienced so far,
Akela’s teachings they’ve heeded, they’re way above par.
Come all our Bear Cubs, your work and learning is applauded,
For completing   achievement and electives, tonight you’re rewarded.

(Call boys and their parents forward and present award).

Last are the Webelos, but not least to be sure,
Akela’s lessons they’ve learned; now Boy Scouts is their lure.

Come up all our Webelos, your activities are harder,
Your accomplishments     you wear so proudly on your shoulder.

(Call boys and their parents forward and present award).

Now, let’s give all these cubs our Santa applause for a job well done!

Snowflakes (Advancement Ceremony)

San Gabriel, Long Beach Area, Verdugo Hills Councils

CM:   One of the most beautiful objects formed by nature is a snowflake. It would take most of us a long time to design a shape as beautiful as a single snowflake. Yet, in an ordinary snowfall, billions upon billions of snowflakes fall to the earth, and no two are exactly alike.

CM:   Tonight we are gathered much like snowflakes, in that we are here because of beautiful objects; our sons and their "designs" are each as different and unique.

CM:   When water freezes to become a snowflake, it forms crystals. This simply means that the water comes together in a geometric shape we call a crystal. As it freezes, the crystals are small and almost invisible. But when the snow is formed, these crystals are carried up and down in the atmosphere on currents of air.

CM:   Let us look at our Tigers & Bobcats tonight. We gathered them up, and now they are being carried along the path of Cub Scouting. Would ____________ and their parents please come forward to receive their honors?

CM:   As the crystals move up and down, some of them begin to gather around each other, forming a nucleus that lets the crystals grow larger. Soon, there may be hundreds of crystals together. Our Wolves and Bears are much like the crystals at this stage. They have gathered in groups together around their Den Leader. They have grown through their achievements and their electives. Would _____________ and their parents please come forward to receive their honors?

CM:   When a group of crystals is large enough, it begins to float down toward the earth and we call it a snowflake. These represent, of course, our Webelos Scouts - growing rapidly and maturing constantly. They are gaining ground toward their next step in Scouting, Boy Scouts. Will ________ and their parents please come forward?

CM:   I would like all the Scouts who received awards tonight to please stand. Each snowflake begins as a single drop of water and grows to different sizes. You too are growing. May you always recognize the beauty of your differences and enjoy your unique place in life.

Holiday Advancement Ceremony

Baltimore Area Council

Personnel:  Cubmaster or Advancement Chair

Props:        Hearth made of cardboard or heavy paper (free standing or taped to a wall of frame of some kind). Stocking made of paper or material for each boy receiving an award.

Preparation: Attach awards to each stocking and each stocking to hearth.

CM or Advance Chair: Last night someone came and hung these stockings here.  Let’s see what is in them. As I call your names, please come forward with your parents and find your stockings and hand them to me. (Announce boys’ awards and give them to parents to present to their sons.)  Ask boys some friendly questions about the requirements (What did you cook, what did you like at the firehouse, where did you go for …) to get across the idea the awards were earned.

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