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November Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 10, Issue 4
December Theme

A Cub Scout Gives Goodwill
Webelos Craftsman & Scientist
  Tiger Cub Achivement #4



Goodwill Caroling Party

Southern NJ Council

The whole idea is to give good will and holiday spirit to each of your Scouts' families by having the boys sing carols at each boy's house.  At each house have the parent provide a  different refreshment.  For instance, the first house could provide hot cocoa.  The next house could provide cookies.  The next house could provide some finger sandwiches, and so on, until all of the boys' homes have been visited.


Candy Cane Ornaments

Chief Seattle Council






Deck your tree with flavor!!!

Materials: Use small candy canes about 3‑3/4" long, attached with cake frosting glue to construction paper cutouts.

Cottage - Cut a little house from paper. Attach two candy canes to outline the peaked roof. Glue on paper door and windows. Punch hole and attach string loop for hanging.

Heart - Cut a paper heart. Attach two canes to form a border. Tie on a hanger.

Toboggan - Cut a 2" x 3 1/2" piece of paper. Curl one end around pencil. Attach to candy cane runners. Tie on string for hanging.


Cinnamon Cookie Cutter Ornaments

Santa Clara County Council

Materials –

¾ cup water

1 cup cinnamon

4 tablespoons white (Elmer’s) glue

Combine all ingredients. 

Refrigerate for 2 hours. 

Knead in your hand until workable. 

Roll out on a board between 2 layers of waxed paper. 

Use cookie cutters to make shapes. 

Use an ice pick, toothpick or chopstick to make holes in the tops for threading a ribbon for hanging.


Penguin Pins

Chief Seattle Council

You'll need:

Ice cream stick or craft stick

black, white and orange acrylic paint

3/8" red felt

tiny white pompon

tacky glue; glue gun

sunflower seed in shell

paintbrush 1"‑long x 1/4"‑wide

square of knit rib fabric



Paint sunflower seed orange and craft stick black. When dry, paint white oval on stick, from top to 1" above bottom. Glue seed nose 1" below top. Paint eyes 1/4" below top and buttons with toothpick. Glue felt scarf around neck; snip fringe.

Hat: Glue 1/4" at 1" edges of rib fabric together; gather and glue one end closed; turn. Fold under 1/8" at lower edge; glue onto stick. Glue on pompon; hot‑glue pinback.


Indoor Snowman Making Contest

Santa Clara County Council


Divide the Pack into four or more groups, and give each group materials to make a garbage bag snowman (large white garbage bags, newspapers, tape, etc).  See which team can make the best snowman in a given amount of time.  The teams can make the snowmen anyway way they wish.  Have the scouts fill white garbage bags with wrinkled newspaper.  Place the filled bags on top of each other to make a huge snowman.  Use construction paper, crayons, markers, ribbon, glue, tape, etc. to decorate the snowman.


Holiday Time?

Southern NJ Council

  The holidays are a time of laughter and good cheer, for gathering together and making memories that will last forever.  These holiday traditions will live from year to year.  Some outdoor activities that you and your den can do are:

1.     Decorate an outside tree with homemade animal-friendly decorations, such as strings of popcorn, birdseed balls, and pinecone/peanut butter feeders.

2.     Take a car or bus ride through neighborhoods gaily decorated with bright shining lights and lawn ornaments.

3.     Stroll through the neighborhood singing holiday carols.


4.        Take a walk in the woods gathering pinecones and other nature items to use to make holiday decorations and presents. 

End each activity with a holiday party!


Holiday Card House

Chief Seattle Council








Good for holding presents, treats, or supplies!!

Materials needed:

Seven Holiday cards cut to measure 4" X 6" (for each house)

Paper punch

Yarn ‑ Various colors

Tapestry needle

To assemble:

Trim the length of two cards to measure 4" on each side with a 6" peak in the center as shown. These will be the side walls. Punch holes 1/2" apart around the four sides of every card. Follow illustration and sew the bottom and sides of the house together using a tapestry needle and yarn. Then, bring up each side and sew together. Sew the two roof pieces together. Place roof over house and attach seams to side peaks.



Glittery Holiday Decorations

Chief Seattle Council

Draw outlines of holiday items (e.g. Christmas Tree, Santa Claus, Menorah) on lightweight cardboard. Carefully cut out. Spread glue on one side and sprinkle with glitter. Do the same for the other side. Tie narrow cord at the top to hang.

Cork Reindeer

Chief Seattle Council









Six corks all the same size for the head and body.

You'll need one more cork for the base of the antlers. If corks don't fit together well, cut away cork until they do.

Glue body pieces together. Glue on legs. Let dry completely.

For the base of antlers, cut cork in two. Glue to head. Make antlers and tail from pieces of pipe cleaner. Glue to rain. deer. Glue on paper eyes aril a pom‑pom nose. Tie yam harness around neck for a hanger.


Indoor Sled Race

Santa Clara County Council

Use large cardboard boxes.  Divide the group into teams and have a relay race.  Each team member takes a turn in the sled “box or piece of cardboard.”  The other team members have to push or pull the person in the sled to a line marked across the room and back to the start.  Another team member gets into the sled and the team does the same thing.  Keep playing until one team has pushed all their team members across the room and back to the start line.







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