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Baloo's Bugle

November 2005 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 12, Issue 4
December 2005 Theme

Theme: Faith, Hope and Charity
Webelos: Craftsman & Scientist
  Tiger Cub


Helping Others

Piedmont Area Council

Divide audience up into six parts.

Assign each part an action to do and say when their key word is read.  Practice as you assign parts.

Lights:                        “Blink, blink, blink”

Cub Scout:                         "Do Your Best"

Helping Other People:           "Warm Fuzzy"

Pack:                         Yell the Pack Number

Old Lady:           "No, I Don't Want To Go"

Tree:                                   "Ahhhhhhhhh"

Once upon a time, in a CUB SCOUT PACK a CUB SCOUT was learning about HELPING OTHER PEOPLE. The CUB SCOUT helped an OLD LADY across the street. But the OLD LADY did not want the CUB SCOUT to help her. The OLD LADY did not care that the CUB SCOUT had been learning about HELPING OTHER PEOPLE or that the CUB SCOUT and his PACK had set out to do good deeds. The OLD LADY just wanted to get a TREE. But the CUB SCOUT and his PACK were learning about HELPING OTHER PEOPLE and really wanted to HELP OTHER PEOPLE and so the CUB SCOUT helped the OLD LADY across the street. The OLD LADY thought what kind of a PACK is this?

The OLD LADY just wanted her TREE and pretty LIGHTS. The CUB SCOUT said, "Nice OLD LADY, my CUB SCOUT PACK and I are learning about HELPING OTHER PEOPLE. I'll help you get your TREE and put your pretty LIGHTS on, if you will just let me learn about HELPING OTHER PEOPLE by getting you across this busy street.” The OLD LADY sighed and smiled and said "Thank you.”

Santa Decorates the Tree

San Gabriel, Long Beach Area, Verdugo Hills Councils

Divide the audience into seven groups. Assign each group a word and its response. Practice as you make assignments:

SANTA:                              Ho-ho-ho

STAR:                      Twinkle, twinkle

ICICLES:                          Drip, drip

ELF/ELVES:                 Tee, hee, hee

SNOW:                           Flaky, flaky

REINDEER:                      Clip, clop

WHITE:                              As snow

Once upon a time, long, long ago, SANTA was decorating his first Christmas tree. SANTA hung ICICLES on some branches and SNOW balls on others. In between, he hung SNOW flakes. On top, SANTA placed a STAR.

SANTA stood back to admire his tree. Something was missing! The STAR twinkled and the SNOW flakes glistened. The SNOW balls and ICICLES hung beautifully. The problem was that everything was WHITE!

SANTA called his REINDEER and asked them what to do. The REINDEER thought and thought. REINDEER are very good at flying, but Christmas trees were too hard. They just couldn't figure out how to fix SANTA'S WHITE tree.

SANTA called his ELVES. "What can I do with this WHITE tree?" he asked. The ELVES thought and thought. Even though these ELVES were the very smartest of ELVES, they just couldn't figure out what to do with SANTA'S WHITE tree. SANTA, the REINDEER, and the ELVES stood looking at the WHITE tree with the STAR on top, the ICICLES, the SNOW balls and the SNOW flakes. They thought and thought.

While they were thinking, a very young ELF came in carrying several buckets of paint from the storeroom. This young ELF had never seen a tree with a STAR on top and decorated with SNOW balls, ICICLES, and SNOW flakes. The young ELF thought it was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen! The young ELF was fascinated by the STAR, the SNOW balls, the SNOW flakes and the ICICLES. Just then, he tripped over his paint buckets.

The paint buckets went flying through the air and spilled all over the tree. The ELVES were embarrassed by the clumsy young ELF and began to scold him. The REINDEER were frightened by the clatter and hid in the corner. The young ELF began to cry because he ruined SANTA'S beautiful tree. SANTA looked at the tree. It wasn't WHITE anymore! The ICICLES were silver, the SNOW flakes and SNOW balls were red, blue and green and the STAR on top glistened with gold.

SANTA was delighted with the beautiful colors on the tree. He picked up the young ELF, gave him a big hug and made him head ELF in charge of Christmas trees!

Cub Scout Holiday

Baltimore Area Council

Break audience into 4 parts.  Assign each part one word and its response.  Practice as you make assignments

CUB SCOUT:    stand, make a halo, say “Yes, Mother’

HOLIDAY PRESENTS:   stand, put hands out, say “Oh, just what I needed”

DEN LEADER:   stand, shake finger, say “Now Boys!”

CUBMASTER:   stand; give Chinese Cheer “Phooey, Phooey, Phooey!”

Once upon a time, long, long ago a CUB SCOUT was shopping for HOLIDAY PRESENTS. He wanted something really nice for his DEN LEADER and his CUBMASTER. Unfortunately, the CUB SCOUT had only $1 to spend. As he walked down the snow-covered street in the cold winter air, the CUB SCOUT sang this song… JINGLE BELLS…

Looking through store window, the CUB SCOUT saw the perfect HOLIDAY PRESENT for his DEN LEADER...a bottle of Excedrin. However, the price was too high; so the CUB SCOUT moved to the next store, singing this song… RUDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINDEER…

Darkness was falling and still the CUB SCOUT had not found a HOLIDAY PRESENT for his DEN LEADER and his CUBMASTER. Frantically he ran from store to store. Knowing his DEN LEADER needed energy for the Den meetings, he bought his favorite candy for his DEN LEADER. He found a small bag of marbles for his CUBMASTER, for he had heard people say that the CUBMASTER had lost his. The CUB SCOUT rushed to the Pack Meeting with his HOLIDAY PRESENTS which he presented to his DEN LEADER and his CUBMASTER, who both said “Oh, just what I needed” and then sang… We Wish You A Merry Holiday!

Christmas with the Right Family

Baltimore Area Council

This one would make a pack Grab Bag gift giving a little more interesting.  CD

Everyone sits in a circle, holding the gift he brought for the Grab Bag.  Someone reads the story below, reading slowly enough for gifts to be passed.  Every time the word RIGHT is read, everybody passes his gift to the right.  Every time the word LEFT is read, everybody passes the gift he’s holding to the left.  The gift each person is holding when the story ends is the gift he keeps.

Christmas was almost here, and Mother RIGHT was finishing the Christmas baking.  Father RIGHT, Sue RIGHT, and Billy RIGHT re-turned from their last-minute Christmas errands.

“There’s not much LEFT to be done,” said Father RIGHT as he came into the kitchen.

“Did you leave the basket of food at the church?” asked Mother RIGHT.

“I LEFT it RIGHT where you told me to,” Said Father RIGHT.
“I’m glad my shopping is done,” said Billy RIGHT.  “I don’t have any money LEFT.”

The hall telephone rang, and Susan RIGHT LEFT to answer it.  She rushed back and told the family, “Aunt Tillie RIGHT LEFT a package for us RIGHT on Grandma RIGHT’s porch.  I’ll go over there RIGHT now and get it,” she said as she LEFT in a rush.

Father RIGHT LEFT the kitchen and brought in the Christmas tree.

By the time Susan RIGHT returned, Mother RIGHT, Father RIGHT, and Billy RIGHT had begun trimming the tree.  The entire RIGHT family sang carols as they finished the decorating.  Then they LEFT all the presents arranged under the tree and went to bed, hoping they had selected the RIGHT gifts for their family.

Now I hope you have the RIGHT present for yourself, because that’s all that’s LEFT of our story … except to wish you a Merry Christmas … isn’t that RIGHT?

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