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Baloo's Bugle

June 2005 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 11, Issue 10
July 2005 Theme

Theme: Play Ball
Webelos: Aquanaut & Geologist
  Tiger Cub


How Many?

Voyageurs Area Council

Fill a clear container filled with marbles counting as you fill.  Everyone makes a guess on a slip a paper (be sure they include their first and last name) as to how many marbles are in the jar.  The winner gets the container & marbles.

Sports Ball Word Search

San Gabriel Valley, Long Beach & Verdugo Hills Councils

Find the names of some of our favorite ball sports in the word search below. They can be upside down, backwards, forwards or diagonal.

Soccer                       Volleyball                 Ping Pong

Croquet                     Baseball                       Rugby

Football                      Tennis                       Squash

Polo                         Basketball                Water Polo

Who Am I?

Voyageurs Area Council

Make up a "Who Am I" card for each scout. This card has the name of someone who is famous or well-known in Sports. Tape one card on the back of each scout as they arrive (be sure the scout does not see the name). The scouts are allowed to ask each other scout two questions which can only be answered with "Yes" or "No" as they try to guess "Who" they are.

Tumbling Down

Voyageurs Area Council

With a box of baseball cards, have the boys see how high a tower they can build before they all come tumbling down.

Shot Put

Baltimore Area Council

If your July meeting is outdoors, have the boys engage in a shot put competition with a softball or a wooden croquet or bocce ball.  The ball must be “put,” not thrown like a baseball.


Baltimore Area Council

Give every boy a copy of the list below and during Gathering Time have him fill in the types of words required.  Parents may help them understand what types of speech are required.  Later in the Pack meeting, read the following story.  When you reach a number, point to a boy and have him read his answer for that particular number. Have extra copies of the story to hand out to the boys at the end of the evening, so they can see how their whole list of words complete this silly story.

Or you can do this as an audience Participation. Just before reading the story fill in the list by having the audience shout out ideas and you selecting them.  Make sure everyone knows your choices.  CD

1.     (name)_________________________________

2.     (adjective)_______________________________

3.     (name) _________________________________

4.     (noun)__________________________________

5.     (adjective)_______________________________

6.     (past tense verb)__________________________

7.     (clothing)_______________________________

8.     (verb ending in -ing)______________________

9.     (past tense verb)__________________________

10.   (noun) _________________________________

11.   (clothing)_______________________________

12.   (verb ending in -ing)______________________

13.   (animal)________________________________

14.   (body part)______________________________

15.   (past tense verb)__________________________

16.   (past tense verb)__________________________

17.   (verb ending in -ing)______________________

18.   (body part)______________________________

19.   (verb ending in -ing)______________________

20.   (number)________________________________

21.   (adjective)_______________________________

22.   (adverb)________________________________

23.   (adjective)_______________________________

24.   (noun)__________________________________

25.   (name)_________________________________

26.   (adjective)_______________________________

The Most Embarrassing Day to Play Baseball

Hi, my name is (1)___________, but you may call me
(2) ___________ (3) ___________. That’s what my
(4) ___________ calls me. But anyway, would you promise to keep a (5) ___________ secret?

Today, at baseball practice as I was trying to catch the ball, it (6) __________ into my (7) _________. I was very embarrassed to take it out because everyone was
(8) ___________ at me. When I (9) ___________ a few times trying to catch the ball, I got a (10) __________ in my (11) __________. Now everyone was (12) ___________ at me really hard. The next time I tried to catch the ball a
(13) ___________ landed on my (14) ___________ and I couldn’t concentrate on catching the ball.

When it was my turn for batting, I (15) ___________ the baseball bat in half! The coach was so
(16) ___________ that he was (17) ___________ on my (18) ___________. I was really embarrassed now, especially since everyone was (19) __________ at me. I also had to pay the coach (20) _________ dollars for a new baseball bat.

The (21) ___________ coach made me leave early since I was doing so (22) ___________. Now people call me (23) ___________ (24) ___________ (25) ___________.

Just remember it’s a (26) ___________ secret!!!!

Name the Signals

Baltimore Area Council

Each Den member gets a piece of paper and a pencil when he arrives. The chart of official sports signals (below) is displayed for everyone to see. (Or you could reproduce them on each boy’s paper.) The object is to have each person list the meanings of the various signals. Answers can be given at the meeting’s end.

Answers on last page


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