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Baloo's Bugle

November 2005 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 12, Issue 4
December 2005 Theme

Theme: Faith, Hope and Charity
Webelos: Craftsman & Scientist
  Tiger Cub


Pass the Present

Baltimore Area Council

You will need a small box wrapped in ten or more layers of wrapping paper (or tissue paper or newspaper).  You will also need a source of music.  The players sit on the floor in a circle with one player holding the present.  When the leader starts the music, the players pass the present around the circle as quickly as possible.  When the music stops, the player holding the present unwraps one layer of paper. Continue in this way until the present has been completely unwrapped.  If desired, you may include a small “prize” in the box for the fortunate player who removes the last layer of wrap.

Pass the Dreidel, Ornament, Holiday related item

San Gabriel, Long Beach Area, Verdugo Hills Councils

Cubs sit in circle.  Leader starts music. Cubs pass the item around the circle. When the music stops, the Cub holding the item drops out. Last Cub left is the winner.

Holiday Handshake

Baltimore Area Council

Call the Cub Scouts to attention and give each five Holiday stickers or candy canes. On signal, each boy is to introduce himself to five parents other than his own. Each time he must leave a sticker or candy cane with them. (Parents do not accept it until the introduction is complete and boy can repeat the parent’s name.) The first Den to complete the project assembles as a Den and reports to the Cubmaster. Give them a cheer or two.

Santa's Helpers

San Gabriel, Long Beach Area, Verdugo Hills Councils

This game is a race to see which team of two can wrap a package securely first. The trick is that each team member must hold one hand behind his back, so it is very important to be able to work together. Give each pair a box, a roll/sheet of wrapping paper, tape, and a bow. Have a judge on hand to name the winning pair.

Who Stole the Cookies?

Baltimore Area Council

Cubs sit in a circle and are numbered.

They start to alternately slap their own knees and then clap hands with the Cubs on each side of them.

The Cubs chant:     Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar?

The Leader chants:  Number (i.e. 5) stole the cookies from the cookie jar.

Number responds:   Who me?

All reply:              Yes, you!

Number 5 chants:   Couldn’t be!

All reply:              Then who?

Number 5 replies:   Number (i.e. 12) stole the cookies from the cookie jar!

Number responds:   Who me?

And the game goes on -

The idea of the game is to keep the, rhythm of slaps and claps going, while continuing the chant with new number being called each time. As the Cubs get used to the game, the leader can speed it up.

What’s Wrong with Christmas?

Baltimore Area Council

This is a Holiday Kim’s Game

  • This is a good quiet game for use at Den meetings. On a table or tray place a number of Holiday (Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa) type objects, such as a candy canes, bells, sprigs of holly, etc.
  • Scatter through these a number of objects, which are not a part of Christmas, such as Halloween mask, green shamrock, red heart, hard-boiled egg, etc.
  • Cover all objects until time to play the game;
  • Then remove the cover and give Cub Scouts two minutes to look at all the objects.
  • Recover the objects, and give each boy a pencil and paper.
  • Ask them to write down all non-Holiday (non-Christmas, non-Hanukkah, non-Kwanzaa) items.
  • Cub Scout with longest list wins.

Snowball Relay

Baltimore Area Council

  • Players divide into two teams and
  • Each team lines up behind starting line.
  • Give each team a “snowball, “ either Styrofoam or cotton and a piece of cardboard.
  • On signal, first player on each team tries to move ball across floor and back by fanning it with cardboard.
  • Player may not touch snowball with hands or cardboard. First team to finish is winner.

Snowball Fight

San Gabriel, Long Beach Area, Verdugo Hills Councils

This is an oldie, but a goodie. Designate an area and determine the turf for each of the teams. This can be halves of a room or even quarters of a room. Provide old newspapers or scrap 8½ x11” copy paper to each team with instructions that they are to crumple them up, piece by piece (you may want to pre-tear the pages in half) to make snowballs and then throw them at another team. After a set time, the team with the least number of snowballs on their turf is the winner. Everyone helps clean up and make sure they all wash the newsprint off their hands!

Snow blowers

San Gabriel, Long Beach Area, Verdugo Hills Councils

Before the game, have each Cub paint and decorate a paper towel tube (snow blower). You will need to attach large cups to the long edges of the table, making sure the cup lips are level with the table surface. Fill each cup halfway with small prizes (candy, erasers, etc.) and clear the chairs away from the table. Pair up the Cubs and have them on opposite sides of the table (maybe do 2 pair at a time). Place a ping-pong ball on the table between each pair and let them blow through their snow blowers. If the ball goes off the table, place it on again. Once a Cub gets his ball into one of the cups, he may select one prize. Then the next pair of Cubs plays. Play continues until every Cub has won at least one prize.

Candle And Straw Relay Race

Piedmont Area Council

Materials:  1 candle and a box of matches per team and 1 drinking straw per team member

  • Each team member is given a straw. 
  • They have to race to the opposite end of the hall where their candle and box of matches is located.
  • They must light the candle and then blow it out by blowing the flame through the straw.
  • This can also be played in subdued lighting.


Piedmont Area Council

You will need: 2 sets of large cards - there are four cards in each set and the letters on the cards spell S-T-O-P.

You get up eight people and stand four on each side of you facing the audience.


  • Give each team member one of the cards from their set of STOP cards.
  • To start with they should spell out STOP as viewed from the audience.
  • The idea is that they have to rearrange themselves to spell out the word that you tell them.
  • The first team to finish each word is the winners. The words you can have are STOP,
  • TOPS, POST and SPOT. There is lots of room for fun here, try telling them to spell a word they are already lined up spelling and see what happens.

Hide the Dreidel, Ornament, or Holiday related item

San Gabriel, Long Beach Area, Verdugo Hills Councils

Cub leaves the room. The others hide the item. The Cub returns. The others yell "hot" and "cold" depending on whether he is near or far.

Holiday Peanut Hunt

San Gabriel, Long Beach Area, Verdugo Hills Councils

Buy package of peanuts. Write the letters for a holiday related word on some of the peanuts (e.g. K on 4, H on 4, N on 4, U on 4 and A on 4).

Hide all the peanuts, lettered and unlettered,

Hunt for 5 minutes.

Award –

10 points for greatest number of peanuts,

5 points for each lettered peanut

20 points for a Cub finding enough to write the word (e.g. HANUKKAH)

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