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Baloo's Bugle

October 2006 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 13, Issue 3
November 2006 Theme

Theme: Cubs in Shining Armor
Webelos: Craftsman & Scientist
Tiger Cub


The Fair Maiden’s Plight
Heart of America Council

Divide the audience into 4 groups and have them make the appropriate responses to the following words:

KNIGHTS –                         “Clankety-clank!”

MAIDEN –                          “Help, help!”

MEAN KING –                                   “G-r-r-r-r!”

DRAGON –                               “Roar-r-r-r-r!”

Back in the day of bold KNIGHTS and fair MAIDENS, there lived a MEAN KING with his daughter who was indeed the most beautiful MAIDEN in all the land. All those who passed by their castle would see this fair MAIDEN sitting by the hour in the window longing to be set free.

It was told about the land that this fair MAIDEN had a curse put upon her by the wicked witch that if a DRAGON which lived in the woods close by were to look upon her, she would suddenly become the most ugly MAIDEN that lived so that was why the MEAN KING kept her locked within the castle.

Of course, after hearing this all, the brave KNIGHTS for miles around came to that part of the land hoping to kill the terrible DRAGON, and thus save the far MAIDEN from a terrible fate.

Night and day the brave young KNIGHTS searched fro that terrible DRAGON. Each hoping to be the one to save the fair MAIDEN and take away from the castle of the MEAN KING.

However, one day there came a gallant KNIGHT who was much wiser than all the rest. He decided that since the DRAGON was nowhere to be found that maybe there was another reason why the MAIDEN didn’t come out.

So he rode his horse as swiftly as he could and charged at full speed right through the door of the castle sending debris and rubble flying in all directions.

It seems the MAIDEN couldn’t find the door because the castle was such a mess and that’s why she hadn’t come out.

The brave young KNIGHT bounded up the stairs and carried his fair MAIDEN down and put her on his horse and rode away from the castle of the MEAN KING and left the other KNIGHTS in the land still searching for the terrible DRAGON while he saved the damsel in distress…. right out of her terrible mess!


The Turkey
Heart of America Council

Divide the audience into 4 groups and have them make the appropriate responses to the following words:

FATHER: Stand up and say “When I was your age, son.”

CAR:              Stand up and say “Chuga, chuga, chuga.”

FARMER:     Stand up, put hands on suspenders and say
                                                  “Where’s my horse?”

TURKEY:   Stand up and say “Gobble, gobble, gobble.”

Once upon a time, just before Thanksgiving, a FATHER, a mother and a Cub Scout climbed into the family CAR and drove into the country. They were looking for a FARMER with a TURKEY. They all got out of the CAR and the FATHER purchased the TURKEY from the FARMER. “Now, if you will remove the TURKEY’s head, we will get into the CAR and drive home,” said the FATHER to the


As the FATHER, the mother and the Cub Scout were riding home in the CAR, an amazing thing happened! The TURKEY, although its head had been removed by the FARMER, began to speak! “Please don’t eat me for Thanksgiving,” the TURKEY pleaded. “I will make a fine pet for you,” he told the Cub Scout. The FATHER, the mother and the Cub Scout talked about this astounding request as they rode in the CAR.

And so it happened that the TURKEY joined the FATHER, the mother and the Cub Scout in their Thanksgiving dinner of hamburgers and French fries.

The TURKEY became a very good pet, did not chase CARs, cats or fire hydrants. The FATHER enrolled the TURKEY in college, as everyone knows, with a good education, it’s much easier to get a head.


Thanksgiving Dinner on Grandpa’s Farm
Heart of America Council

Divide the audience into 3 groups and have them make the appropriate responses to the following words:

MRS. DAVIS:                                   All Women say,
                                   “My goodness, no Thank you.”

MR. DAVIS:                 All men rub stomachs and say,
                                            ”No thanks, I’m stuffed.”

DANNY:             All children say, “Yes ma’am, please.”

The Davis family had gone to the country to have Thanksgiving dinner at Grandpa’s farm. This had become a family tradition which everyone looked forward to. Grandma and Grandpa had a large garden where they raised all sorts of vegetables. They also raised cows, pigs, sheep, chickens and turkeys. When Thanksgiving time came, they picked the fattest turkey to be roasted.

On Thanksgiving Day, the Davis’ sat down at the table with Grandma and Grandpa. The table was covered with all kinds of good food – a big brown roasted turkey with dressing right in the middle, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes and gravy, sweet potatoes, green beans, corn, hot biscuits with

honey and in the kitchen were two kinds of pie.

After thanking God for their blessings, everyone filled their plates and began to eat. Grandma said, “Would you like more turkey, DANNY?” He had a big appetite for a nine year old boy. Grandpa offered to pass the corn to MRS. DAVIS…there was still lots of food on the table, but everyone was getting full. That is almost everyone. “Would you like more potatoes and gravy, DANNY? I don’t see how that boy can eat so much,” said his mother. “It’s a wonder that he doesn’t get fat,” said his grandma. “He runs around so much, he needs all that food for energy,” said his father.

Finally it was time for dessert. Grandma brought the two kinds of pie in from the kitchen and cut them into wedges. She gave a big piece of pumpkin pie to MR. DAVIS. She gave a small piece to MRS. DAVIS. She gave a piece of each kind to DANNY…who ate them both very quickly.

When the Davis family got ready to go back home to the city, Grandma said, “We have a lot of pie left over. Why don’t you take some home?” she said to MRS. DAVIS. But when Grandma said, “Would you like to take home some pie, DANNY?” he wrapped several pieces and put them in the car.

That night at home, his mother said, “Do you want a piece of pie before you go to bed, DANNY?” He ate a large piece of pumpkin pie, then went to bed. During the night his mother heard moaning and groaning coming from his room. She went in to see what was the matter. At first she thought he might be having nightmares, but then he awakened and rubbed his stomach. “I’ll bet you ate too much today,” she said. “Would you like some Alka Seltzer, DANNY?”

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